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  1. Hey guys! The doctor diagnosed a "bruised bone." No evidence of any tear or popped out of place parts. We are rocking a simple knee brace and she is getting better everyday. She's back doing gymnastics with some thought to throttling back to allow healing. THanks for the support!
  2. Hey everybody, My daughter injured her knee. She landed on it pretty hard at soccer, but finished the game. The next day at recess, she kicked her foot forward in the air while dancing with her friends and felt a pop in the same knee and pain set in. We did the emergency room thing and they diagnosed a sprain. Nothing came up on the xray. They referred us to a specialist. We have an appointment a week away with an orthopedic surgeon so I've been studying up on the anatomy of the knee. I've got a pretty good understanding of it's basic function, but I'm stumped as to what her injury specifically is. She cant straighten her leg all the way because it will hurt too much. She says it doesn't feel like there is anything physically blocking her from straightening it, just the pain stops her. She cant bear weight on it. She can twist her foot out, but if she twists it in, it hurts. If I hold above the knee and pull the lower leg forward, it hurts. If I push it backwards, it hurts. There's no pain trying to shift it side to side. When I press on the patellar tendon, it is painful. It is also more rigid than the other knee. There is a bruise that stretches from above the kneecap to below the kneecap on the lateral side. The bruise goes around the kneecap, not on it. The pain is described as being in the middle of the knee. What could have been damaged/ popped loose from a "kicking" motion? It sounds like it was just a clean kick in the air. I cant figure out the physics of how an acl or pcl could tear in that motion. We all know a "popping" sound is a ligament or tendon letting loose. She is coping well, but I'm not. I'm fearing a torn ligament. It's killing me to see her miss soccer, dancing and being a general goofball running around. Anyone have a suggestion? WebMD says we have cancer.
  3. Anyone here have a connection for contract manufacturers? I need a quote on production of a part. I'm looking for ones related to electronics/ automotive industry/ Aftermarket products.... PM or post Thanks!
  4. Thanks guys! i need that long hub/ axle to be be forged together/ when integrated internet the pulley wheel.
  5. I'm fabricating a little something and I need a very specific pulley. Problem is my vocabulary is lacking. I need this portion of the shaft to be exactly 2 3/8". What is this portion of the pulley referred to as?
  6. I saw this and I know my woman would like something similar. Respond here or PM me. Thanks!
  7. I'm looking into health insurance options for my small business. Does anyone here own a business that provides health care? I've done a a bit of research and have gotten all different variety of dollar ranges. Thanks!
  8. Hey everybody! I'm running through the streets of Cleveland in my underwear with a bunch of other people to raise money for the Children's Tumor Foundation. I need help getting to my goal of raising $250. It doesnt matter if it's $5 or $500. All donations go directly to helping families during a tough time in life. Upon request, I will wear this Man-kini at the event if I hit my $250 goal. I've tried it on once for this picture. It's surprisingly comfortable. Click below to donate. It really is a good cause.
  9. Twoply

    Tampa, Florida

    Hey all! A job opportunity came across my sights in Tampa. Anyone have experience living in the area? It's a waay long shot, but fun to entertain the idea.
  10. It's not one of my proudest moments either. But I was loading up the ladder rack and standing on the tailgate to tie everything down. I was in a hurry to get home and watch the kids so my wife could leave and I just forgot it was down. I lost about $2000 of tools on the road including a new rotary laser and transit. I had to take a negative and try to make a positive of it.
  11. I agree that it would be a completely absent minded thing to do. But I also look at it from an employer's standpoint. If my vehicles were equipped with this feature, then maybe it would stop one of my workers from leaving the tailgate down and not spilling all the contents of the truck's bed onto the road. Employees make mistakes and you can't fire everyone.
  12. Hey all! This is a picture my passenger took right after a ladder fell out of this guy's truck. I pulled up next to him and warned him about his open tailgate. Having driven a truck my whole life, I know he cant see the tailgate is down with the toolbox in the way. Embarrassing as it is, I've left my tailgate down a few times and I have 8 other pictures of tailgates down with tools/ cargo almost falling out. I spent some time and energy and got a patent on a dashboard warning light that is designed to alert a pickup truck user that the tailgate is not closed, preventing items from falling out of the bed. I'd like to get some raw data for my presentation, so If you have driven a pickup truck and used it to haul cargo, please take a moment to answer a 10 question survey. I'd appreciate it! Mike
  13. After over 20 years at my company, I decided to take a position somewhere else. All I wanted was more vacation time than the 2 weeks I have now, but they wouldn't budge on. And even though my work load and resposibilities dramatically increased over the last 5 years, no financial compensation is available. I met with owner #2 to tell him I am seriously considering an offer I have on the table elsewhere. Several days later, owner #1 called me and said "I heard you're leaving us and going over to the City of ______? Well, good luck with that. Give (your replacement) a call and show him around." Not even a hesitation or attempt to retain me by either one. I've dedicated my personal life and time tending to the big picture and all the details to make this company a success. I know my worth there now. A few days ago, I had some doubts if I was making the right move, now I know I am.
  14. Twoply

    You guys win.

    "You were not referred to the hiring offical because Only Preference Eligible Veterans were referred at this time." Fuck it then. I'll blaze my own way
  15. "your application was not reviewed for referral at this time. By law, certain veteran groups have priority and cannot be bypassed." I understand but.....sigh......trying to keep positive.......
  16. I have been trying to get a patent issued for an idea that has real world applications. I have encountered difficulties at each and every stage of this process. Between unintentionally abandoning it, the government website not allowing me access, a bounced application due to a wrong label, a sluggish lawyer who drags his feet to the absolute last day to file responses, to a possible "lost in mail" situation, I'm thinking the universe is trying to tell me to just quit. I'm fucking exhausted of this whole thing. All these stupid little snags just seem like such an unnecessary pain in the ass.
  17. Twoply

    Website hosting

    Has anyone have experience with building a website? I don't need a huge elaborate one, just something to refer potential customers to and communicate basic information. Some friends have used and godaddy. Anyone want to chime in here with some positives or definite "stay away from..."
  18. I have a question for you! Pm me if you like!
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    Disregard that! I think he was running from a wolf!
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    If you jog, please do it on a sensible road that doesn't have winding turns and no shoulder with a speed limit of 45 mph where most people go 50. I almost clipped some poor dumbass who was half in in the lane. We are all thrill seekers here, but jeez. If you splatter over my windshield, I have a ton of paperwork to do at work and that would suck.
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    Ha! I'm just going to pay them back the $17 from Denny's! You got to know how to make a girl horny!
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    Removing all the details, that sounds about right. Considering the next generation of "owner's kids" coming in and making light the 50 hours I put in each week to ensure things go smoothly only to degrade the dedication I have to the company,... yeah, the dinner I had with my woman makes it a bit more acceptable.
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    I got a phone call from the owner's young son (my boss) the other day telling that he is having a party at his house for all the company field-leadership guys and being a 20 year veteran to the company and running work for the past 18, he'd like me to come. There were several cancellations and there is now room for me to attend so if I'd like to bring my wife, that would be great. He said he would forward the invite. He sent the invite on the 19th and it was rsvp by the 15th. The woman and I went out on our own and charged our entire evening to the company card instead. Its a surprise because I've never been insulted like that.