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  1. Looks like Jeff slipped off the face of the earth. Nobody remembers him, no response.
  2. I'm looking for Jumpdude! I did message him through, but he may not frequent here so much anymore. Had a few discussions with Jeff years ago, mostly centred around Skyride and such. I don't even know Jeff's last name.
  3. Looked here, looked on the internet, no joy. Were the Journey band members skydivers?
  4. From Keener: Parachute bands are available at the following price points: 1-100 lbs $7.00 / lb 250 lbs $6.90 / lb 500 lbs $6.85 / lb 1,000 lbs + $6.80 / lb The most common sizes are: Micro 1 1/4" x 3/8 x .062 (add $0.50 per pound) Micro 1 1/2 x 3/8 x .062 (add $0.50 per pound) Standard 2 x 3/8 x .062 or .080 Tandem 2 x 5/8 x .062 or .080 We also produce Mil Spec bands Type I and Type I Out of curiosity, I inquired about the Mil Spec bands. This was the reply: Mil spec bands require about $350 in testing and certificates.
  5. "There is iron in your words." We do a lot of what Jen's talking about with our tandem students. I intentionally put time in the schedule such that we (Instructors) have time to spend with our students. We could do more, Jen's DZ was a prime example of doing tandem the "right way" for sure! I will admit, I hadn't considered just how awesome folks are for simply showing up at the DZ. And, when you do spend a little time with them, you learn some incredible stories of the how and why that person is standing in front of you at that moment. We're by far from the largest, and really a prime example of what a small DZ is. We don't do the most tandems, or put the most seats to altitude, but with very few exceptions every student who passes through the place gets a handshake or hug from the owner! "Endeavor to persevere!" Martin
  6. Perfect! Obviously, it's been a while since I looked at this, but I'm on it! Emailed Keener for pricing and minimum quantity info.
  7. It appears that there's a real shortage of standard size packing rubber bands. Paragear indicated that they're on a 3 to 4 week back order, but after a call, did send me one bag. They're rationing them out it seems. Two other sources are out of stock as well. I did find them with Art and Kathy at the Skydive Store, and for a better price than anywhere else I'd tried! Edit to add: It's not my intention to disparage Paragear, I talk with Maureen and Carol every once in a while. They've ALWAYS treated me well and fairly with great customer service. Excellent folks to work with.
  8. Well, heck. What I'd like to shoot HC would be a 7 for video and one of my pile of 3 or 4 for stills. Doesn't sound like there's much chance of ever outfitting a glove to do it. Maybe you could build a housing for legacy on bottom and 5/6/7 on top with access to buttons and ports??? Bet it would sell! Martin
  9. Sure Jeff, no problem or offence taken. My opinion has remained consistent regarding these criminals for the last 13 years. Martin Experience is what you get when you thought you were going to get something else. AC DZ
  10. Ok, I called the guy noted as Trustee on the above noted web site. He's actually not the trustee, he'd rejected it, and one Martha Miller is. He did talk with me though, indicated "They can name everybody in the phone book." I told him that I'd been tossing the notices in the trash to which he responded "Keep tossing them." What's noted on the bankruptcy website for free is not the full list, there's an option to pay for the full list. The name of "my DZ" is also not really correct. They note: Air Capital Dropzone Skydiving My business is Air Capital Drop Zone which is a dba of Myrtle Aviation Inc. You are correct Jumpdude in that I do know better. I also don't tend to keep up on these forums, so if you'd like to talk with me regarding shit like this, shit in general, or anything else, feel to contact me. I'm easy to find. Otherwise, I'm not upset of offended that you "called me out publicly", fuck I'd have done the same thing. Martin Myrtle Air Capital Drop Zone Wichita KS 316.776.1700 Experience is what you get when you thought you were going to get something else. AC DZ
  11. Well shit! It looks like I'd better make a phone call or two. My DZ specifically is named, and I thought that those notification letters must have been going to every DZ. I (Air Capital Drop Zone) did trade with Skyride for approximately six months some dozen years back, so don't really see why I'd be noted as a creditor. But, if they're going to potentially pay me a settlement, I'm good with that. I also noticed that there was "Zero assets" but that the boys had been jailed for obstruction. I received a PM giving me a heads up that I'd been "called out." I appreciate the head's up! I'll get back with further developments. Martin Myrtle DZO Air Capital Drop Zone Wichita KS 316.776.1700 Experience is what you get when you thought you were going to get something else. AC DZ
  12. Over 20 years ago a few of us Kansans were on a Florida trip. One of our group was flat packing and an audience gathered around him, they'd never seen it! Experience is what you get when you thought you were going to get something else. AC DZ
  13. I do agree that there's value added in getting together, and it's a whole lot more appealing to go somewhere. Sitting at home at your computer all day would be quite unapealing. Maybe move to a Winter Meeting virtual and Summer Meeting in person. I would be interested to know what it the bottom line is for one of these meetings, to include pulling staff from VA and their normal daily jobs. Experience is what you get when you thought you were going to get something else. AC DZ
  14. So, it was a bit of an off the cuff rant and should have been better worded. Thanks for the feedback on my use/misuse of the language. I shall endever to do better. Your constructive critiscizm has put a burning desire in me for self improvement! Guessing from your response that you have no thoughts on the questions, only feedback on my poor English? What say you ShorterMG? Experience is what you get when you thought you were going to get something else. AC DZ