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  1. chips26

    Riser design & toggle fires

    It doesn't have to be a metal pin to be dependent on it, could just be a straight tab instead. The act of pulling the cat eye through the ring, and then putting the nose of the toggle through the cat eye and into its pocket locks the cat eye(and toggle) to the ring. Even if the toggle comes out of its keeper pocket, the line tension is enough to keep the brakes fully stowed. Since the cat eye has been set under the lower ring the brake settings remained unchanged until you pop the toggles. Contrast that with just putting the toggle nose through the cat eye and into its pocket, laying on top of the ring, then there is nothing to keep anything in place if the toggle comes out of its keepers.
  2. You will fall faster without a suit, but booties are a must in 4 way, and the bigger the better. What you need is a nylon suit and a weight belt. Emphasis on the weight belt.
  3. chips26

    Riser design & toggle fires

    To me its less about the toggle design and more about the risers. In a two ring setup like the picture above, as well as on Wing's swoop risers, the cat eye goes through the bottom ring, and then the pin or soft toggle portion goes through the cat eye and into the keeper above the bottom ring. All pressure is pulling up on the toggle and the toggle cannot physically come unstowed unless the toggle gets released from the cat eye. The only way to do that is to pull down.
  4. chips26

    4way VFS camera flying...suits

    So I was approached and asked to fly video for a team next summer. Never done any VFS camera work before and I'm looking at options for suits. I'm a smaller dude and fly a pretty tight suit in the tunnel and the sky. The rest of the teammates are all bigger dudes (~200+lbs) and fly pretty fast. I'm torn on if I need to get another suit with some more range in the legs or not. Any suggestions?
  5. chips26

    Bodyflight Progression Problem

    Learn to back fly in lower speeds.
  6. chips26

    PPONK Upgrade for 182

    We had one done on our widebody last summer. It would do about 800-1000fpm up to about 5 or 6k (taken from my N2), starts to taper off after that. Thats with a pretty conservative pilot as well.
  7. chips26

    Neptune 2 cracked battery cover

    PM me, I have an old junk N2 that crapped out on me that I have no use for. Take care of shipping and I'll send you the whole thing.
  8. chips26

    Safire 3 reviews?;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread I have my limited review in there.