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  1. Conundrum

    Netflix's Spartacus series

    I don’t k ow how it took you guys so long to find this show
  2. Conundrum

    Remember when... Bonfire before Myspace/Facebook/Etc...

    Hey, stranger! So how you doin'? Hi!! Haven’t been on here forever. Hope everyone is doing well! Miss you guys.
  3. Conundrum

    Netflix's Spartacus series

    Great show. I watched it when it first aired
  4. Conundrum

    Remember when... Bonfire before Myspace/Facebook/Etc...

    Those were the days.
  5. Conundrum


    Nice. I dig it. Good work too.
  6. Conundrum

    Which side of the bed do you sleep on? Why?

    So... How YOU doin? Whoa! Is...she...telling us...she's available???
  7. Conundrum

    Which side of the bed do you sleep on? Why?

    The middle now. Used to be the right side.
  8. Conundrum

    Cirrus Ferry Flight Calif to Hawaii-Almost

    He was at about 5,000
  9. Conundrum

    Cirrus Ferry Flight Calif to Hawaii-Almost

    There was a problem with one of the valves on a ferry tank. The pilot, coast guard, mechanic, and owner of the facility for which it was being ferried all worked on the problem but it was unable to be resolved. The coast guard then directed the pilot to a position where he could deploy the CAPS and be near a cruise ship for rescue. Good job all around. The plane is lost but everyone is safe.
  10. Conundrum

    Help me choose a logo Please!

    From those three I like the first one best. I like the idea of the site and will sign-up in case I can help. I've done this a few times for things I've written and really like using the site - - to crowdsource a logo. Have you looked at them? Something to consider is showing the logo in ALL the contexts it will be used. For example, a large logo on a web-site and a small logo used for the app of an Android/iPhone app are two very different beasts. You might also want to make sure you have version that look good on light and dark backgrounds. Hope your thing works out. I'd use LogoTournament over 99D. Too much clipart and copy cats on 99D. Anyway, I'd go with the first one but make the screwdriver shorter. Having it go into the R makes it really busy and cluttered.
  11. Conundrum

    Young Girl Survives Plane Crash

    Also interested. Apparently the pilot reported engine trouble to ATC then lost contact. No prelim NTSB report yet.
  12. Conundrum

    THANKS Conundrum

    cute! Got my site up and running
  13. Conundrum

    Django Unchained!

    Great flick
  14. Conundrum

    Do you have a phobia ?

  15. Conundrum

    THANKS Conundrum

    Nice. I like it