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  1. What they all said ^^, particularly regarding the weight loss (congrats!) and not doing this for anyone else but yourself. Plus, yeah, the sky will always be there if/when you ever change your mind and want to go back. A couple of things I will add: if your wife ever gets into competition of any kind, consider getting a judge rating. You can help out your home DZ by judging local competitions/boogies/records, and you will be able to travel with your wife to competitions (she as a competitor, you as a judge). Also -- learn to pack. It's one way you can support her and save money (not every single time, but on the days you want to hang out at the DZ with her). Depending on the DZ, you eventually might consider getting a job on the packing mat. Again, to save/make a little money while she's spending it. You'll feel much more involved in the sport and share friends that way. I know you said the tunnel is quite far away, but U.S. Indoor Skydiving is now a thing. Many tunnels will be starting up weekend or evening leagues for all skill levels. Others have mentioned the tunnel, so if you like it, again, that's something the two of you can share (even if only the occasional weekend getaway to a tunnel to do some recreational flying). Regardless, you are now, and will always be, a skydiver. Don't beat yourself up about keeping your jump numbers in the single digits.
  2. Okay, but you can sleep on the high-speed ferry! ETA: oh wait, but the ferry doesn't take vehicles. So yeah, I guess that hurts.
  3. TriGirl

    Broken Bones

    Don't smoke anything while you're trying to heal. It reduces oxygen in your system, which slows the healing process. You also have less ability to absorb calcium and other essential minerals that are building blocks for recovery. Eat well, get lots of sleep, get some fresh air and some kind of exercise, and use ice for pain.
  4. TriGirl

    Old noob

    If it makes you feel any better, we only stopped jumping Style at the nationals a couple of years ago. We still do accuracy.
  5. TriGirl

    Congratulations to Randy Connell

    Yep! So it looks like USPA is taking resumes for his old job. Anyone interested?
  6. One thing no one has referenced is that you said you're doing another tandem first. Tell your instructor that you will be starting AFF soon, so you'd like to get a little more instruction. He or she will be happy to start educating you for your tandem jump. If you have too many questions for a tandem, you likely will be told politely that those details will be answered in your first jump course, and pull you back to what you can learn on your tandem jump.
  7. I flew to Jacksonville and drove from there. Not a bad drive.
  8. All those pics of the freefall and canopy flight, and the one closest to landing still has him several meters off the ground. Then the "high-5s" at the landing area. Must not have stood up the landing.
  9. TriGirl

    Scotty Burns

    That sucks!! I remember one Halloween party at ZHills. He brought his adorable little girl in her tiny wing suit costume. He taught her correct body position, which she would demonstrate when asked.
  10. TriGirl

    Skydiving in Barhain

    I have a friend in the region who was tracking a proposed DZ in Qatar (which has been delayed). She'll check on the Bahrain story.
  11. TriGirl

    Dealing with Excess Adrenaline

    Thanks, Brian!! I've been having a difficult time getting back in the air after an overseas tour -- to the point that the adrenaline is painful. Plan to read "Transcending Fear," and now will also watch your video. Appreciate the resources!!
  12. TriGirl

    Nationals - 4way camera man available..

    Do you feel comfortable doing video for more than jus 4-way? Some jumpers get together while at Nationals to put together 8-, 16- and 10-way speed teams. Sure, they are probably already there with at least one videographer, but you never know. As I'm sure you recall, the video flyer is just as important as the jumpers turning the points. If the judges can't see the point, it didn't happen! When you get there, ask the nice people at the registration/check-in table where you can post a notice about your availability and what events you feel comfortable supporting. You may not get a 4-way team for the whole event, but I'm sure teams at the very least will appreciate knowing how to contact a sub if needed.
  13. TriGirl

    DC-3 10-way Speed Money Meet.

    For those getting their information from this post, what are the dates?
  14. TriGirl

    Skydive Iceland

    Looks awesome! Since 2008 I've wanted to come back to Iceland to organize a bicycle tour with friends. Now I guess I need to bring my rig, too!
  15. Woo Hoo! No, I don't live in a cave. But I'm out of the country and therefore not near a US DZ. Thanks for the update!!