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  1. Your true, I will take time to save money. It's hard, but I should keep in mind that this is the cost of freedom. Thanks for all your advices ! :)
  2. That sounds really sad, but it should be the only way. The liberty has a price, and it's not cheap. Hard to hear that.
  3. your throwing away money renting gear, I stopped for 3 months when I had 15 jumps to save for a rig, it sucks but it will pay off later. I definitely can't buy a parachute, even after 3 months of standbye. I'm a student, I do not earn much. Moreover, event if each jump is 8$ cheaper, the problem remain the same. No problem, I di not mention it
  4. What do you mean by TI ? Tandem Instructor ? In france, it requires 3 years in sport and 1000 jumps to become tandem instructor.
  5. I mean tandem instructor and then why not AFF instructor :) Oh the problem is whe have many packers in my DZ, and to become packer you have to pass a certificate which cost money. So I'm not sure it would be a good plan for the moment. Stop skydiving ? That's crazy, I can't ! Sorry to annoy you, but try to figure how it's hard to have a passion you can't practice because of money..
  6. Yes I can buy a pack and I will get some free jumps. But a pack is a large amount of money, and I have no solution to borrow 2K$ for 60 jumps. I guess it's the big question for many skydivers
  7. Hey guys, I'm 18 years old and I've been skydiving for a year now. It's definitely the best thinks I've experienced in my life, and after 50 jumps, I'm still hooked ! So I woul like to become a skydiver instructor, but my parents can't give me any money, and I have no idea of how to finance my jumps... I'm curently working almost everyday after school and every hollydays, but this is not enough. I know that when I will have 200 jumps, I will be able to film tandems and earn money for that, so I would be independant and I would be able to jump for free. But I still have 150 jumps to do, and if I want to become instructor, I can't wait 3 years to reach 200 jumps. Moreover, It's a passion so I can't wait to jumpe again. And I'm currently grounded because I ran out of money. Thanks for your help and keep flying !