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  1. TriGirl


    Oh yes, I get the desire to have some of the less ridiculous stuff be true. I can even understand how some could believe the false assertion that the government would be forcing churches to perform same-sex weddings (of course, just a little time to sit and think about that one should resolve it, but ... reasons). Indeed. And this is my major point. We know how the downward spiral started and perpetuated (and we saw it again during the civil rights movement, though used to a lesser fatal degree). We know how to find and identify the truth from the propaganda. After 70+ years, we know how to be better human beings to each other (and we know how to "adult" and leverage appropriate recourse against things that scare us). If these things and these skills aren't being taught to kids in schools (what happened to the "citizenship" grades?), then they need to be brought back. Obviously all the good people in the churches aren't doing it/helping out (I mean really -- what would Jesus do?). It should be citizenship 101. You don't have to believe that the kid with the different color skin sitting next to you is your "equal," but you have to let her in the classroom because she is a person, and has rights to the same education and responsibilities to the community (rule of law, respecting others, etc). It's so simple that it just boggles the mind of a member of an evolved species that it's still so easy to manipulate the masses using total nonsense, and keep them on the hook for this long.
  2. and in the case of George Floyd (and many, many others), an immediate death sentence for further alleged infractions.
  3. TriGirl


    I'll say it again. All this nonsense is an indictment of the American education system. Seriously -- where are the (even most basic) critical thinking skills? Occam's razor, anyone?
  4. No, he said they should stand back and stand by. He was asked to tell them to stand down (meaning disband and go home), but instead told them to hang out and be ready to re-engage at a moment's notice.
  5. Specifically I mean their plan to actually kill cops. Doing exactly what you accuse your adversary of wanting to do. These people are shameless.
  6. The article I read this morning also said they were planning to shoot cops and start a civil war. Wait, what? I thought the extreme Trump people were all about law and order and Blue Lives Matter. How does this idea make any sense? I dare one Republican to try to justify these jokers.
  7. Here's the best line to sum up the whole article, from an Italian news source: Yep.
  8. I’m surprised no one has posted since the debate began, so I’ll start. I was impressed by how Joe Biden kept his cool. I wasn’t surprised by the president’s behavior (but was disgusted). And though I couldn’t stand to listen continuously (had to keep coming back to it), I was pleased that Chris Wallace at least made a valiant attempt to hold them both accountable to the rules (one needed it more than the other, of course). If this happens in the next debate, I would like to see the moderator just turn off the offender’s microphone and allow the candidate who holds the floor to have their time uninterrupted. So — discuss!
  9. This was the court fight that was finally adjudicated earlier this month -- required the release of the tax returns to the NY district that was hearing the fraud cases. No leaking, no timing issues (except how it happened to take until now because of the challenge of the WH to the subpoena). Had the defendant just complied with the subpoena two years* ago, we would have been over it by now. *I don't recall exactly when it all started, nor which district is prosecuting the case (don't have time to look it all up again), but no one here should be ignorant of the court battle for those returns.
  10. Hi jakee, ^^^^ This It is always interesting to me when our foreign friends know more about our elections than our own citizens do. Jerry Baumchen It was certainly why he lost my vote in 2008. During the primaries he flipped on all the issues that got me to write him in both in 2000 and 2004. By the time he got the nomination, and announced his running mate, the deal was sealed. (that, and I had come to realize that the other candidate was qualified and competent, even if we didn't agree on everything)
  11. Too bad, because there were some legitimate write-in options actively campaigning. Had Florida not been so important and so close, I was leaning toward writing in Evan McMullen or Martin O'Malley. McMullen was actually running as a write-in, and nearly won Utah -- impressive results in other states, especially considering he started campaigning I think in August 2016 (IIRC). Despite what others have posted here about write-in ballots, I think it sends a strong message to the parties when you cast your vote for a real person.
  12. No one said looters and riot instigators were not to be held accountable. However, it has been common practice to associate them with all demonstrators.
  13. TriGirl


    I have two people working for me who are on the conservative side of the spectrum. One at least is willing to do what the head of the mission is requiring WRT to mask wearing in shared spaces, though he does like to complain about his glasses fogging up. He'll also have conversations and listen to other arguments. His mind might not be changed, but he is smart enough to know when to stop the argument. The other is one of those who loves to spew the binary points of view -- like mask wearing does nothing to stem the spread, schools should be open because kids are at such a low risk, and Ron DeSantis is a brilliant leader (I'm a Florida resident, so he thinks that's some common ground). He brought up talking points today like, "the science just doesn't support [this or that recommendation]," or, even better, comparing the impact in Florida to what happened in New York (calls Cuomo an idiot but DeSantis is the smart one). Interestingly, though he will put up "statistics" to back his statements (apples-to-footballs comparisons), anything I try to offer even to put those stats into a more comparable context is quickly and definitively dismissed. This is the type of person who would have followed guidance from POTUS had the whole "let's wear face coverings and prove those dems WRONG!" message been promulgated. As it stands, there is no changing this guy's mind. Though frustrating as hell, I have better things to do with my day than to try to convince this guy of anything he doesn't already believe. This is the demographic that is hurting the efforts to slow the spread. Unfortunately, it's going to take another 20 or so years of bringing certain subjects back into schools (basic hygiene, disease prevention, critical thinking skills, understanding reporting [digging for the source and understanding how information is interpreted]). And while there were serious problems with the way schools used to teach/grade "citizenship," I'm not opposed to trying to work some of that back into public school attitudes. We've gotten way too far away from "good of many" and seem to focus almost exclusively on "good of one."
  14. I was lucky -- my first one was for $100k at age 29. That particular company offered increases at the same rate of $50k at a time as long as I took them when offered every 3 years. Once I hit $250k, I stopped taking them. I was 49 when I took the "paid up" option to lock in that $96k permanent benefit.
  15. Actually, I want to start with a host (network, facility, moderator) who enforces the rules. Trump infamously threw tantrums if he didn't get a center lectern in the early primaries, then talked over the opponents' responses. He did the same thing (talked over Clinton's responses, went well over time, didn't yield, invaded her personal space) during the presidential debates. The media focused on it because it fell under the "oddity" characteristic of "nature of news," but then let it go on. If the guest you invited to your event (debate) doesn't follow the rules after repeated requests to do so, then you turn off the damn mic and give your other guest(s) the courtesy of their own allotted time to respond. That's actually the one possible upside to doing the debates virtually. Only un-mute the candidate who officially has the floor. If they go a little over (as is inevitable), that gets a warning like usual. Once they have used up the grace period, shut them off. They'll adjust pretty quickly when it happens.