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  1. Anyone know of an Atair dealer willing to demo a canopy in florida?
  2. Yes, a stall can be achieved at any attitude and at any airspeed! It may be very hard to do so on some canopies but yes it is possible.
  3. I would go for 310 for bigger reserve. More fabric overhead in emergency is always a good thing lol and your rigger will thank you
  4. 310 is a touch longer and has a slightly larger reserve tray if you look at the chart an optimum 143 is ideal for a 310 but "full" in a 309
  5. Curious, what the average 182 jump pilot makes? What's the average salary for say a May-Nov timeframe? What about a per load basis? Thanks in advance
  6. I have two close friends who would 1000% not be alive if it wasn't for their aad. I won't jump without one
  7. Check out a Glide. Short wait times and top notch quality
  8. Section 105.43 requires a solo parachutist making an intentional jump wearing a single-harness dual-pack parachute to have at least one main parachute and one approved reserve parachute.
  9. Its not so much the USPA that has a rule prohibiting it. It's the FAA. They do not allow jumping from any aircraft (plane, balloon, ultralight, chopper) etc.. without the use of a dual container parachute system. If you want to jump a base canopy out of an aircraft just pack it into a dual container without a d-bag. Seen it done, problem solved. Also, as the jumper don't really have anything to lose (besides your life, and maybe your gonads from a snappy opening at terminal) It all comes down to the pilot getting screwed.
  10. Had to be that guy huh? Thanks for the input everyone. Just curious, don't worry yoink safety is always #1 this was a just a question. Looks like Australia is a good bet for a cloud fix thanks again!
  11. Just curious, are there any countries that do not have any regulations pertaining to clouds and jumpers? Or at least minimal regulation? Where can i go where cloud holds don't exist?
  12. Think they would let me jump my crossfire if i joined the forces?!?!?
  13. You get what you pay for. Get measured by someone who really knows what they are doing.
  14. Vertical is in BC Canada Liquid Sky is down in Florida