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  1. jumplongisland

    Canopy high speed stall

    Yes, a stall can be achieved at any attitude and at any airspeed! It may be very hard to do so on some canopies but yes it is possible.
  2. jumplongisland

    V309 MICRON vs V310 MICRON

    310 is a touch longer and has a slightly larger reserve tray if you look at the chart an optimum 143 is ideal for a 310 but "full" in a 309
  3. jumplongisland

    Safety in the Sky: A Skydiver’s Defense

    I have two close friends who would 1000% not be alive if it wasn't for their aad. I won't jump without one
  4. jumplongisland

    Student Etiquette-Getting Own Altimeter

    Go Digital. Viso2 from l&b super easy to read/use. Some may say that analog is what students need to use but odds they are old timers. This is the future! digital is the way to go. I know i don't like having to tap an analog on my way to altitude so it "catches up".
  5. jumplongisland

    Rigger in Long Island

    Shaun at Skydive Long Island is the man. He's there usually every day there flying.
  6. jumplongisland

    Hop n pos SDLI

  7. jumplongisland

    Viso II

    I purchased the viso 2 after I finished my aff and put about 30 or so jumps on it so far. Really easy to read during freefall and under canopy. A little confusing at first to access the log information it stores after each jump. After a few times playing around it's as easy as operating a cell phone or any other electronic device. Logs you exit alltitude deployment alltitude top speed during freefall and under canopy all very good to have for jump log info. Would recommend purchasing great deal and functionality for the price.