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  1. Then you are probably one of the lucky few, their facebook page is riddled with people not getting what they ordered
  2. Ordered an altimeter off of them in December as part of a promotion they ran, contacted them on march 2., and again on the 7th, they replied with some bogus answer about having troubles delivering all orders in time, and said they would contact me again after checking my order. This was the last time I heard something from them... Didnt opt for refund trough paypal since I only paid for shipping as part of the promotion, and thought I would just wait it out. Now 6 months Im pretty sure they wont fulfill my order. Chances are, if they cant fulfill my order from december, they probably wont give you shit for your money as well. I dont care about the pennies I lost, but please dont give them any more opportunities to scam people!
  3. Many thanks to JerryBaumchen, who hooked me up with a rigger.
  4. They shure have people who can do it here, but since they are so few, the price will be accordingly.
  5. Hi, I have been searching high and low for an online store that sells chest strap extension. The only store that I can find with this item in stock, wants double the price of the item, for shipping it to Norway. ( Anyone know of a cheaper option? Yes, I know that you can get the strap replaced, but its sewn to the main harness, and therefore a special sewing machine is needed to replace it.
  6. More stuff to fondle with = more stuff that can go wrong... I want my ADD as simple as possible, because if I need it, its probably my last chance.
  7. 12 months for private equipment in Norway aswell, so guess its normal in several countries.
  8. Also gives you the choice to improve the canopy even more by opening up your chest strap. Wich will not have any effect if the slider is not pulled down.
  9. Hard to tell if you're serious or not, but that attitude might get you injured or even killed some day! A great amount of reserve rides dont have anything to do with packing.
  10. The lesson is, even when you do everything right... ... you may still have packed a stone. Whatever it is, its still free beer i guess
  11. I am fairly new to this sport, but I would probably say that i love canopy flying as much as the freefall itself. Hard to describe why, they are two totally different aspects of the same sport. But it probably has something to do with my love of just being in the air. I know most people will argue with me when i call it flying, but I think it comes pretty close to it, even tough you are flying a wing and not your body.
  12. Someone probably has a better answer than me on this, but the main idea is that the two sets of toggles are connected to different lines, so one set is better for turning etc, while the other is better for flaring/landing.