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  1. skydived19006

    Gopro7 white for tandems?

    Well, heck. What I'd like to shoot HC would be a 7 for video and one of my pile of 3 or 4 for stills. Doesn't sound like there's much chance of ever outfitting a glove to do it. Maybe you could build a housing for legacy on bottom and 5/6/7 on top with access to buttons and ports??? Bet it would sell! Martin
  2. skydived19006

    Lost art of flat packing

    Over 20 years ago a few of us Kansans were on a Florida trip. One of our group was flat packing and an audience gathered around him, they'd never seen it!
  3. skydived19006


    The FAA has yet to write the actual rule/s. I don't see anything in there regarding alcohol driving infractions, etc. Which, as I understand is a large part of the reasoning out of the USPA and American manufacturers for maintaining the FAA Medical Requirement for TIs. Martin
  4. skydived19006

    6 Ways to Be Less Dumb When You Buy Used Skydiving Gear

    Excellent advice! I've seen all of those mistakes over the years too. Had one guy with just a few jumps purchase a brand new rig on credit. I think it had something to do with the credit not working for used gear. He never jumped that rig, took a huge hit selling it. I'm very often telling students to slow down, get 20 jumps, and get educated before even considering purchasing gear! Depending on region, you could throw Racer in there too. Around here, Racer and Strong sport stuff would be considered Tier 2. Martin
  5. skydived19006

    The Road to 100 Dropzones - 77 and Counting

    The bottom row of pictures is Air Capital Drop Zone. That sign is on the outside of the door, so when open can't be seen. You were there on a weather day apparently and nobody was home. Maybe another time. Martin
  6. skydived19006

    4 Smart Questions That Shut Down The Spin Cycle

    As Annette addressed in her 4th point, a spinning malfunction is not a glitch. A large percentage of skydivers revert back to their primary training with regard to line twists, and think that this is one that they can kick out. It doesn't work! As Instructors, we need to teach at FJC that a spinning canopy is a malfunction, regardless the cause. I've seen way to many folks end up at or below 1000' trying to recover from this, and also one fatality. Brian G has a great example of what is required to "fix" a spinning line twist on Youtube.
  7. skydived19006

    What year did you school start teaching AFF?

    I believe that aircraft is the deciding factor and efficiency of operation. We're a single 182 DZ and offer tandem and IAD training. AFF would tie up the airplane, and be a huge staffing problem. If you look through the DZ list, there are still a large percentage of operations that do not do AFF. So, that date is still potentially somewhere out in the future, if at all. Martin Wichita Ks Edit to add: Ok, I'm wrong. It looks like about 10% of DZs are tandem and SL/IAD only. Another 5 to 10% are tandem only. Out here in the plane states, AFF is less common.
  8. skydived19006

    Advice For Your First Hop and Pop

    SL and IAD students start down there, low and slow. It's all pretty normal to those students.
  9. skydived19006

    New Tandem BSR's (March 2015)

    I'll start by saying that I know that most if not all of the tandem system manufacturers have required handle checks since day one. My understanding is that with the original systems and the potential for floating release handles, that handle checks were really pretty important. In today's world, other than just maintaining the status quo, what is the standard argument for requiring handle checks in free fall. Depending on the reasoning, why not require handle checks once under canopy? I can come up with more logical reasoning for requiring a handle check once the main is open than I can for the freefall checks. I'm not saying at all that I won't do it, I will and I'll require that our staff also comply. I have always done handle checks within 5 seconds of drogue deployment, though that was and will be 5 seconds before drogue deployment while still on the aircraft. Martin
  10. skydived19006

    DajaBlue Water Bottle

  11. skydived19006

    Reserve Ride

  12. skydived19006

    Sony Announce Two New Action Cams

    I would eventually like to move to one of these cameras for HC video. I don't really like GoPro for HC video because there's no image stabilization. Last I recall seeing, the AS30 was restricted to a narrow view when the image stabilization was active.
  13. skydived19006

    Jump door install for 182..... Compass Rose Aviation (CRA) is your jump plane conversion specialist for the popular brand of Cessna aircraft. Rose’s Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) covers the installation of in-flight doors and jump steps for most 100 and 200 series Cessna airplanes. Modifications include roll-up doors, flip-up doors, steps, backrests, seatbelts, yoke removals, carpet kits, weight reductions, gross weight increases, wing extensions, engine analyzers, and high performance engine/prop conversions. Finally a way for frustrated dropzone owners to get the quality jump planes they require without the hassles of trying to get a field approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or paying thousands of dollars for a Designated Engineer Representative (DER). Pulling from the experience of the Air Capital of the world, Rose has everything covered! CRA is down the road from the Cessna factory and conveinantly located in the center of the United States for her customers. CRA jump plane conversions come with extensive approval data from three quality aircraft structural engineers who are also DERs for the FAA. Even Rose’s mechanic is one of the best! He is thoroughly experienced in multiple facets of the industry and his sheet metal skills like no other. Every CRA product and service is top notch which you will see in the final product. Let Rose help your business get the jump plane it so deserves. Don’t have a plane to convert…don’t worry! Rose is also recognized by the FAA as an Aircraft Dealer and will do everything possible to find you the perfect plane. Kansas is an aviation friendly state and there is no sales tax on aviation maintenance and modifications. For specific information, feel free to contact us.
  14. skydived19006

    Show Me The Money

    I run a DZ in Kansas, so not in the same boat as someone in Florida! Nobody in Kansas earns their living solely from skydiving, not even the DZOs. There are only three DZs in Kansas (fourth one gearing up), and we're spread out enough that we don't really compete. We tend to corporate as opposed to trying to cut each other's throat. For the last 10 years, no DZ in Kansas has been so short sighted to "feed the beast" that are the third party boiler room booking agents. Nor have any of us agreed to do what we do for a fraction of our posted prices, by engaging in daily deals. The last conversation I had with a Groupon sales lady I asked her a simple question. "If your boss offered to double your working hours, and pay you the additional hours at 1/3 your normal hourly rate, would you do it?"
  15. skydived19006

    Best Action Camera 2014 - Ultimate POV Camera Shootout

    Two of the Sony AS100 cameras sitting side-by-side in a hand cam set up would provide pretty darn impressive video and stills I would think! I wonder if 200 stills with the 13.5mp camera would fit on a CD.