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  1. warpedskydiver

    Benjamin Lunn

    KIA? Went in? Other? Sorry to hear about it, another good guy is gone. Now he can fall in with the heavens gate division.
  2. warpedskydiver

    lee skinnyshrek gerrard

    Happy Birthday Lee! Have a party, but don't get thrown out!
  3. warpedskydiver

    So long TJ

    Sadly, this is a good reminder of why nobody should ever hike alone. Things happen and even in this case it is unclear if it was a sudden fall or a slip that could not be recovered from without assistance. Experienced people who are true experts still die in the Beacons due to exposure and falls, it is the same everywhere we go. Being alone means help will not be there at all.
  4. warpedskydiver

    Mission Challange

    attachment fails, dork!
  5. warpedskydiver

    Need info - Possible scam artist

    Ok people out in CA police your own and sort this out. It may be all just a huge mistake I hope. I only wish people would stick together more on these issues if it were like surveying equipment, you could never sell it stolen, or use it, so why steal? I am not saying this is the case here, but I have witnessed people fucking each other over, and it is disgraceful. Then they go on acting like they are still the best people around. Buddyfuckers suck no matter what the circumstances. I don't care if it a rig, golfcart, car, motorcycle, stereo, laptop, cd collection, medication, bicycle, trailer, woman or anything else. I will shut up now.
  6. warpedskydiver

    Screwed hips

    try stretching more?