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  1. 24 years, no cutaways. Guess my laziness has paid off by paying packers or I've always used great packers!
  2. I'd still LOVE to see an F-18 make some low afterburner passes or SLOWWWW AV-8 Harrier passes by her house to show her how loud it could be and show her how to appreciate it for what it is rather than what it could be!! Just sayin!
  3. Jumpdude


    Do a search for 1 800 Skyride and all your questions will be answered, but to outline it, it's a big internet scam being ran by Cary Quattrocchi, and what's now known as "Skydive Georgia". Basically, they have a vast network of thousands of websites that advertise to offer skydiving, Hot Air Balloon rides, Race car driving, war bird rids, even limo rides in each and every city in America, but the truth is that there are VERY VERY few DZ's that actually accept their bullshit gift certificates. I think it was around 3 years ago, they shut down the "1 800 Skyride" business name and changed everything over to new names, and they routinely change the names, so it could be anything next week! How it works in, the unsuspecting customer, who knows nothing about skydiving, or the other venues, does an internet search for whatever experience they are looking for, they a bunch of websites that offer whatever experience in , the customer calls the phone number on the site, the sale rep tells them the experience will be conducted in the customer's own city, the customer gives them their credit card number, then, after several months of trying to get their skydive (or whatever), they are told the place closed, or noved to Atlanta, or whatever other flimsy excuse they can come up with, but the truth is, they were always located in Cedartown, Ga! The customers, all too often give up, and write it off as a loss, which skyride wins, but there are quite a few who pursue it legally after they learn the truth that there never was a way to redeem the gift certificate in the advertised location and they educate themselves about the scam! as history would have it, they almost always do the shell game, and close the company name down that's being sued to avoid prosecution. They tried the shell game here in Nashville, but myself and a few other skydivers kept the city legal team informed of their tactics. The have been sued many times, and they always manage to avoid paying up! And they are currently facing legal action in Georgia for the second time, this time, the state is being more comprehensive in their investigation! To see the sites, just do a Google search for Skydiving in any city in America, then, the same search in other cities, you'll find the same sites it other cities. Hope that helps.
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    Sunset at the Fitz Boogie!

  9. Jumpdude

    Skydive Tennessee

    Like the short description says, one of the two best DZ's in Tennessee! They have really nice planes, Turbines for busy days, and a Cessna for slower days, The staff is incredible! Always eager to help anyone improve their stills, and to help you get as many jumps as you can! Other DZ's have been labeled "Tandem Mills", well, as for most any DZ, Tandems are a majority of their business, but experienced jumpers have no problem getting jumps, so that being said, Skydive Tennessee is definitely NOT a "Tandem Mill"! They even schedule loads just for experienced jumpers, like the recent night jumps! Come jump at Tullahoma!
  10. Jumpdude

    Where to stay at Peurto Rico Boogie??

    The Punta Maracayo hotelpuntamaracayopr.com I stayed there a couple of times, may be there this year, it was a real nice place when I was there in 2010, and by their website, it looks like it's better that before.
  11. Jumpdude

    Need to find a DZ in NC

    Don't know about NC, but if you can drive over in to Tennessee, check with http://www.skydivekingair.com
  12. Jumpdude

    Best way from O'Hare to CSC

    It's fairly easy to find! Here's the directions! Leave the airport and merge onto I-190 East. • Take I-294 South (Exit #1D toward Indiana). • Merge onto I-55 South (toward Joliet) to I-80. • Take I-80 West to (the first Ottawa exit) Route 71 (Exit #93). • At Exit #93, turn right on Route 71 (north) go 1/4 mile to Dayton Road (31st Rd). • At Dayton Road (31st Rd), turn left (west). Dayton Road will cross the Fox River. • Travel to first stop sign (1961st Rd.), turn right. • Please drive slowly past the homes. • Stay left at the "Y" and go straight up the hill at the stop sign, this is the entrance. • Our airport is less than 2 miles from exit #93. (Approx. 1hr. from Midway Airport) • Pull into parking lot and prepare to have the time of your life! skydivechicago.com
  13. The sLyride drop zone at Waverly, Tn, ASC in Cedartown, Ga, the one at Pennridge, and any other DZ owned and/or operated by sLyride!