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  1. Interesting how "life" is defined by these folks as a "heartbeat" at this point, but "not alive" is measured by brain activity. If you have to terminate a pregnancy at the 20th week, it's usually because there is no (or will be no) brain activity, but women have been forced to carry a non-viable fetus for several days/weeks because it is "alive." These morons should first agree on a definition of "life" that covers the whole span. If a heartbeat (don't even get me started on what that zygote really has at 4 weeks past fertilization) is the definition of alive, then we can stop learning CPR and dispose of all defibrillators. They're already dead, so you just have to call it when the heart stops. If you pound on someone's chest, or shock them, after their heart stops, then you should be charged with mutilating a corpse.
  2. It encouraged me to purchase homes instead of rent, as it gave me a significant reduction in my tax burden even at my lower income level. Encouraging people to own their own homes instead of renting from a few very wealthy landlords (who then would be making even more money from that business) keeps the wealth balanced a bit more, and keeps the society invested (literally and figuratively) in communities. However, since the last administration doubled the personal exemption, I get no more financial benefit from home ownership (aside from possible appreciation, which can be a gamble). My itemized deductions, including charitable donations, no longer exceed the personal exemption. If more people are in my same situation, they no longer have an incentive to purchase instead of rent and may be less likely to donate to charity (although, I still donate to charity -- it was just nice to have it essentially be my little input directing where government support should go!)
  3. Well, I think the lawyers are learning. Get paid up front. In advance. And when that money runs out, stop all work until the next advance payment is made. Not to mention the PAC was pretty much just a grift to gain funding for all of his legal bills.
  4. They knew they needed to protect him from himself. The Jan 6 Commission would have gone much differently had Trump been allowed to express his own opinions DURING the attack. He would not have called for the violence to stop, about which the on-air personalities at the moment would have been required to ask him. At the very least, they would have asked him if he had any messages for the "demonstrators." I'm not surprised at all that Fox wouldn't let him on air.
  5. Agreed, but in the current iteration they're using the religion excuse. TST is just fighting fire with fire.
  6. It shouldn't be. In fact, I'm disappointed Jewish hospitals haven't initiated something similar, considering the Jewish views on when life begins (not at conception). If the extremists want to cite their "Christian" values as the reason to ban abortion, then all other religious arguments for the contrary are absolutely on par -- including TST.
  7. yep -- my sister was one of those. Got just a BA from a state school, and 16 years later still owes about $20k. She came to Florida and ended up teaching at a special needs charter school for many years, so she has applied several times for the loan forgiveness under that program. It has been denied each time either with no explanation, or a reason that was clearly not true based on the supporting evidence provided.
  8. Not the way I heard it. If you paid during the pandemic, while payments were suspended, you can get that money back (again, as the way the above podcaster relayed it).
  9. First, IMHO, more money should be spent (and spent better) on secondary education. Regarding the debt reduction -- I listened to a podcast this morning that covered some other details not found in MSM reporting (from any side). For the full podcast, check out Opening Arguments #625. What I found interesting is 1) the cost of college tuition has tripled in the past 40 years, and 2) the reason for that increase is mostly the fault of legislators who wanted to cut budgets. How? because state schools used to benefit from about $100 mil annually. Eventually, someone had the bright idea to stop paying FOR things at the schools, and give the money as discretionary spending to the states, to decide on their own how to apply the funds to state schools. Further along, since it was just a bunch of money being allocated to states, it was cut in half, then nearly eradicated over the course of several years as part of budget cuts. (that is a super simplified synopsis of course)
  10. I drove my parents' truck that had a gun rack in the back window. To be clear, I never had rifles in the rack while at school. However, what we did have was strict training and supervision before being able to handle a firearm (as a minor). No one seemed to have a problem with common sense gun rules (training, background check, licensing) in my small town.
  11. Abortion is a part of reproductive health care. Any attempt to redefine it as something else would be Political Correctness gone mad. And now they're talking about limiting other types of reproductive health care, such as contraception. Not all contraception is prescribed for preventing pregnancy. Some is used to treat other reproductive health issues, and some to prevent transmission of infections.
  12. Florida Rs established an election police force, ostensibly for punishing election fraud. Except, it hasn't imposed any penalties on the fraud committed by Republicans in the last election. I'm concerned for this November.
  13. But wait! There's more... Two excellent suggestions from this article: also from the article: