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  1. bob.dino

    Skydiving in Australia

    All those options kinda suck for jumping. Canberra's probably your best option - 2hrs to Picton and 2hrs to Moruya. That said, if you're only coming to Oz for a couple of months, living in a country town like Wagga would be very different. Block 5 in the 8-way pool used to be called Wagga Wagga. All the Charles Sturt campuses you mention are in mid-sized countrry towns. Remember that Australia is the size of the USA, but with 23m people. Western NSW is pretty sparsely populated.
  2. bob.dino

    Australian Nationals?

    There's a thread on
  3. bob.dino

    Simple video - pick it apart...

    How heavy are you? With the wings on your suit it's going to be difficult to put your arms into a modern mantis-type position. Every time the wings catch air, they're going to drag your upper arms above your shoulders.
  4. bob.dino

    Nikon D90 - Shoots Video

    [url]Another review[/url]. Limitations: 5 minutes of continuous HD recording. No autofocus while recording.
  5. bob.dino

    canopy course

    Yes. If you're coming from Singapore, contact [url]Skydive Express[/url] (York, outside Perth, WA, Australia). Cameron Rolfe and Matt Harris both run courses there regularly.
  6. [edit: not really relevant now]
  7. bob.dino

    Canopy Suggestions?

    I'm not sure there's much out there that toggle-turns as fast as a Diablo. Maybe a Stiletto? ...but I wouldn't recommend a 135 elliptical to anyone with 160 jumps.
  8. You could carry less clothes or pay the excess baggage charge. If you've got too much stuff, you've got too much stuff .
  9. bob.dino

    Help Please!! Sabre 170 (sabre 1 not 2)

    I've seen quite a few Sabre150s loaded about 1.3-1.4, so I'd be very surprised if you had issues with it blowing up.
  10. bob.dino

    Glide path

    It's an arc, not an arch. As to your question, it depends on a) the canopy, b) your wingloading, and c) your speed. A & B) On a Spectre 190 loaded at 0.8 it may climb without any input. A Velocity loaded at 2.2 will smack you into the ground and kill you. Most canopies are somewhere in between. C) Speed equals lift - the faster you're going the more the canopy will want to recover and the more effect your inputs will have.
  11. bob.dino

    Skydiving at 16

    Do a search (there's a "Search Posts" link above). Specific dropzones have been listed in previous discussions. IIRC, one is in Tennessee.
  12. bob.dino


    You're an asshole.
  13. bob.dino

    checking lines

    Not if it's Spectra. However, it's a Vengeance 135 we're talking about, isn't it? I'm fairly sure Vengeances come with Vectran rather than Spectra lines. Vectran doesn't really go out of trim. It does wear and break though... ...and for the record, I reline around the 450-500 jump mark. Others with more experience than I can tell you exactly how to check if Vectran lines are new or not, but personally I'd look at the lower brake lines, where they will be rubbing through the riser ring. It should be pretty obvious if the lines have 6 or 600 jumps on them.
  14. bob.dino

    maylasia/asia itinerary

    I can't speak for jumping, but there's load for tourists to do in Thailand. Chiang Mai, up North, is a great place to learn to cook Thai properly or to take a 2-5 day guided trek through the hills. I went with the Banana Guesthouse crew. Excellent time. Bangkok is smelly, noisy, and everyone is trying to rip you off. Or so I found . Down South there's loads of pretty islands, both in the Gulf of Thailand and in the Indian Ocean. Phuket and Ko Samui are probably the two biggest places for lying on beaches, doing some scuba, and drinking too much. I've never been to Indonesia, though Bali is a huge tourist destination for drunk Aussies.
  15. bob.dino


    Do a Search. The issue has been discussed to death, and reasons for the lifetime have been put forward.