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  1. At this point it might be better to do one thread for all of his geography gaffes. Just last week it was Yo Semite. If you don't know how Yosemite is spelled, and you see this for the first time, okay -- I can see the potential for the mispronunciation. I didn't know how to pronounce it at first, either -- but I was 12 years old and figured it out in about 30 seconds. This is supposed to be the leader of a superpower, and he can't read.
  2. This is language that comes out when a married man is suspected of inappropriate behavior with another person who is not his wife. And the article noted that the "theme" of the party was "Trailer Park." So if you go with the theme, their attire might make sense (not appropriate, good sense, but at least along the same lines) -- to include the (tasteless) expression of their idea of the stereotype. Also, if he was going for the stereotype, and accepted that his beverage was "supposed" to be rum & Coke, couldn't he come up with a better excuse than black water? Is cola forbidden to Liberty U students? If so, then it possibly could pass for grape juice, if he wanted something plausible. But these are the excuses/explanations you'd expect to hear from someone a) being caught doing something they know is against what they preach, and b) isn't accustomed to having to explain himself because no one in his circle dares even confront him about his hypocrisy.
  3. I didn't quite expect this from NYP -- except for the misleading sensationalist headline. This former producer is not talking about HOW events are covered (or editorialized). She's talking about WHICH stories are covered (and how often). While I do agree -- and have for a couple decades -- that "commercial" broadcast news spends too much time on the same story regardless of the programming, and should spread the attention to explore a variety of issues that should be important to their audience, what is cited in this article is much different than what goes on at Fox (since you brought it up). At Fox, except for a couple of straight-on news programs, the majority of the content is editorial and opinion, not news (though many viewers take all of it as "news," or at least based on factual premise). Except for the headline, I was pleasantly surprised by the coverage of this topic by NYP.
  4. The Washington Sentinels. It was already used in "The Replacements."
  5. Yep -- this was the article I was thinking of when I read Ron's posts about a planned Antifa event in his area. There are more of these kinds of incendiary posts elsewhere ("antifa" is not an organized group -- it's just an idea). The intent was to make these right-wing nutters look like the gullible simpletons they are by them believing the posts and showing up to counter whatever they think is going to happen. The real problem is that though those folks did show up to do just that, they aren't made to feel silly for falling for the hoax. The false postings/rally cries are still cited as if the plans for the event were real. It only adds fuel to that fire if the trolls continue this behavior, because it gives the nutters more "evidence" that these rallies are real.
  6. In the comments section of the article linked earlier, a reader suggested "Gold Star Base." Honors those who died and those who lost.
  7. TriGirl


    Because they're made of rubber, and the germs bounce back into the lungs?
  8. TriGirl


    "But ... but... this is AMERICA! It's a FREE COUNTRY! You can't tell me I have to wear a mask in your (privately owned) business!!" [facepalm] Yeah, it may be much more widely accepted to be told you have to wear a mask in order to patronize any particular private business, than to have state-wide mandates for everyone/everywhere. Then again....
  9. And if you want a good scary movie, check out "Jesus Camp." Although we've been seeing the scary bits in the US for the past four years. Spoiler alert: the parts that scared me most were the ignorant ones calling into radio shows (and we've seen that attitude on full display since the current administration)
  10. I like that both sides seem to have gotten the main concessions they wanted, and cut out most of the special interest the opponents objected to. Well done, legislators.
  11. He tested positive for the coronavirus, he did not develop COVID. He hasn't exhibited any symptoms of the disease. Therefore, he likely will not need to "recover." (and to the other posters: he isn't suffering) That also goes to show that someone may never develop symptoms, but still spread the virus to those who could suffer. And if the disease doesn't manifest, how does the person know whom they may have exposed? They probably wouldn't even know where they picked it up (for certain). Therefore, yeah, all this isolation is a very good idea, and should have been encouraged much earlier.
  12. Trump shouldn't RECEIVE any bailout funds. His properties are not cut from the list to receive them (last I read)
  13. All the pundits are saying Stacey Abrams, but I also like Klobuchar or Harris. Klobuchar has a better chance right now, as she stepped aside at the right time and immediately endorsed Biden.
  14. TriGirl


    I won’t reply to a particular post, as there are too many on the topic of masks. I thought for sure someone would point out before now that masks don’t do anything to keep the wearer from being exposed to outside pathogens. They keep germs confined to the system of someone already infected, to keep that person from infecting others. I would consider them prudent for someone who had been exposed, while they are in quarantine waiting to learn whether they contracted the virus, but these people walking around airports and other public places in the US wearing masks are just hurting the industry that really needs them. Another sad observation from this week: just try to find disinfectant wipes for sale. The shelves are cleared out of the wipes. However, plenty of disinfecting cleanser is still filling the shelves. Are people really that ill educated? (That’s rhetorical. Unfortunately I know they actually are). The sales associates at Home Depot were walking around openly criticizing the rush on wipes.
  15. TriGirl


    No one knew how complicated healthcare is.