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  1. 2-1/2" sounds like a lot. I can get in it and lock my knees (With a lot of tension on the shoulders) but no slack to point my toes..... Don't know how much that would require to be added.
  2. I look near where I landed, I think it is in a farm field 1/2 mile from the DZ where I opened and unzipped.
  3. If a suit is tight (built for someone shorter) from the shoulders to the bootie toes, but otherwise fits well, do you think adding an inch or two at the bootie soles to suit seam is a good option or not?
  4. is there anywhere in the USA where I can get one? If not where to I send for one?
  5. After I got on the ground and before my next jump I found the zipper slider for my leg was missing. I must have pulled it to the top near my hip and it came off and was lost. the zipper teeth are not damaged but I need a new or used slider. Suit is a Phoenix Fly Phantom 2Z. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. When I had 43 jumps I bought a slightly used rig with a low bulk 210 main and a 176 reserve, Next got a 190 main, and this year have a 168 main and still the same 176 reserve which I have not used yet. So if I had cut away, my reserve was smaller than my main, but now is about the same size or very slightly larger. I think my experience is very common, but don't follow just anyone's advice on the internet!
  7. Just got mine. Mounted with sticky velcro on the upper neck fabric collar of my mamba helmet sewed a few stiches on the fuzzy part to help hold it. Have not used it yet.
  8. A friend was going through chemo and cancer surgery and wanted to do AFF for a bucket list kind of thing. 7 of us went to the same class and all made our first jumps that day. We went home watched our videos and had some beers..... And the next week I was back to do my second jump. None of the others ever jumped again. For me it has been over 4 years and 400 jumps and still jumping.
  9. Copy and paste into your browser or Google kevin Burkart one arm skydiver.
  10. This lady is a special kind of CRAZY. Are the "Skydivers" doing fly-overs of her house in "Black Helicopters"?