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  1. bob.dino

    Getting hitched!!

    Sorry Jerry - just an urban legend, that one: Here's to Nat and Rocco (that was his name, right ) banging away on their 75th anniversary.
  2. bob.dino

    Getting hitched!!

    Here's to decades of hot sex and clean counters. Congrats!
  3. bob.dino

    Twin Otter - DHC-6-400

    No-one pays list in the commercial aircraft world. What the discounts on a DHC-6-400 are, I have no idea. A second-hand one with < 400h has an asking price of just under $6m USD:
  4. bob.dino

    largest cross braced canopy?

    I've jumped with someone on a VX 149. I like it any idea what they had for a wingloading? He was not the smallest guy around. I don't recall the exact wingloading, but it was in a normal VX range for the early-mid-2000s. So probably 1.7-2.0? I vaguely recall him putting the canopy up for sale after he lost some weight.
  5. bob.dino

    Halloween or Harvest party.

    Halloween is a Christian festival. It's a contraction of "All Hallow's Eve", because 1 November is "All Saints Day". The fact that the Christian church placed Halloween right on top of Samhain is no accident. And Samhain is where the offerings and spirits of the dead traditions come from... So yeah, if you want to support a religious holiday, keep the name Halloween, ditch the candy and hedonism and go to church like you should. If you're a bit looser and like life a little on the darker side, get your freak on and go celebrate the liminal festival of Samhain.
  6. bob.dino

    largest cross braced canopy?

    I've jumped with someone on a VX 149.
  7. bob.dino

    brutal rejection...

    Accent? I'm reaching, but it's the only thing I can think of that could be different and visible in the first three seconds. Maybe he thought you were someone else? You maybe look like an old acquaintence or something? Or he's a total dick.
  8. bob.dino

    Windows 10: anyone done it?

    Speaking someone who writes software for a living: if you let yourself get 14 years behind the current release, the upgrade is going to be painful. You need to change your procedures to accommodate a faster release schedule; that's just the way the world is going. Microsoft are moving towards a new more-iterative release process for Windows 10. Which means you're much less likely to have huge big-bang upgrades, but you are more likely to see smaller breakages in your software on a more regular basis. On the plus side, when it's a Microsoft bug, they'll be able to fix it faster too.
  9. bob.dino

    Quitting my job and the owner's response

    Fucking hell. Even the UK, which is not the most generous place in the world, would do you way better than that. Assuming you're between 22 and 41, you'd get 14.5 weeks pay of your normal pay, capped at USD 740/week. That's up to ~10,000 USD give or take. Not that that helps you. Best of luck to you and your colleagues.
  10. bob.dino

    The Dunning-Kruger Effect

    The title of the original paper is great: "Unskilled and Unaware". I've been on both sides of this in the past... and likely will be in the future.
  11. bob.dino

    Wake the hell up.

    I'm in France and had no problems...
  12. The last one doubled USPA membership. I suspect the sport will cope.
  13. bob.dino

    Help with creative explanations...

    "I punched a policeman wearing body armour. It hurt." "F1 cars pull a surprising number of Gs on the Monaco course."
  14. bob.dino

    How you feel the following day after making 5+ jumps

    This, or you're not eating enough after jumping. Adrenalin is an appetite supressant, so you won't feel hungry, but you'll be running on empty.
  15. bob.dino

    What in the hell is this vehicle?
  16. bob.dino

    Anyone else tired of Firefox?

    Try this: Also, make sure you've updated.
  17. bob.dino

    password manager

    Both Lastpass and 1Password support plain-text export. 1Password supports having your vault stored directly on Dropbox and the format is documented. But you could always schedule a daily export + gpg re-encrypt for safety.
  18. bob.dino

    password manager

    That's cool. No-one ever accused the FAA of being current on technology ;-)
  19. bob.dino

    password manager

    1Password is the nicest. Lastpass works on more devices (Linux, WinPhone), but is damn ugly.
  20. bob.dino

    2016 Nationals in April?!?!?!

    This may have something to do with an earlier date:
  21. bob.dino

    foreigners chime in

    From your list, the non-EU members: Norway Switzerland Russia Belarus Moldova Trans-Dneister Ukraine Azerbyjan (sp?) Kazakstan Albania ...and the EU members: Sweden Finland Estonia Latvia Lithuania Poland Bulgaria Romania Hungary Greece Croatia Austria Slovakia Lichtenstein Luxembourg Monaco Andorra Italy Vatican City France Spain Portugal Belgium Netherlands Scotland England Ireland Wales Malta Slovenia The following countries have submitted membership applications, but are not there yet (and in Turkey's case, may never be): Macedonia Montenegro Serbia the western-most part of Turkey So I disagree with your statement above. The only two countries in your list that would be eligible to join the EU that have not made an attempt to do so are Switzerland and Norway. Russia invaded the Ukraine over the Ukranian goverments attempt to sign a free-trade agreement with the EU, and dictatorships aren't allowed to join.
  22. bob.dino

    foreigners chime in

    Great Britain contains: England, Wales, and Scotland. The United Kingdom (UK) contains: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The British Isles contains: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland, a separate sovereign state. Geographically the UK is part of Europe. Politically, the UK is part of the European Union (EU), but it is not part of the Euro (the currency). There is a general election (~= congressional elections) due shortly. The current ruling party, the Conservatives[1], have committed to running a referendum on whether the UK stays in the EU or leaves if they win this election. It's all very confusing. [1] yes, I know.
  23. bob.dino

    what does 4way cameraguy pay for?

    I believe the gender-neutral term has been "Vidiot" for many decades I can confirm that sunnyape is indeed a vidiot. For me, the best video is: - calm, collected and helps folks to laugh when they'll otherwise get stressed - handles manifest and spotting - makes sure everyone drinks and snacks through the day - won't bust you in rd9 of nationals because of the rest of the team's shitty exit. Those folks are worth whatever it takes to get 'em, but they're definitely part of the team. Doesn't hurt that the 'ape knows more about 4-way than most of the teams he's filming .
  24. bob.dino

    Rust Never Sleeps

    It'll be this one:
  25. If you're moving to London, there's a sprinkling of Aussie/Kiwi owned coffee shops that do decent espresso now, and Café Nero's Flat White is generally drinkable. Still wouldn't order a doppio from them though.