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  1. Have the risers been changed on the set-up? Has someone else jumped the canopy and reported the same issue?
  2. The REI house brand for camping/hiking is great and can be found on sale some times. You may want to consider keeping the temp logbook until you finish AFF so you have a designated student logbook. If money is no issue, new gear all day everyday. For most people money is limited and therefore majority tends to go used. However, as a new jumper I wanted my gear really good, in order to allow me focusing on my skills. They will wear out faster than you like... I use an android app called Spot Assist (bought the full version), I firmly believe this app is a game changer. Ask your instructor, if they are willing to work with you with the app. My advice: Stick with skydiving, the videos look you are doing a fantastic job. Your instructors seem very solid and will guide you through AFF. Trust in your instructors and you will a great skydiver.
  3. timrf79

    Tunnel Time vs. Buying a rig (New skydiver)

    I think it depends on your budget. If you think about putting down $6k for a rig, why not get a cheap used rig for $4k and put $2k in the tunnel?
  4. When did they go under? I still have my Alter and still love it.
  5. timrf79

    Warning: Dont order from ALTER

    I got my alter and it is great...
  6. timrf79

    Should I have cut away?

    Hard to say for anyone not there. My thought is that if you felt comfortable landing it, after you tested it up high, you made the right decision.
  7. I never got any "weird" feelings on a roller coaster, but in Skydiving you do not pull those G's. Especially not as a beginner. Never jumped a 182, I can not comment. You will go over the plan on the ground, just stick to the plan. Again, you will go over the flight pattern on the ground. Stick do it and listen to the radio. It is actually very easy Awesome weight loss! If you have the discipline to do that you can do anything!
  8. timrf79

    How To Show Your Three-Ring System You Care

    Some manufacturers recommend this procedure monthly. You should also treat the cut-a-way cable with a silicon based lube.
  9. timrf79

    Problems with accuracy and landing a 220

    Well, it is simple. You should only downsize when you have your canopy fully dialed in. Then you downsize and start the learning over again. So, do practice flares up high to get feel for it. Jump multiple times in one day and adjust your pattern points. Have someone film your landing and critique it.
  10. timrf79

    Four-Armed is Forewarned

    I have been looking at the Quattro and Optima II and try to figure out the difference?
  11. timrf79

    Garmin Fenix as a altimeter?

    I did my first (tandem) jump this past Friday and recorded the experience with my Fenix3: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/923095917 Some things to consider: Not sure if you can set-up a profile to measure altitude over ground, mine was showing over sea level (which would be an issue) The refresh rate seemed fine, but I wonder how much more accuracy you need?