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  1. Slept on a tower for I dont even know how long once when I was up late and then doing a solo. Weird to wake up on a catwalk with a rig still packed. Not sure how good it was for radiation exposure but I ate at Denny's afterwards and I felt fine. Greasy omelettes are great!
  2. Twoply

    What to do?

    Jump that thing. Solos are good. It's not some big boogy man thing, just a jump.
  3. Low jump & winds down the wire, go home. Tall, tracking jump, go for it. Other than that, just put a ball gag in her mouth and party on until you here the safety word.
  4. Yes I do and if we go SL off anything, I'll leave my PC on. I can read all about people having done SL's without them but I still haven't been presented with any ideas that would make jump without one. But then again, I met my woman in an emergency room after she slipped on her own sweat on a strip club's stage and fractured her elbow. Bless her heart, she has no dancing skill, but she can sew a sweater quicker than a cat can catch it's tail and is a hell of a good cook. Fat as she is, she still the one.
  5. I love confused young men.
  6. Pc's sometimes get in the way of video.
  7. Twoply


    After a newborn daughter triggered 5 month and 12 day break, I'm back. Made a relaxing launch from 650' tonight with the winds down the wire a bit more than I like. Nice offheading in that direction to make it interesting. Flew through the wires. Soft landing. Clean getaway too. The best part is that I remembered to buy beer beforehand because they stop selling it at 1am here. Cincy can kiss my white ass!
  8. Cincinatti is where old carnival workers and retired clowns go to pass away. There's nothing else note worthy. Except a thin young red haired boy with thighs so tight that they look like someone slapped two boneless, skinless chicken breasts on each leg.
  9. Yeah, just not the gnarly stuff. Antennas, bridges, cliffs and the nice easy buildings are all I do anymore too.
  10. Do I see another A in the backround? Ones that close together are usually AM, in my experience. Definitely looks like a warning though.
  11. I saw a guy in our crew ask another guy in the crew for a gear check. The guy giving the gear check just waited a second, then gave him the pat on the back. Later that night I asked what they thought constituted a gear check. The guy who asked for the gear check said "Just for someone to pat me and say 'you're all good." I fucking loved it.
  12. That's just a typical A here in Cleveland.
  13. Twoply

    razor wire

    Depending if it's woven together or just one continuous roll, one can just cut it, separate it, gain access, then re-weave it back together giving the illusion that it's been untouched. I know I never really investigate our security fence anymore than a glance when it looks good. Just be intelligent about making it look good afterwards. Although just staying away from jumping all together is the best bet.
  14. Twoply

    razor wire

    Our crew has been known to get several pieces of pipe, like one inch stuff. Pieces being around 3"-0" Put the pipes through the corner of the chain links in the fencing fabric itself at intervals like a ladder. It gives you a ladder up the outside and down the inside. Pull the pipes and throw them off to the side. Help to get over the razor wire without having to look for a footrest.