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  1. johnhking1

     Dave Dewolf

    I got my riggers rating from Dave a long time ago. Glad I got to see him at the last Symposium. If there is going to be some sort of memorial or get together, please post when and where.
  2. johnhking1

    Pete "EMHO" Crosby

    When EMHO started coming out to Finger Lakes Skydivers in the 1980's, he was living at the VA Center in Canandaigua, NY. He told me that he used to walk over to the County Court House and just sit in the gallery and watch what was going on. After he had been there a number of times, the judge was hearing a case and looked out into the gallery and saw EMHO sitting there. The judge said to EMHO, "You have been here a number of times, what do you think of this case". I guess it is one of the many EMHO stories.
  3. johnhking1

    DC - 3 Rebuild

    Sugar Alpha DC-3 is also being restored for the D-Day anniversary. It is currently located at the Fremont Airport, 14G in Fremont Ohio. You can see the structure that covers it on Google Earth.
  4. johnhking1

    DB Cooper

    I started jumping in 1973 and the repack cycle was 60 days, it was 60 days in 1971.
  5. johnhking1


    I know smoke is good for visibility in free fall and we used to use it years ago but really didn't need it when getting out at 3500 feet. We would take a 2 inch roll of crepe paper and put in our jump suits and after we opened, we would tuck one end under a leg strap and let it unroll. It showed up pretty well and after we landed, we would let the kids rip off a piece for a souvenir, they loved it and it was safe and cheap.
  6. Made my first jump in 1973 at 21 while a senior in college. A skydiver friend talked me into it. Got my S/L jumpmaster and instructors ratings and taught first jump courses. Next got my pilots license and started flying jumpers. Really liked flying so a friend and I bought a Stinson Voyager airplane. 1982 opened my own DZ and ran it for 34 years. During that time I got my rigger and master rigger rating, commercial single, multi and helicopter ratings, A&P with IA ratings and bought an airport. I am not sure if I should kiss or kill my friend who got me into this.
  7. johnhking1

    BOD election 2018

    Thanks for contacting me.
  8. johnhking1

    BOD election 2018

    In my BIO for National Director, I listed my e-mail address and phone #. Out of 40,000+ members I got one e-mail. John King
  9. johnhking1

    Pete "EMHO" Crosby

    Pete "EMHO" Crosby passed away on September 2, 2018. I don't know the exact dates but he worked for Bob Sinclair in California during the 1960's. He was also part of a skydiving operation in Shinglehouse PA, just south of Olean, NY. In the 1970's he was at Frontier Skydivers in Wilson, NY, north of Buffalo, NY. In the 1980's he started coming to Finger Lakes Skydivers in Ovid, NY. He had been out of skydiving for a few years but got back into the sport. He ended up living at the DZ, packing and shooting video for a number of years. He had his own cabin on the Airport, the "EMHO" Hut. During the winter he would head south to Zephyrhills Skydiving Center when George and Betty owned it then to Lake Wales when they moved. His last jump was a tandem at Finger Lakes Skydivers, can't remember what year, early 2000's. That fall, he went to Palatka, Florida and lived in a motel until he had a stroke around 2013. After that he was at the Crestwood Nursing Center. He had a dry sense of humor, I remember we had a big furry cat at the DZ named Mooch. My wife rescued a bunch of kittens, they were eating and Mooch went over and was licking them on the head. Someone said "look, Mooch is licking them", EMHO replied in a dry under tone voice, "he is just tasting them". I visited him in Florida in March of this year, he was the same old EMHO and glad to see me. Not many people know where he got the nickname "EMHO" but those who do will smile when they remember. He will be missed. John King, former owner of Finger Lakes Skydivers
  10. johnhking1

    AFF Stuggles

    What is a Stuggles?
  11. johnhking1

    Pipistrel introduces electric trainer

    If you consider the average of jump plane (some Cessna 182's 60 years old) and DZ's are likely the last stop on the way to the salvage yard, If they had electric planes flying tomorrow, it could be 40, 50, 60? years before they show up at a DZ
  12. johnhking1

    St Louis MO

    Skydive Finger Lakes bought their Cessna 182 jump plane last month. It is currently flying jumpers here in Ovid, N.Y.
  13. johnhking1

    USPA wants to increase your dues

    I sat through the last Board Meeting in February and the treasurer, Albert Berchtold, explained in detail why the dues needed to be raised. I won't try to explain everything but it is not just the current 2% inflation but the inflation every year since the last dues increase. Why don't you e-mail him at for a detailed explanation.
  14. johnhking1

    Aero Commander 500

    Back in the late 1970's, there was a guy in upstate New York who occasionally flew one for skydiving but it wasn't a regular DZ jump plane.
  15. johnhking1

    TI FAA medical?

    I also posted this on the tandem forum. Having or getting a DUI/DWI does not necessarily prevent someone from getting or keeping their medical. Most pilots and even more tandem instructors do not know the FAA requirements for reporting DUI/ DWI/ drug related action, they must be reported within 60 days to; Federal Aviation Administration Security and Investigations Division (AMC-700) P.O. Box 25810 Oklahoma City, OK 73125 Failure to do this may result in suspension or revocation of the medical. You can't wait until your next medical to notify the FAA. In addition, if you ever held a an FAA medical in the past and it expired long ago, you still have to notify the FAA within 60 days of an action if you ever plan to get a medical in the future. The FAA keeps records for a long time and may deny your future medical. See the links below for more information and an example of the letter required. After the initial notification, a follow up letter notifying the FAA of the outcome will usually result in no action. Many states as a result of a DWI will require some sort of alcohol program or counseling. This should be included in the letter.