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  1. I got my riggers rating from Dave a long time ago. Glad I got to see him at the last Symposium. If there is going to be some sort of memorial or get together, please post when and where.
  2. I wonder how much those baseball cards I used would be worth now.
  3. When EMHO started coming out to Finger Lakes Skydivers in the 1980's, he was living at the VA Center in Canandaigua, NY. He told me that he used to walk over to the County Court House and just sit in the gallery and watch what was going on. After he had been there a number of times, the judge was hearing a case and looked out into the gallery and saw EMHO sitting there. The judge said to EMHO, "You have been here a number of times, what do you think of this case". I guess it is one of the many EMHO stories.
  4. I guess you need to stay visible if you want to receive grants.
  5. World In Midst of Carbon Drought (w/ Prof. William Happer, Princeton University) I found this video about CO2, start at 2:20.
  6. I am guessing that Social Security seemed like a good idea when it was founded in 1935. When the baby booms started working, what a boost to the system. Now that they are retiring, it is putting a strain on the system. Social Security is starting to look like a giant pyramid scheme.
  7. I stumbled across this video about climate. It is 55 minutes long but very interesting. I think some of the data may be 15 years old but still relevant.
  8. With all the salt they use on the roads in upstate New York and some other states, all the wiring, batteries, motors and electronics will need to be sealed really well or there will be problems. Also, what would the discussion be if the global temperature were dropping and we were headed into another ice age. It has happened several times in past history, no reason to think it won't happen again.
  9. Sugar Alpha DC-3 is also being restored for the D-Day anniversary. It is currently located at the Fremont Airport, 14G in Fremont Ohio. You can see the structure that covers it on Google Earth.
  10. I started jumping in 1973 and the repack cycle was 60 days, it was 60 days in 1971.
  11. I don't like the new format. I hate to change to something and try to figure it out. I don't post very often but do read a few of the threads. I guess I will say good bye to dropzone.crap
  12. I know smoke is good for visibility in free fall and we used to use it years ago but really didn't need it when getting out at 3500 feet. We would take a 2 inch roll of crepe paper and put in our jump suits and after we opened, we would tuck one end under a leg strap and let it unroll. It showed up pretty well and after we landed, we would let the kids rip off a piece for a souvenir, they loved it and it was safe and cheap.
  13. Made my first jump in 1973 at 21 while a senior in college. A skydiver friend talked me into it. Got my S/L jumpmaster and instructors ratings and taught first jump courses. Next got my pilots license and started flying jumpers. Really liked flying so a friend and I bought a Stinson Voyager airplane. 1982 opened my own DZ and ran it for 34 years. During that time I got my rigger and master rigger rating, commercial single, multi and helicopter ratings, A&P with IA ratings and bought an airport. I am not sure if I should kiss or kill my friend who got me into this.
  14. This is one of my favorites, I always looked forward to it every year.
  15. Jesus an Moses are playing golf. They get to the 7 th hole which has a water hazard. Jesus takes out a 5 iron and tees up. Moses says "you can't clear the water with a 5 iron", Jesus says "that's what Arnold Palmer would do". Jesus hits the ball right into the water. Moses says "I told you". Jesus says, "I need a little help finding my ball" Moses parts the water and Jesus walks out and picks up his ball. He tees up again with the 5 iron. Moses says "I told you last time you can't clear the water with that club. Jesus says, "that's what Arnold Palmer would do. He hits the ball into the water again. He asks Moses for a little help again, the water is parted and Jesus goes and picks up his ball again. Jesus tees up again with the 5 iron and Moses says "That's twice you hit the ball in the water with that club". Jesus says "that's what Arnold Palmer would do. Jesus hits the ball into the water again and Moses says, "you are on your own". Jesus walks out on top of the water and reaches down feeling around for his ball. All this delay is holding up the 4 some behind them. One of the golfers sees Jesus walking on the water, comes up to Moses and says "who does he think he is walking on water, Jesus Christ". Moses replies "no, he thinks he's Arnold Palmer.