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  1. Awesome. Thanks for the info Robi. I'm sold on it. Will be putting the order in next week and can't wait to fly one :)
  2. You little beauty. Only heard of it the other day, but the thought of it did make me moist.
  3. Anyone seen or flown the Phantom? Keen to hear what's different about it and how it goes. Weighing up one of these or the Swift.
  4. You could get a Mirage G4 M3. I bought a Mirage G4 M2 as my first rig. My first canopy is a PD Storm 170 seven cell, (packs roughly the same as a Sabre 2 150.) So I can downsize to a Sabre 2 135. With the M3 it is the next size up container so sould fit a Strom 190 and then 170 and 150 nine cell canopies. Storms are pretty cool first canopies too. Worth looking at. Nice soft openings usually on heading and nice flare range. And they are pretty sporty too. Im super happy with mine and will probably downsize to another Storm but 150. Also Mirage is sweet. I couldnt be happier. Had some mates buy used rigs for only $100 less than mine which I dont think are worth tha savings. Hope this helped. Also I think if you go dacron lines on your last downsize you could even go another size smaller as they tend to increase the packjob a size.
  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of Skydiving. I too wish I started 10 years ago instead of 18 months ago :). But its a great journey to learn how to jump and super addictive. Good luck and enjoy.
  6. dmcculloch


    Went with the Tonfly Speed after using a Rawa for awhile. As soon as I held this helmet it felt quality and sturdy. The padding is super comfy and blocks out so much noise its crazy. I got the cutaway, an external audible port and soft straps. Couldn't be happier. Mounts the GoPro no problems but that's all you will be able to mount. Possibly 2 of them, if you want more options for camera there are other helmets from Tonfly for that. Also the helmet bag is slightly expensive compared to other bags, but it is more than worth it. Its like another gear bag. I fit my Tonfly Uno.620, Speed Helmet, Alti's and chargers and goggles all in this bag. And the bag like everything is exceptional quality. After Sales Customer support is also A1. After my rig my Tonfly gear is the best purchase I have made. Been through a few helmets already and 1 other jumpsuit, but now am happy with quality and comfort of the gear.
  7. If it helps the update process was a pain in the ass. Flash didn't work properly so had to do the manual way, but once I figured it out all was good. :)
  8. Since the latest update it is running fine, with the only exception being the white balance on time lapse mode of photo every 0.5 and 1 sec. Holds charge, got just over an hour run time on 2.7k 30fps wifi on. I was sceptical but took the plunge, (usually I am the one who always gets the dud product) but am very happy with the camera. 1080p 60fs is incredible. Have not had a problem with freezing, battery, it does get a little hot of running constant 1hr, but cools down quick also.
  9. I have te contoured leg pads and reckon they are comfy as. Haven't got much to compare too. Only used a few student rigs before got mine. Im 5;11 190lbs
  10. thanks for the info and pics. :) they look great :) Ordered mine yesterday with the cutaway and external port. Matt Red :)
  11. Awesome :) thanks huys for the info. really appreciate it. :) looks like i will be adding the Speed to the order once I get measured up for the Uno.620 :) Thanks again
  12. Hi guys and girls. I am wondering if anyone here has a Tonfly helmet. I am looking ta getting the new Tonfly Speed and was wondering what the helmets are like. I am escpecially keen to hear of anyone with the external Optima port. I am looking at getting that option and would like to know how sturdy and strong are they. If they are a good idea and dont look likely to lose the audible on a hard opening or over time etc. or if they are more of a gimick and you are better of just putting the audibles inside the helmet. Also with that in mind how are the pockets inside. I have a Rawa and the audible pockets are very tight and pushes the audible into my ear and hurts after a few jumps so dont want a repeat of that. Thanks :)
  13. Hi all. Hope everyone had a great xmas and new year. Anyway I have a question in regards to the use of the N3. I currently am using it as an audible in my helmet but am thinking of using it as a wrist mount alti and using an optimum for audible. My question is in regards to data collection. I have head someone say or read before that there are different pressures from the helemt to wrist and this in turn will produce different data being recorded on the N3. I am just wondering if anyone can confirm or deny the statement I had heard or read. I know this question sounds a bit stupid but i figure no harm in asking Thanks :)
  14. Like I said before its the M2 with PD Optimum 160. That is on Mirage site as the standard fit. The sides poke out because of the dive loops that stick out still.
  15. I think they are sticking out a bit because the dive loops have a cable in them and havent flattened out properly yet. I think thats what you are talking about. well I hope I dont have any problems lol. I will be pitching a bit higher on the first few to get some time with my new canopy :)