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  1. Google and linkedin DOB: 26 December 1980 Address: 11-185, 11th floor, 520 Block, Jurong West Street 52, Singapore-640520 ***I am sure I have dedication to do this activity; this must be evident from my daily routine like jogging or weights workout …I never did anything like this for other activities. Your online persona and list of activities indicate that you are long on anticipation and short on action. Maybe you can try going to instead of lifting weights and jogging. It might create a much more relevant skill-set for skydiving. I am sorry if this is coming out as a bit of a bashing. I get carried away. Booked 10 dives with iflydown under in Sydney on 20th SEP,while I start course on 21st SEP..and jump from 22nd SEP...10 dives=11 this enough or should I go for more..pls advise.
  2. I wonder how you know that I am working on Oracle.. Any way thanks for your advise. As you said I never tried perfection at anything, this is my journey to know what I really love. Out of many activities in past the most I remember and like was Tandem Skydiving. So by doing AFF course I want to clarify myself if I really like it or not. In all the activities, I had this gut feeling that "I will be fine"...but somehow I am not getting this for AFF Course (Starting 21st SEP with SkydiveOZ in Mourya) I am sure I have dedication to do this activity; this must be evident from my daily routine like jogging or weights workout …I never did anything like this for other activities.
  3. Initially I wanted to do full course of 300 Jumps from NZ Skydiving School.Then decide 1st I will try AFF Course and check if I love it or not...
  4. Thats the problem here..I dono if I love it or fear is coming in between... I know if I cross 2 or 3 levels of AFF course..I will be fine..
  5. I booked 10 min Wind Tunnel this enough. For last 6 Months, I am building my stamina. I jog 30 KM/week, 1 HR Weights Workout. Changed my eating habits especially White Rice to Brown Rice, now to Corn flakes... I don't eat for dinner on Tuesday... All this reduced my weight from 74 Kg to 69 Kg...May be 1 kg more by 21 SEP. These are things I did in past: 1) World Height Bungy Jump (Macau Towers) 2) Tandem Skydive 3) World Highest via Ferrata activity on Mt Kota Kinabalu 4) World Dangerous Plank Walk in Xian 5) Water Rafting 6) Light weight aircraft experience 7) Scuba Diving 8) Paragliding/Parasailing 9) Hug some tigers/Crocodiles/Snakes/Bat/Monkey/orangutan/Birds etc. 10)Boat Race,Ice Skating ,Mega Zip,Roller costars etc etc In spite of all these, I dono why, I am a bit’s like in night I get dreams like "I am unable to do it", while I am awake,watch some video's , I want to do it. In one word I dono if I can control the nerves this time. Was it same with anybody else? Please advise.
  6. I just booked tickets to Sydney from Singapore (at 449 SGD Return) 21st to 28th SEP will be course dates. Instead of 15 ,I will target 9 (to finish AFF)
  7. Learning to Swim properly, doesn't interest me While Skydive interests me.
  8. Thanks for suggestion. I am struck between two options. Option 1: Skydive OZ (Near Sydney),Australian A- License costing 2990 AUD with repeat stage at 100 AUD plus consume solo jump. This is near beach and they only start course on Monday.Accommodation,Food,Tickets..Trip cost around 4000 AUD.(With 1 repeat considered) Dates: 21 SEP to 28 SEP (8 Days total) Jumps:9 AFF + 6 Solo Weather:Summer Option 2:Pattaya,Bangkok,UPSA AFF Course with 1 repeat included additional repeat at 290 AUD. This is not near beach and they start course on any day. Accommodation,Food,Tickets..Trip cost around 4000 AUD. Dates:18th to 27th SEP (10 days) Jumps:8 AFF Weather:Rainy I was thinking to target AFF 1st.And I am afraid of water as I am not a good swimmer. So altogether confused what to choose. Thanks-Srikanth
  9. I am good adventure enthusiast. (In decent health) I did World Highest Bungy Jump, tandem skydiving, World Highest via Ferrata activity, Hiked up dangerous plank walk in Hua Shan, Water rafting etc. Was thinking of AFF Course. But I don't know why, cannot describe this feeling is it anxiety or fear. I am getting dreams of skydiving daily. At times in dream I feel I should not do it. When I wake up I want to sign up for course. Is fear common before AFF Course? How to overcome fear. Please advise. Thanks, Srikanth Punagasela
  10. I am not skydiver yet. I did my tandem already.I have signed up for A-License Course this SEPTEMBER with Skydiveoz (near Sydney) I like adventures a lot.Was thinking of something like this which interests me. I am working in Singapore currently.My company can fire me in next 1 year.So was thinking instead of switching job (again into software).I can try my luck. You can see me in this video. But after looking at your comments ,I am rethinking.Quote
  11. I am from India aged 35.I am working as software engineer for past 12 years.Was thinking of switching job. I am willing to spend some time to get 200 Jumps in 7 Months from "New Zealand Skydiving School". Can I get any job after this? Given that I am Indian will employer be willing to sponsor work visa for me. How does it work.Please advise. Thanks-Srikanth Punagasela