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  1. Very easily. You take a step ladder about the height of the rail, walk up, and step off head high. Redacktor- yes, you're being too picky. No big deal. Also, did you know you can see the ground from 13k? It's easy enough to pick a filed from your predetermined options before take off. C'mob guys, find something else to bitch about other than your own lack of imagination and talent.
  2. I'm not sure what sort of "friction" you are talking about. When checking your rings, the main thing to be looking at is whether the rings have become distorted or warped (out of shape), which may prevent them from releasing properly. Also you should be looking at the webbing, the closing loop, grommets, and the end of the housing, as well as the cutaway cable itself to make sure it has no burrs, dings, or bits of wire sticking out that might catch on the closing loop. Rotating the rings, by itself, does nothing. Also, its a good idea to disconnect the risers every now and again and flex the webbing around the rings to negate any "setting" that can occur after repeated opening shocks. Ask a rigger to show you how to check your gear, and the things to look out for. And you can ask your rigger what the difference is b/w a closing loop and type 2a.
  3. Tracy is excellent. SkyDance in Davis is also a great place with multiple turbines and probably more loads on a daily basis.
  4. The student did indeed make the correct choice. You and your club should rethink your EP's and learn from this guy.
  5. Spoken like someone who has never owned a business. Nothing can replace meeting people in person.
  6. Sounds like an awesome thread! Why are they all gone?!?
  7. How and why did Scotty die in his sleep?
  8. I like the magazine. I enjoy reading about incidents, I find some of the stories informative, and I think the pictures are awesome and the print is of good quality. I like having them around the house and friends find it interesting. Also, I find new members absolutely devour the magazine and learn a lot of information. And of course, they love seeing their name in print every time they get a license. Overall, I think its very valuable. If it were only online I would rarely read it. As it is, I like to throw a copy in my briefcase and read it anywhere I want regardless of an internet connection.
  9. Why do you want to go to a Katana? A Katana is not the next logical progression from your saber 2, FYI. Or any canopy for that matter. I jump a Sabre 2 loaded at 2.1 and I love it.
  10. Is english your first language? I really hope not. Perhaps you should organize your thoughts, do some research, and try again.
  11. I've never forgotten to turn it on (knock on wood). What kind of jumps ya making that require you to turn it off? Nice troll John! You're getting the hang of it.
  12. I have forgotten to turn it on plenty of times.But I have never forgotten to make sure it was off when the jump required it.
  13. For any newbies out there, meet Brian Germain! He is the only person on with a license to advertise throughout the forums. If you take one of his canopy courses, 10% of the information will be highly informative and invaluable. The other 90%, will be all about Brian Germain! Enjoy!
  14. This person obviously has not had her harness adjusted yet. It is simply hanging off of her except the leg straps are cinched down. Again, it is clear the picture has been taken before the harnessing was complete. Students often make us do this. How on earth you lemmings think this picture proves anything I will never know. You are so quick to judge based on a picture you know nothing about. Your superiority complex, and self righteousness do not serve you well as a tandem instructor.