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  1. So, I jumped my setup Saturday and Sunday. Saturday: Went to 10,000' and took it down to 8,000' to test the bag and extra weight in freefall. All went well, but the opening was a little snappy. After checking connections and cutaway system, I deployed the flag by lowering the 10 lbs of lead shot attached to the bottom of the leading edge. It was apparent right away that the weight was not sufficient. I hooked my feet behind the top connection and put some forward pressure on it. This helped a lot and I could feel what the flag was doing a lot better. It flew great in breaks and deep breaks, but not so much in full flight. My Spectre 190 at 1.33 is a bit too fast for this setup. I chose to land on an asphault road bordering the landing area in order to limit the dirt exposure to the flag. I setup on final 150+ yards out and took it straight it. Landing was smooth. Sunday: Went to 5,000' and opened right out the door. Checked connections and deployed the flag. I added 5 lbs (6,000 BB's) to the middle of the flag and could tell the difference right away. It flew a lot smoother in breaks and very smooth in deep breaks. Full flight was still a bit too fast. I landed near the peas in the landing area this time. Landing was smooth. Attached are a few pics. Cloudy ones from Saturday and sunny ones from Sunday. I still intend to put the weight in 2" tubular nylon along the leading edge. Any feedback is appreciated. Clint
  2. Hey Walt, I missed your comment until now. Thanks a lot for the offer. I'm down and I will PM you shortly. Clint
  3. That's good info. Until then, the ground crew needs to be on their game. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the comments. The 12 X 18 is a standard size flag, but I guess most people prefer the longer length. It's the same proportion as your 10 X 15 and 20 X 30. I'll hopefully get some pics of it in the air this weekend.
  5. Thanks for the info. I received the flag today and it looks good.
  6. Thanks for your comment. I am looking into exchanging it. Clint
  7. Walt, Thanks again for your time on the phone. Take care. Clint
  8. Hi Airtwardo, I was just researching some things on here and had a few quick questions for you. I am rigging up a 12' x 18' (216 sq ft.) flag to start practicing with for future DEMOs. 1) What are your thoughts about the flag's dimensions? I've heard some say that it is too rectangular. 2) My exit weight will be 253 lbs on a 190 Spectre. Loading the canopy at 1.33. What are your thoughts on the loading? I will fly in breaks as much as possible and limit any turns I do. Thanks in advance for your help. Clint
  9. Dpreguy, Quick question. Any reason why I wouldn't want to use 2" tubular nylon with the shot on one or both side of the leading edge? Thanks again. Clint
  10. Dpreguy, Thank you for your advice. I will definitely ex the hard weight and stick to soft scuba or lead shot. I will also stick to the lead shot bag at the bottom until I can put the weight on the leading edge as you described. Thanks for the construction tips as well. I thought my dimensions were pretty standard. It's 3x bigger than a 4x6 flag. I will look it over before using it. It would be nice to have a flag made from ZP or F111. Any idea where to get one? Thanks again. Clint
  11. Thanks again for your advice. The flag I ordered is Nylon and definitely not ZP. The canopy I was going to use is a Spectre 190 loaded at 1.3 factoring in the total weight but not drag. Now you have me thinking that it will be too much drag and not enough canopy. Thoughts? Thank you again. Clint
  12. The flag has a pretty sturdy leading edge described by: "The header is made of a canvas/duck material with rope reinforcement sewn in. The flag has two metal thimbles and one brass grommet for attaching to your flagpole" I may just simplify my design and do the soft scuba weights at the bottom, but reinforce the leading edge with 550 as a back up. I liked the hard weights because they can be attached easily and I don't see them breaking. The soft weights would work in a bag on the bottom end. Thanks for your comments. Clint
  13. Thanks for the comment. I have not seen soft scuba weights other than ankle weights that are only 1 lb or so and wrapped in neoprene. I'm open to alternatives. The weights I plan to use will be covered with material, but it will be hard to make them soft.