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  1. Thanks for the input.. you seem to be one of the only other people that seem to know what we're talking about. It doesn't happen on every jump and will pretty much clear itself prior to releasing the brakes. It just seems more happy overall when it's in full flight. Maybe it doesn't matter, but what is the DOM of your Spectre?
  2. Yes, it was shortened below the catseye. The brake lines are the correct length from attachment point to catseye.
  3. UPT 19" risers have been used on all jumps. One other person has jumped it but not as a "test jumper" with this issue in mind, just borrowing the gear. They did not have any problems.
  4. Sorry, forgot that important piece of information... The lines are Vectran. Just verified everything is in proper trim.
  5. Posting this for a friend who doesn't have an account here.... I ordered a custom Spectre 170 and have put 80 jumps on it. Until recently, the openings had been nice. Recently, after my canopy opens but prior to releasing the brakes, the canopy will fully inflate, but then partially deflate where I have a “falling” sensation, then it will reinflate to “stable” flying. At this point I have not put any input to the canopy. It’s not until after releasing the brakes that it really feels comfortable to be flying under. It will sometimes even "buck" a little until brakes are released. Once brakes are released, the canopy flies, flares, and lands great. The only thing that has been done to this canopy in it’s 80 jumps is having the brake lines shortened twice, two inches each time, and only from the cat-eye down. Maybe it’s just coincidence, but this problem on openings hadn’t happened until after the second time I had the brake lines shortened. I’ve never had the sensation of stalling on opening like I have recently been experiencing. What could cause this? I had two riggers independently measured the control lines from attachment point to cat-eye. They said they were correct according to the spec chart. Everything else looked to be in good shape and the line trim is measured correctly. I am 5’7 and my exit weight is 180lbs. 300 jumps in a couple years, flew a 190 Pulse before this Spectre 170.