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  1. And for prices to allow for the pay from those manufacturing jobs to garner a living wage. glass milk bottles -- delivered each morning and the bottles reused/recycled -- would put us back on a good track with the environment, too. I do remember having a milk box on the front porch, and the milk truck driving by early in the morning with the deliveries.
  2. At work. At a public charger. At the store. Via an extension cord out their window. A dozen ways - if they want to. If not? They can buy a gas car and pay for the gas. Freedom! Or take the trains/street cars that are developed to enhance a cleaner public transportation option in the urban areas.
  3. That's what freezers are for!
  4. I’m another who thinks this way. Now we have to ask the question, what office is willing to file charges? If it’s DOJ, it will be regarded by his supporters as political retribution (not that this should be a reason not to do the right thing). Maybe a district court? DC perhaps, since the last “rally” happened there? Same court could bring similar charges against Giuliani, both Trump sons, and others who whipped up the frenzy that day. But the additional charges at least should be levied against the former POTUS, as his tweets and other public — OFFICIAL — statements have been cited by the rioters for bringing them to DC for that very purpose.
  5. TriGirl


    I would suggest that you mention during your wife’s appointment that your appointment is six hours later, and describe why. I give it an even chance that they may just take you at the same time. Good luck, and let us know what happens!
  6. Remember in 2017 (and into 2018) his supporters kept saying, “Hillary lost. The election was legitimate. Removing Trump (or proving Russian interference) will not make Hillary the president!” of course, no one was arguing that Trump won the electoral votes, or that the election was legitimate. No one tried to replace him with HRC. Seems they’re still off in their own alternate universe where they think these things can just be overturned by the opposition party wanting it so. We need a serious overhaul of our education system if such a large percentage of the population believes this.
  7. I recall I said this very thing at the beginning of his term: that DOJ lawyers would have a lot of job security, as DOJ would have plenty of violations to investigate. Of course, there were way too many violations TO investigate (and they were prohibited from doing their jobs), but we're still seeing that uptick in legal work thanks to him.
  8. I prefer the Lemonades over Lemon Ups by far. And the website details a new sandwich cookie called Toast-Yay, describing it as a French toast flavor. I’m anxious to try those! I have a freezer still stocked with ThinMints, Trefoils, Do-si-dos, and the sandwich cookie version of S’Mores. The local military guys I work with love them!
  9. (And yes, I know we have had similar threads before). My real motivation to start a discussion is because we were talking about them at work. I’m trying to find a troop using the right baker to get my favorites — they’re only available from one! Though I am still interested in the walk down cookie memory lane, I would welcome a PM from anyone who can help me get a couple cases out here in the South Pacific. Don’t worry — I have a US mailing address!
  10. Okay, folks — what are your favorites? What discontinued cookie was a good/bad idea? I remember selling them as a kid, back when we used to have to take the orders in advance and if you didn’t place an order, you didn’t get cookies (at least where I lived, kids didn’t pull shifts at grocery stores manning a cookie table). Today some troops set up the online order process, so you can order from your niece/grandchild/best friend’s kid, and the cookies get sent right to you. Not sure that doesn’t defeat the purpose of having the kids put in the work, but it certainly does seem to increase the sales. One of my recently discontinued favorites were the Thanks-a-Lots. Shortbread cookie coated in chocolate on the bottom. Gonna miss those!
  11. Well done! Love the holiday motif. He’s adorable.
  12. TriGirl


    I bought a motorcycle before I took up skydiving. By the time I started jumping I already knew her attitude, because she said as much when I bought the Harley: “Neither you nor your brother are stupid people. Staying inside trying to be ‘safe’ all the time isn’t living. I trust you both to be smart about anything you take up.” she came out to the DZ when she was in town for visits. She knows I love it, but has no interest in doing it herself. But she does enjoy sitting in the shade and watching jumpers come in! My father and his wife, OTOH, think I’m insane.
  13. My email box has been inundated with the diplomatic message traffic relaying that, “(X country) warmly welcomes US back to Paris agreement.”
  14. Pfff... like a Marine would fall for Q. SEALs sure but not a Marine. I appreciate the love, guys, but I think we all know Phil's statement is inaccurate! And Joe -- again, "not possible from PNG!"
  15. Aww, thanks. But it definitely wasn't me -- not a lot I can do from Papua New Guinea!