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  1. Has anyone had any experience with the Venice Marco Polo airport and rigs? I'm flying from there to the states soon and I want to carry on my rig to make sure it doesn't get lost, but I don't want to have any issues going through security. I know united states airports are good about knowing what it is and I'll bring the card along that shows everything, but does anyone have any insight to flying in Europe, or italy specifically? Thank you in advance for any responses!
  2. Also as some have mentioned, I definitely have issues with wind being so light under a 210. So besides wanting to be able to jump my own rig when I receive it later this year, I also am hoping that I'm able to gain more control over my movement in the air. I originally started on a 260 and I had a lot of issues with landing accuracy, which greatly diminished when I down sized to 210. All of this considering however, I still want to be safe about it and If my instructor doesn't feel comfortable with me going to a 170 then I wont. Does anyone have any online reading material that has some good info on canopy skills that I could read?
  3. I'm getting a safire 2 169 in october-november ish so likely i'll be closer to 80/90 jumps by then. I jump nearly every weekend but not an insane amount, probably 3-5 in a day. On the 210 I'm jumping right now I'm using a 15 ish pound weight belt because I jump a lot of two ways with a friend who weighs more than I do, but I still do fine on all of my landings. I've read that the Safire 2 as compared to the Sabre 2, flies flatter, so that seems like a safer canopy to downsize to. So all in all, given the opportunity to jump a 190 before hand I definitely will, but I'm hoping if I stop using the weight belt when I get the 169 then my instructor will approve of me using it.
  4. Hello wonderful humans who jump out of planes. Wanting to get everyone's opinion on a down size I'm working on. I'm currently jumping a sabre 2 210 and I'm beyond comfortable with it but my dropzone doesn't have any smaller sized canopies available for rent. I only weigh 135lbs and I'm wondering if going straight to a 170 is too big of a jump even considering my low weight.