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  1. Yeah im running with a optimum 160 also. See how i go when i jump it in a couple of weeks.
  2. thanks all for the replies. I'm sure it should be ok with the safire 149. just downsized to this canopy so didnt see myself downsizing for a long time and thought it would suck if i had to use excessive force to close this thing for the next few years.
  3. Hey all, Just bought a infinity i-33 (holds 135-150 mains). looks awesome. however i have a safire 2 149 in for a reline to go into it. But have been told by another infinity owner that infinity's are more sized for the smallest of the canopies that they are listed for, in this case a 135. just worried that my safire 2 is gonna be a prick to pack and look like its pregnant. any opinions from infinity owners?