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  1. jc07025

    Rapide links vs slinks

    Makes sense, thank you.
  2. jc07025

    Rapide links vs slinks

    What are the reasons rapide links are more prevalent in crw? Are there safety concerns with having slinks on crw rig?
  3. jc07025

    Smart vs PDR Pack volume

    Thank you
  4. jc07025

    Smart vs PDR Pack volume

    Bit of a range on the PDR pack volumes on the PIA list, can someone confirm for me that it is DOM that is the main reason for this? Can anyone who sees a high volume of reserves tell me which of a Smart 150 or a PDR160 (both new) will pack larger?
  5. jc07025

    Singer 66

    I won't get to taking a rigger course for another year, but in the mean time I was going to get a good old sewing machine and have a crack at some gear bags etc. Took a look on craigslist and saw this: http://comoxvalley.craigslist.ca/atq/5735941130.html It's a singer, searching the plate info tells me model 66, it is 100 CAD/75 USD. I don't think it can do a zig zag. Looks good condition from the pictures but I haven't gone to see it yet. I'm about to head out of country for a trip otherwise I would do some digging online, should I grab it? Is this model too old? Parts availability? Any help appreciated.
  6. jc07025

    Tri 135

    Looking for a triathlon hybrid 135 with full dacron if anyone has one
  7. jc07025

    Beginner camps?

    I was looking at previous years dates, looks like I could make it and know some people going, I'll check it out, thanks!
  8. jc07025

    Beginner camps?

    Found the google group, thanks! Florida looks great, unfortunately I don't get back to NA till Jan 17th.
  9. jc07025

    Beginner camps?

    Thanks, probably going to miss the tail end of the Canadian Invasion in Eloy, and I heard they don't allow crew at all anymore, but if I make it there's a couple other interested folks going so I'll see if I can arrange something with Nik.
  10. jc07025

    Beginner camps?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to look for beginner crew camps? Specifically looking for anywhere in the US from mid Jan to end March. I have gear (Triathlon), maybe a dozen two ways and a couple 3 stacks. I'm an eastern Canadian jumper so nothing up here till spring. Thanks, Joe.
  11. jc07025

    Panama City, Panama

    Thanks for the replies, unfortunately I don't get to pick when or where I go so I just sniff around wherever I happen to be for a DZ, looks like I'm out of luck this time. Maybe one of these days I'll make a boogie down south on my own dime
  12. jc07025

    Panama City, Panama

    Thanks, will do
  13. jc07025

    Panama City, Panama

    Is there any regular active jumping in Panama City these days? All the DZ links seem dead, going down for a couple days for work next week, not sure if I should bring my rig.
  14. Hey Celli, I'm pretty close to you in experience and will be jumping at Madrid or Lillo in a couple weeks, I'll PM you
  15. jc07025