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  1. Cantoral

    330/340 Tandem Main

    Time Left: 5 days and 23 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Looking for a 330/340 tandem main canopy.


    , Florida

  2. Cantoral

    Sunpath contact

    Any knows how long takes to get an answer from Sunpath? I have some Javelins with safety issues. I sent an email and message from the their webpage couple days ago and nothing yet.
  3. Cantoral

    Sigma/Icarus/A2 mains

    Sigma/Icarus/A2 mains I did a search but I only found old topics regarding differences of performance between these mains. I'm looking for opinions from instructors/DZOs that had real experience with the 3 models, Pros & Cons. Openings/flight/flare. Thanks in advance
  4. Cantoral

    Gopro7 white for tandems?

    I need to upgrade my camera setup for tandems (outside & HC), and reading about this model specifications, I'm thinking it is enough quality for the job, also cheaper to buy 1 for video and 1 for pics. Do you think it's a good idea to do that or better go for the black edition?
  5. Looking for a place to do a halo jump at the end of june near Montana/Idaho/Washington area Any suggestions?
  6. Cantoral

    Falcon slider and lines set

    Thanks! Are for a Falcon 195
  7. Cantoral

    Falcon slider and lines set

    Anyone knows where to get them? Tried to contact Precision but no answer.
  8. Cantoral

    Gravity Skydive

    Amazing view of the volcanoes and the Pacific Coast. Open on Sundays. Send an email to to check for available spaces for fun jumpers.
  9. Cantoral

    Any new devices on gps trackers for canopies?

    The last posts are from 2015, there is new devices or improvement that can work for skydiving?
  10. Cantoral

    biggest reserve you safely put in a wings W2 ?

    According to this chart it will fit a PD 106 reserve and 120 main.
  11. Cantoral

    Fun Jumping in Costa Rica

    Try to contact Arnol or Phillip Andre
  12. Cantoral

    Bengalas / Fumigenos

    Nosotros aca en Guatemala utilizamos granadas de humo del ejercito M18, practicamente ellos son lo unicos que tienen y con algunos contactos pues las hemos logrado comprar. Mandale un PM al usuario flymelonfilms, he visto fotografias de el con paracaidistas utilizando humo. Tal vez el te pueda ayudar.
  13. Cantoral

    Primera vez por aqui soy de Morelia Mexico

    Pues yo tengo este video que me grabaron el año pasado. Ojala te sirva
  14. Hola Skyfa El problema con las camaras de Disco Duro es la altura, estas camaras se apagan arriba de los 10,000 pies, es preferible usar las de cinta, (HC7, HC9) o las que usan tarjetas de memoria(CX7). El cameye al que te refieres (que en realidad se llama HypEye) si funciona con todas la camaras que te acabo de mencionar. Espero que esto te sirva Saludos