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  1. I presume the chimney was being used to vent the smoke from the fire on the hearth at the time? Otherwise it would be difficult to "guess the rest."
  2. I presume this Vulcan launch was from the California facility? I deal incidentally with ULA a few times a year in Florida, so I will be interested to hear if they present this accomplishment the next time we're there.
  3. And if you want to be technical, Trump will still appear on the ballot in CO, because he filed his appeal (barely) in time, which stayed the action.
  4. One way they like to move goalposts is to put it on the primary ballot. Florida has closed primaries, but that does not mean unaffiliated voters cannot vote on primary day. There is a non-partisan ballot to cast that cuts out any options specifically for the parties. In 2022 I voted on several initiatives involving zoning and taxation, as well as school board memberships (technically non-partisan). This is just the initiative I could see getting put on a primary ballot, because a lot of independent (unaffiliated) voters in Florida are unaware they still have work to do on primary day.
  5. Bill, IMHO, all of what you wrote stems from the one I highlighted. This characteristic seems to be necessary to make all the other influences possible. T
  6. To keep on topic: my grand-nephew, age 4, is a HUGE Swifty. He had a Taylor Swift-themed birthday party, and his mother posted a cute vid of him dancing to Lavender Haze (while also wearing a replica fuzzy lavender coat) during a cinema Eras tour broadcast. His father, OTOH, was a massive Trump supporter in 2016 (haven't spoken with him about politics lately, but I have no reason to believe he has changed his opinion much, if at all).
  7. Oh yes, I do know. Which is why it's so pathetic that actual people (voters) are so easily taken down that path instead of having the critical thinking skills (education) to see a bigger picture. :/
  8. It's also so sad that his party/base can't deduce a well-executed foreign policy that helps impoverished countries to develop and take care of themselves actually REDUCES the demand to migrate.
  9. Democrats shouldn't be trying to negotiate exceptions, like 15 weeks; rape, incest or health of the pregnant person; etc. They should come at this from the other side: all medical procedures are allowable, with the decision resting between the person needing/wanting the procedure and the medical provider. If someone wants an exception, they have to show why any procedure should be prohibited or disallowed.
  10. Which is why this is the perfect way to stay in the sport. :)~
  11. Hey, Val! I agree both with you and Wendy. I prefer the forums, but people have to visit and post! Unfortunately, I spend most of my time in Speakers Corner. Probably shouldn't do that, but since I haven't been jumping in years, I guess I don't feel like I can find friends in Bonfire anymore. Although, I do still judge, so it isn't like I'm not on DZs anymore! Just got my CF FAI judge rating, so looking forward to being back at it. :) Tanya (PS -- no, I don't believe we have ever met, but I'm sure we've chatted on this forum before!)
  12. He just tried to go about it a different way. His acolytes are trying similar techniques.
  13. I wonder how Jordan will take it when the subpoena recipients for his committee's "investigations" over the handling of Trump and Hunter Biden similarly ignore their summons. Somehow I doubt he will think his own subpoenas are optional.
  14. This is my only concern on the issue. As for Kallend's question about how this relates to healthcare for children: if the trans kids would be allowed to use puberty blockers (like some elite athletes, like female gymnasts, already do) and hormone replacement, then they could choose to complete surgery as an adult without having gone through a puberty in the wrong body. Trans women who have not grown up with testosterone, steroids, or any other performance enhancing chemical that a cis woman athlete would be banned for taking, would be on an even level with their competition. Note: I studied physics, not biology and human development. If I am missing something, I more than welcome another perspective! This is just my reaction based on what I know. Happy to be convinced otherwise.
  15. It's a 6-part series, I'm afraid (maybe 8-part?). But, I do believe you would enjoy listening to it if you find it. It incorporates archival recordings of public statements that almost perfectly mirror sound bites we have today. Go to the MSNBC web page and do a search for her name or the name of the series. I haven't checked, but I do suppose it's possible they have the transcript you -- I just think the historical recordings really make the reporting so much more poignant.