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  1. Well, if I found the right channel, those videos are just plain weird! and nothing about anything worthwhile except for him saying he's been in space or something.
  2. I only found 3 videos that come up under his name, and no channels, please post the link to the YouTube channel or the video! If he does this, I'm thinking several of us should get in there and post the truth, and add the links to the arrest records.
  3. You are correct Jumpdude in that I do know better. I also don't tend to keep up on these forums, so if you'd like to talk with me regarding shit like this, shit in general, or anything else, feel to contact me. I'm easy to find. Otherwise, I'm not upset of offended that you "called me out publicly", fuck I'd have done the same thing. Martin Myrtle Air Capital Drop Zone Wichita KS 316.776.1700 Well, I guess I can apologize for calling you out publicly, but you may remember, we had some conversations, both email and phone, about the subject years ago, and you were animate about not using them. I hope that all DZO's will sit up and take notice to this, and realize that the Quattrocchi bunch has not in any way changed their scam, they are still at it, and they will not bat an eye at screwing anyone! They'd rather steal a dollar than to make a million honestly!
  4. I find it interesting that some DZO's just don't learn. Here's a few dropzones that Quattrocchi is bankrupting on! Air Capital Dropzone Skydiving Skydive Grand Haven Skydive Oregon Skydive Three Forks High Sky Adventures Source; https://businessbankruptcies.com/cases/marvelay-llc I'm pretty sure these DZO's knew who they were associating with, Especially Martin, come on dude, you can't say you didn't know! You of anyone knew better! Also, I find it interesting but not surprising that they have included the Georgia Attorney General in this bankruptcy! Imagine that! Refuse to Lose!!! Failure is NOT an option! 1800skyrideripoff.com Nashvilleskydiving.org
  5. Would you happen to have any info or links to this federal court order? If you do, please post them.
  6. You are right about Rushcube, and also Spot Reservation, and their Nashville oriented sites are down. Here in Nashville, Their AST sites are gone, but Skydiving.com and parachuting.com are still up, but if you click the terms button, it goes to a dead page, but at the Rushcube domain. I've seen this many times before, I would think, based on history repeating itself, this is temporary. I haven't checked the progress of the latest lawsuit lately, but if that is coming down on them pretty heavy, I would think it's just another bait n switch shell game! They most likely will pop up with a whole new set of websites in the near future. I do know that the Georgia AG told me when I talked to him about a year ago, that they were either going to or already had seized their domains, like 5000 of them! *EDIT** It seems they are bankrupting Marvelay LLC, DBA Rushcube and Rushcube, Here's a link to that. IT appears that there's a few DZ's and Balloonists who are getting screwed! https://businessbankruptcies.com/cases/marvelay-llc
  7. 24 years, no cutaways. Guess my laziness has paid off by paying packers or I've always used great packers!
  8. I'd still LOVE to see an F-18 make some low afterburner passes or SLOWWWW AV-8 Harrier passes by her house to show her how loud it could be and show her how to appreciate it for what it is rather than what it could be!! Just sayin!
  9. I'm thinking all those DZ's in Florida and others in the damage path should pack their operations up, fly to northern DZ's and set up Boogies for the next week or so! It could be a win for everyone! At least they can keep their planes flying and make a lot of happy jumpers!
  10. Do a search for 1 800 Skyride and all your questions will be answered, but to outline it, it's a big internet scam being ran by Cary Quattrocchi, and what's now known as "Skydive Georgia". Basically, they have a vast network of thousands of websites that advertise to offer skydiving, Hot Air Balloon rides, Race car driving, war bird rids, even limo rides in each and every city in America, but the truth is that there are VERY VERY few DZ's that actually accept their bullshit gift certificates. I think it was around 3 years ago, they shut down the "1 800 Skyride" business name and changed everything over to new names, and they routinely change the names, so it could be anything next week! How it works in, the unsuspecting customer, who knows nothing about skydiving, or the other venues, does an internet search for whatever experience they are looking for, they a bunch of websites that offer whatever experience in , the customer calls the phone number on the site, the sale rep tells them the experience will be conducted in the customer's own city, the customer gives them their credit card number, then, after several months of trying to get their skydive (or whatever), they are told the place closed, or noved to Atlanta, or whatever other flimsy excuse they can come up with, but the truth is, they were always located in Cedartown, Ga! The customers, all too often give up, and write it off as a loss, which skyride wins, but there are quite a few who pursue it legally after they learn the truth that there never was a way to redeem the gift certificate in the advertised location and they educate themselves about the scam! as history would have it, they almost always do the shell game, and close the company name down that's being sued to avoid prosecution. They tried the shell game here in Nashville, but myself and a few other skydivers kept the city legal team informed of their tactics. The have been sued many times, and they always manage to avoid paying up! And they are currently facing legal action in Georgia for the second time, this time, the state is being more comprehensive in their investigation! To see the sites, just do a Google search for Skydiving in any city in America, then, the same search in other cities, you'll find the same sites it other cities. Hope that helps. Refuse to Lose!!! Failure is NOT an option! 1800skyrideripoff.com Nashvilleskydiving.org
  11. Ironically as it may be, his name is not on it that I could find, it's his son's name that's attached to this one!! Imagine that! I'm thinking we should field a bunch of calls to the Georgia Attorney General's office to let them know everything we know, and be sure they know this is the same fuckers that it was last time! Refuse to Lose!!! Failure is NOT an option! 1800skyrideripoff.com Nashvilleskydiving.org
  12. It's been a while since this subject has been discussed on here, but it seems that what we used to know as 1 800 Skyride, now known as Rushcube and Spot Reservation, is facing lawsuit by the state of Georgia,, AGAIN! This time, the state has obtained a court order to be able to see inside their Godaddy account to see all the domains they own, so hopefully, they won't be able to do the ole bait n switch routine again! I don't know what will come out of this, but I truly hope that the state will seize all their domains, and lock them for life! Also, a DZO has successfully gotten Google to remove hundreds of the Rushcube fake ads and business listing around the country! The links for the Lawsuit and the story are; https://law.georgia.gov/sites/law.georgia.gov/files/related_files/press_release/%28CAFN%2017-1-5434-58%29%20Complaint%20for%20Injunctive%20Relief.pdf http://dropzone.marketing/blog/2017/08/23/a-major-win-for-the-skydiving-industry/ Refuse to Lose!!! Failure is NOT an option! 1800skyrideripoff.com Nashvilleskydiving.org
  13. It's only the USPA and maybe Manufacturers who says 18, But USPA doesn't mean shit, do it anyway!
  14. I get the same reaction from Canadian USPA members who don't want to buy a CSPA membership to jump at our DZ. We honour USPA memberships for American visitors, but if you are Canadian and want to jump at a CSPA DZ you will need to buy a CSPA membership. No sympathy for you at all. You do not have a right to a jump ticket anywhere you want. Buy your own airplane, start your own DZ, or go to Lodi or another non USPA DZ. My DZ, my airplane, my legal risks, my rules. Don't like it? Too fucking bad. So exactly what does it benefit you/your DZ if someone pounds in? Are they going to pay for the funeral or the ash dive? (Assuming CSPA and USPA are set up the same way)
  15. I'm not in any way saying the USPA is a bad thing, just that a lot of people think they are like the "All governing authority" over skydiving! Their rating system is a good thing to have, and the methods of teaching is ok, USPA does not have to have their hands in teaching new jumpers to skydive, But their age rule is bullshit! As for state government rules, if a kid can ride a roller coaster, especially the ones that go upside down, why can't they jump? and I absolutely hate going to a dropzone and being told I can't jump there because I'm not a USPA member!
  16. This is why USPA should be abolished! They are nothing more than a voluntary membership club, which a lot of people believe they have some kind of governing power, or dictatorship over skydiving, when in reality, the ONLY governing power we have to answer to is the FAA! USPA set a rule of 18 and up, but who are they to say a 15 year old can or can't jump? They CANNOT pull a ramp check, they CANNOT show up and say any certain jumper can't jump! They can pull the licenses and ratings that they issue, but there again, they CANNOT tell us we can't jump! And having that card in our wallet does not make us a better jumper, only a bragging right of having a certain license or rating! As for Demo's, I've done quite a few, and so far, not one time, have I notified USPA! FAA,,, Each and every time though, and they have NEVER, not one time asked me about any affiliation with USPA! The point is, In the US, The USPA has killed a huge part of our market by setting their age at 18, which is BS! I've been told that the Tandem rig manufacturers have the same rule of 18, there's ways around that as well!
  17. I thought each and every time we jump, it's a "Forced Landing"! Unless someone comes up with a way to defy gravity and levitate eternally!
  18. So the goofy bitch is not willing to give up! Here's the copy of the email I got a bit earlier this evening. The attachment is the screenshot of it. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Supreme Court Appeal Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed to the Quiet Skies legal fund. Because of your ongoing financial support, we will be able to seek an appeal with the Colorado Supreme Court and also fund various other initiatives. We simply couldn't have done this without the generous support from our neighbors throughout Boulder County. Quiet Skies Meeting Please join us at this important meeting to determine next steps and strategy. Your participation is crucial in moving forward. We cannot afford to sit around feeling defeated, and we do have options. Quiet Skies Meeting Longmont Public Library Saturday, January 28th 10:00 - 11:00 am News and Editorials 2017/01/06 Times Call Letter: Paul Sperry: To solve Longmont airplane noise problem, seek common ground I'm a new Longmont resident who has been monitoring the ongoing airport noise issue with an eye toward a mutually workable solution. This problem will only become worse as both our population and the number of skydivers increases. As a former military and research flyer, I understand aviation indignation with people who move near the airport, then complain about the noise. And yet as a homeowner who in the summer cannot escape the incessant noise from above, I find reasonable limits to noise pollution no less compelling than clean air or water. We sometimes have to cease guest conversations for 10 seconds even within our own home. Like fracking and GMOs, the noise issue is complex and elicits expert opinions from both sides. Jurisdictional uncertainties between Mile-Hi Skydiving, Vance Brand Airport, the FAA and Longmont's City Council further complicate a solution. There will always be rationale given in support of the noise. Some pilots, like car and motorcycle aficionados, thrill at the roar and vibration of turbocharged engines. Aircraft manufacturers likely find noise the necessary byproduct of power, weight and efficiency designs. But there are aircraft/engine combinations more suited for residential operation. As a starting point, we might seek an ordinance stating our community intention to begin moving toward more moderate noise levels. These guidelines would address takeoff times, flight patterns and throttle settings while alerting aircraft manufacturers to growing markets for quieter aircraft. Such approaches long ago reduced commercial aviation noise levels from the early days of the turbojet. It is in everyone's best interest to view each other as fellow residents, not adversarie Paul Sperry Longmont Many thanks, Kimberly Gibbs Chairman and Founder, Citizens For Quiet Skies Boulder County, Colorado
  19. I asked quite a bit earlier in this thread, why the hell is she targeting only MHS and not the race track that is closer than the airport, to her, and inherently louder? Seems she has something against aviation, skydiving, or maybe she just thinks that since she has such a pitiful, miserable life, that everyone should have the same!
  20. Here's the start of the list of who's going! Me! I'm in! Hey Keithbar, am I driving your drunk ass down there again this year??
  21. These are a lot of the reasons why I have no use for the USPA! If it weren't for the DZ's I jump at, essentially forcing me to get it, I wouldn't have it! I've jumped off and on for years without a current membership, and had no issues until some DZM or DZO decides to get anal about it, and forces me to get it, then, I'll log in and renew it! But it seems to be a third party dictating our ability to jump at a chosen DZ! Other reasons include the recent Tandem fatality at Lodi, and USPA's commentary to the media that because the DZ was not a USPA GM, it was inferior (or whatever it was that they said). Also, the fact that Cary Q sued USPA when they tried to stand up for what's right during the earlier days of the Skyride scam, (Now known as Rushcube and Spot Reservation) and rather than USPA standing their ground, they coward-ed down to him, and let him and his DZ's back in, and as I understood it, they paid him a pretty fat settlement! I'm not saying their training and licensing programs are bad, it's just that USPA has always been, and still is, a voluntary membership club, that has no authority to do a ramp check, and cannot tell any certain jumper that he or she can or cannot jump, and they cannot check aircraft for maintenance, or credentials..
  22. It appears that she's running out of options, and grasping for straws, even using the sympathy card! I'm thinking this may be an open invite that perhaps some of our skydivers may wish to join! __________________________________________________________________________________________ Recent Editorials Aug. 6th - Daily Camera: Kimberly Gibbs - Reasonable Rules are Required (link; http://citizensforquietskies.us11.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0060ac2a550b8429f65211dc5&id=8017ded68b&e=d9df8aa4ae ) Aug. 8th - Daily Camera: Steve Stearns (rebuttal) - Almost tragic, missed opportunity (link; http://citizensforquietskies.us11.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=0060ac2a550b8429f65211dc5&id=4ae71c0b05&e=d9df8aa4ae ) Do you want to keep this issue alive and continue exerting pressure for reasonable regulations? We cannot make progress without your support, and I assure you that we are making progress. Please send your letter (300 words max) to: openforum@dailycamera.com Quiet Skies Meeting Please join us for a Quiet Skies strategy meeting on August 30th at 7 pm at the Longmont Public Library. Many thanks, Kimberly Gibbs Chairman and Founder, Citizens For Quiet Skies Boulder County, Colorado