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  1. Well, if I found the right channel, those videos are just plain weird! and nothing about anything worthwhile except for him saying he's been in space or something.
  2. I only found 3 videos that come up under his name, and no channels, please post the link to the YouTube channel or the video! If he does this, I'm thinking several of us should get in there and post the truth, and add the links to the arrest records.
  3. You are correct Jumpdude in that I do know better. I also don't tend to keep up on these forums, so if you'd like to talk with me regarding shit like this, shit in general, or anything else, feel to contact me. I'm easy to find. Otherwise, I'm not upset of offended that you "called me out publicly", fuck I'd have done the same thing. Martin Myrtle Air Capital Drop Zone Wichita KS 316.776.1700 Well, I guess I can apologize for calling you out publicly, but you may remember, we had some conversations, both email and phone, about the subject years ago, and you were animate about not using them. I hope that all DZO's will sit up and take notice to this, and realize that the Quattrocchi bunch has not in any way changed their scam, they are still at it, and they will not bat an eye at screwing anyone! They'd rather steal a dollar than to make a million honestly!
  4. I find it interesting that some DZO's just don't learn. Here's a few dropzones that Quattrocchi is bankrupting on! Air Capital Dropzone Skydiving Skydive Grand Haven Skydive Oregon Skydive Three Forks High Sky Adventures Source; https://businessbankruptcies.com/cases/marvelay-llc I'm pretty sure these DZO's knew who they were associating with, Especially Martin, come on dude, you can't say you didn't know! You of anyone knew better! Also, I find it interesting but not surprising that they have included the Georgia Attorney General in this bankruptcy! Imagine that! Refuse to Lose!!! Failure is NOT an option! 1800skyrideripoff.com Nashvilleskydiving.org
  5. Would you happen to have any info or links to this federal court order? If you do, please post them.
  6. You are right about Rushcube, and also Spot Reservation, and their Nashville oriented sites are down. Here in Nashville, Their AST sites are gone, but Skydiving.com and parachuting.com are still up, but if you click the terms button, it goes to a dead page, but at the Rushcube domain. I've seen this many times before, I would think, based on history repeating itself, this is temporary. I haven't checked the progress of the latest lawsuit lately, but if that is coming down on them pretty heavy, I would think it's just another bait n switch shell game! They most likely will pop up with a whole new set of websites in the near future. I do know that the Georgia AG told me when I talked to him about a year ago, that they were either going to or already had seized their domains, like 5000 of them! *EDIT** It seems they are bankrupting Marvelay LLC, DBA Rushcube and Rushcube, Here's a link to that. IT appears that there's a few DZ's and Balloonists who are getting screwed! https://businessbankruptcies.com/cases/marvelay-llc
  7. 24 years, no cutaways. Guess my laziness has paid off by paying packers or I've always used great packers!
  8. I'd still LOVE to see an F-18 make some low afterburner passes or SLOWWWW AV-8 Harrier passes by her house to show her how loud it could be and show her how to appreciate it for what it is rather than what it could be!! Just sayin!
  9. I'm thinking all those DZ's in Florida and others in the damage path should pack their operations up, fly to northern DZ's and set up Boogies for the next week or so! It could be a win for everyone! At least they can keep their planes flying and make a lot of happy jumpers!
  10. Do a search for 1 800 Skyride and all your questions will be answered, but to outline it, it's a big internet scam being ran by Cary Quattrocchi, and what's now known as "Skydive Georgia". Basically, they have a vast network of thousands of websites that advertise to offer skydiving, Hot Air Balloon rides, Race car driving, war bird rids, even limo rides in each and every city in America, but the truth is that there are VERY VERY few DZ's that actually accept their bullshit gift certificates. I think it was around 3 years ago, they shut down the "1 800 Skyride" business name and changed everything over to new names, and they routinely change the names, so it could be anything next week! How it works in, the unsuspecting customer, who knows nothing about skydiving, or the other venues, does an internet search for whatever experience they are looking for, they a bunch of websites that offer whatever experience in , the customer calls the phone number on the site, the sale rep tells them the experience will be conducted in the customer's own city, the customer gives them their credit card number, then, after several months of trying to get their skydive (or whatever), they are told the place closed, or noved to Atlanta, or whatever other flimsy excuse they can come up with, but the truth is, they were always located in Cedartown, Ga! The customers, all too often give up, and write it off as a loss, which skyride wins, but there are quite a few who pursue it legally after they learn the truth that there never was a way to redeem the gift certificate in the advertised location and they educate themselves about the scam! as history would have it, they almost always do the shell game, and close the company name down that's being sued to avoid prosecution. They tried the shell game here in Nashville, but myself and a few other skydivers kept the city legal team informed of their tactics. The have been sued many times, and they always manage to avoid paying up! And they are currently facing legal action in Georgia for the second time, this time, the state is being more comprehensive in their investigation! To see the sites, just do a Google search for Skydiving in any city in America, then, the same search in other cities, you'll find the same sites it other cities. Hope that helps. Refuse to Lose!!! Failure is NOT an option! 1800skyrideripoff.com Nashvilleskydiving.org
  11. Ironically as it may be, his name is not on it that I could find, it's his son's name that's attached to this one!! Imagine that! I'm thinking we should field a bunch of calls to the Georgia Attorney General's office to let them know everything we know, and be sure they know this is the same fuckers that it was last time! Refuse to Lose!!! Failure is NOT an option! 1800skyrideripoff.com Nashvilleskydiving.org
  12. It's been a while since this subject has been discussed on here, but it seems that what we used to know as 1 800 Skyride, now known as Rushcube and Spot Reservation, is facing lawsuit by the state of Georgia,, AGAIN! This time, the state has obtained a court order to be able to see inside their Godaddy account to see all the domains they own, so hopefully, they won't be able to do the ole bait n switch routine again! I don't know what will come out of this, but I truly hope that the state will seize all their domains, and lock them for life! Also, a DZO has successfully gotten Google to remove hundreds of the Rushcube fake ads and business listing around the country! The links for the Lawsuit and the story are; https://law.georgia.gov/sites/law.georgia.gov/files/related_files/press_release/%28CAFN%2017-1-5434-58%29%20Complaint%20for%20Injunctive%20Relief.pdf http://dropzone.marketing/blog/2017/08/23/a-major-win-for-the-skydiving-industry/ Refuse to Lose!!! Failure is NOT an option! 1800skyrideripoff.com Nashvilleskydiving.org