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  1. There are plenty of active skydivers well into their 70's and some into thier 80's. Search SOS & POPS. IMHO each individual must make an honest self evaluation of his or her own abilities and limitations as it relates to jumping safely, executing emergency procedures, etc. I came back to the sport this year following a 22 year lay off, started AFF all over and got my A license at 50. A body in motion stays in motion! I would encourage you to go to your local DZ and speak to an instructor. Air Cooled, Gravity Powered SRA #6305
  2. Thanks to all that weighed in & provided insight on this topic. Some great take aways for me on this topic are - Tandems and the turbine aircraft operations they help to support - I learned why the 45 degree rule DOES NOT WORK(Thanks kallend) - Timeliness in the door - Plan the dive & dive the plan starting with the exit - Having a chat with this individual did give me his perspective & gave us a chance to jump together to work on the spot, exit seperation, & the climb out. I'm happy to report that in the last 2 weeks since this post I have completed AFF and am now an A license holder. Air Cooled, Gravity Powered SRA #6305
  3. No, now that you mention it. I watched the AFF level 5 wave off and open while under canopy. Son of a bitch! Air Cooled, Gravity Powered SRA #6305
  4. So I'm on a full 13K load of tandems and students with a free fly 4 way 1st out in front of me. I'm flying solo belly with an AFF level 5 behind me and a sea of tandems filling out the rest of the load. On the ride up one of the free flyers asks what how many jumps I have and I let him know that I've got 56 jumps. I ask him if he was good with me giving him an 8 count and watching them make 45 degrees clear based on the uppers which were very light. He leans past me and asks the AFF instructor to spot for me following their exit. No worries, I figure I don't know what I don't know so no big deal but how the hell am I going to learn this if no one talks about it. So the 4 way exits, I watch for clearance and start to count off. I'm at 4 on the count when I hear the senior TI in the back yelling GO!!!!!!! I get that the TI's are tired and don't want to make a second pass but if I'm in the door it's my responsibility to make sure the seperation is there for the group in front of me. I finished my 8 count , cleared the door and swung out for a floating exit just cuz at that point. Any suggestions on how to improve in the door would be appreciated. Air Cooled, Gravity Powered SRA #6305
  5. So good to be back after a 20 year lay off! Big Thanks to Jim Wallace and Gail Simms for the solid groundwork and instruction all those years ago! I am so glad I got to start this journey with both of you back in 95! To my new mentors Rebecca, Jojo, Emily, Ricky & the boys @ SDSD, Thanks so much for all your help in getting me back in the air & cleared to solo! Thanks for the push Emily, I needed it! It's been a great ride back because of you all and I look forward to knocking out coach jumps this weekend and getting one step closer to my A license. Air Cooled, Gravity Powered SRA #6305
  6. Thanks for sharing your insight guys. I appreciate it! Lee great Idea! I've been so spun out looking for new & used canopies that I can't see the forest for all the trees right now. Thought I had made a decision on purchasing a new stock Safire 2 after reading about it all weekend and was told today that the Navigator is a better canopy with better resale value. I was under the impression after all my reading that the Safire 2 was considered an intermediate canopy with better flight characteristics than the navigator which is and always has been a student canopy. ARRRRRGHHH Time to stop, take a breath and spend some reading up on BSR's and getting ready for my A license test while I'm grounded. Going to check and see if any of the DZ's have a canopy piloting course I can take in the interim as well. Best part of this experience, no matter how frustrating, is that is giving me an opportunity to learn in detail about the gear I will be jumping. Air Cooled, Gravity Powered SRA #6305
  7. Here's my story as I am sure someone will ask- Made my first tandem in 95' and completed AFF soon thereafter.Went on to complete 40 jumps before stepping away from the sport to raise a family & now I'm Back. Most DZ's back then had adjustable MLW's on their student gear which was great for a guy like me that measures out to 22.5" in the torso. None of the 3 DZ's in my area have student gear that will fit me and I have been unable to find rental gear that will fit either as I am 6'-2", 235lbs which puts my exit weight at 260lbs. Most containers are TSO'd at 254lb Max and the ones that aren't have been set up with Smart 250 reserves. Which means I am grounded until I can find a rig to jump. So I have worked with my instructors and Bill @ Sunpath(Big Thanks to Bill for all the help!!!) and have a new Javelin J6NK on rush order due to arrive April 30th. Rig is set up to receive a 260 Main & an Optimum 253 reserve. My 1st choice would be a Pulse 260 but none are in stock, 2nd Choice would be a Safire 2-270, 3rd choice would be a Navigator 260. I like the idea of having 1 step up from a student canopy loaded conservatively at 1:1. Not opposed to used canopies just haven't been able to find any. I'd appreciate some insight from those of you that have had some experience with these or perhaps some other ZP canopies that I haven't considered. Thanks in advance!!! Air Cooled, Gravity Powered SRA #6305