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  1. monkycndo

    Singer 66

    It is an OK drop feed machine. It is one of the most common machines Singer made and parts are available and cheap. For about the same or a bit more money, I would look for a Singer 401 or 500. They are a newer machine, so less examples out in the market. They can go for big money if in perfect condition and a collector wants it. I found one without a case for $20 at the flea market. YMMV. They have better power from a direct drive motor and can do a whole bunch of decorative stitches, including the 304 and 308 zigzag stitches. The 401 is often referred to as the 401A. The letter just designates the factory where the machine was assembled. The "A" indicates the machine was made in South Carolina. I have seen 401 machines with a G(Germany), K(Scotland),J(Canada) and E(New Jersey). The 500 is often referred to as the Rocketeer because of the shape of the head.
  2. monkycndo

    Pilot 150 ZPX in an Infinity I33

    An I33 will hold most standard bulk 135-150 canopies. A 150 non-ZPX Pilot would be a little tight since Pilots pack a bit bigger than other manufacturer's canopies of the same square footage. So a ZPX 150 will fit just fine. A 7 cell canopy will have a smaller pack volume compared to a 9 cell because the 7 cell has less fabric and fewer lines. So I would expect the Tri to pack smaller.
  3. monkycndo

    Must read for every skydiver......
  4. monkycndo

    PIA Riggers Road Show

    I'm attending. See you there.
  5. monkycndo

    Brake line trim and front risers

    The fix depends on the location of the line shrinkage. Check the lines against the trim chart. If it is just the brake line and not the entire line set, replacing the section(s) between the cascade and the toggle is easy and not costly. If the entire line set is on the short side, a full line change might be in order. Practicing fronts with an out of trim canopy just gives you experience with a misperforming canopy. No need for that.
  6. monkycndo

    7 class singer upgrade?

  7. Start here. If you have questions beyond that, call them. They are great folks. 253.445.8790 Look at my sigline. I love my Infinity(s).
  8. monkycndo

    Thanks for a save....

    No bottle? Next time, leave the temp pin in place. Um, just kidding. Tradition is important. I think some schooling is called for.
  9. Not sure how to prevent a wrap around the camera itself, but getting something between camera and helmet is what has prevented me from putting a still on my head. To fill in that space, consider filling the gap between helmet and camera with something like polymold or Sugru Mold it with a lip behind the camera so a line would go up/over instead of between camera and the infilled material. Secure the infill with a screw(s) from the inside of the helmet. If you change cameras, the screw can be removed and the infill taken off.
  10. monkycndo

    wingsuit friendly smoke mount w/cutaway

    Interesting design. Wouldn't the metal base be slippery on a grassy/rocky exit point? But before a mod jumps on you, all advertising is supposed to be in the classified section, not the forums.
  11. monkycndo

    What type of shackles for camera wings?

    Take a look at these.
  12. monkycndo

    Seven cell 170 in Curv VC3

  13. monkycndo

    Hook Knife Pockets

    Any decent ft can sew on a pocket. I prefer mine on my chest strap.
  14. monkycndo

    PD Optimum reserve?

    These folks might. Never had to give one a plan B ride. Have made a couple demo jumps on a 160. Took it terminal and it was much softer than a PDR 143. Some believe that soft opening means it won't open as fast when needed. Has a much better flare, almost like a main.
  15. monkycndo

    How should a jump suit with booties fit?

    Are you trying suit on with rig as well? If not, it will be really loose. If yes, booties have some slack and you should need to point your toe some to get bootie tight.