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  1. Welcome back! I had 8 years break also because of my career (working in a country with no Dropzone).. During this 8 years not jumping i was always thinking about jumping... and i knew one day i will jump again. Got relocated begining of this year, and starting jumping again.. I can recommend some jumps with instructur to refresh. The first jump i was very nerveus the ride up...once out of the plane... i suddenly got it, stable, not scarry at all!! The issue for me was more that after jumping a couple of times after all these years... i was not that excited... Now 50 jumps in, and jumping with friend its a better feeling, but somehow the feeling of "wanting to jump ever day" is not there anymore... I wonder how you will feel after your first jump..
  2. Hi Guys, Wanted to share some experiance i had, and if someone feels the same. Due to work relocation i was not able to jump for the past 8 years. During this time i was always watching skydive videos and could not wait to jump again.. Fast forward, we relocated to EU, dropzone nearby! So last weekend it finally happend, first jump.. quite nervous on the ride up, once out of the plane everything felt naturally. Did 3 more jumps that day, all went very well. Somehow when i drove home, i realized.. thats it? i was so exiting to jump again but the feeling was not there after jumping.. It felt like i did nothing special.. Someone has the same feeling after comming back to the sport?
  3. Hello Swiss-Jumpers, Today i recieved by post "aero club of Switzerland" 2018 Card its 124 CHF. Also inculded the bill, there are some information folders (Some spam, but also a "versichertsein" info..) Does the member card (the 124 CHF) now also include insurance? If so what are the conditions..? Or do i need to separate make a insurance?? Thanks EDIT: I already found the info on the website:
  4. Was just talking at some ppl at the DZ about AAD and activation heights. Some (all?) AAD (Expert for example) you can adjust the activation height, as the standard height is set to 750 ft.. --> as between 700 ~ 800 ft sometime is not "enough" or its just to low... Why would someone not set it to lets say 1000 ft or even a bit higher? Just to get some more ft
  5. Thanks for the feedback I just started to live and work in Swiss. As i am located in the south, so its a short trip to Austria and Italy. I just arrived here in Swiss so i am still "exploring" DZs. (suggestions are welcome) Health insurance i have (CSS) but as far as i know they don't cover anything with aviation. Also i was told that for Swiss i need to had insurance on my main? Before in my "home" country i had a additional insurance (was mandatory) that was purely for Skydives..
  6. Hi Guys, Hope someone can help out here. I am living in Swiss, and will be jumping in Swiss and EU. Mostly Swiss, Italy and Austria. I asked around but did not get a clear awnser, as most ppl have insurance in the country they live and only cover that spesific country. So i am looking for a (accident) insurance that can cover me over all EU+Swiss.. Thanks a lot!