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  1. I'll give you the main one Socialism.....and if you don't think that's the Democrats plan you're kidding yourself
  2. I'm pretty sure if you're pointing fingers at who's the bigger threat to out country it would be the Democrats....just my opinion....just as you have yours..
  3. I bought a Vortex container 2 years ago and really like it......any news on what's going on with Parachute Systems......I heard they are looking to reopen in Florida......
  4. I'm back after 15 years away...I love being back....but it's different in that I'm married and 57 years old now...but I will be jumping as often as I can but have other interests also.
  5. Cool..thanks for all the input....I ordered a bev competition suit with polycotten fabric, lined, lose fit option, and they suggested 2" wings got double rush on the order, should get it in 2 weeks...I'll post a review in a couple mths. Again thanks to all your responses.
  6. No not wanting a war just what good info from users of both... if that's possible.
  7. I'm 6ft 220lbs and fall pretty fast...I'm mostly doing RW jumping...seems to me that the Tony would give me a slower fall rate...I was looking at the tony original compared to the bev competition....any the bev built better then the Tony or vis a versa
  8. I just got one tonight...x3000 4k.....I've been playing with it and it seems like active stabilisation is best...but the narrower the lens field of view the worse it gets....It seems a little worse to me in 4k.....and I couldn't understand why I have no audio when I play back movies, but researched the internet and found it will not play back with audio to your live view or cell have to download to computer or hook up HDMI cable from camera to tv.
  9. Just pulled the trigger on one...gonna stick it on a cookie...Will post pics when I put it together.
  10. Just have the packers do it for about 300 more jumps and then it should be easier to pack...
  11. Looks nice but how secure is it mounted with the 3m tape? Are they still available...I'm looking at the curved mount.
  12. Thanks...nice rig...great pics....I just made up my mind.....I will be putting in an order. Looks like a wings. Did one of their guys split off and design this? Looks like a Javelin also but $1000 cheaper !! I'm not putting Javelin's a fine container.....I'm just saying to me the Vortex is a great container also.and at a price I can live with