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  1. sangiro

    Wind Tunnel Listings Added to

    Kris - I agree, the claim in this article that this us the most comprehensive list is not accurate. Thanks also for being willing to share. We deliberately didn't just scrape your data first because that's not how we roll, but also because we wanted to visit the site of each tunnel ourselves, check that it still exists, validate the data and also collect some additional datapoints. Feel free to update from here if you find anything if use.
  2. On it's way! We've had this on the back-burner for a while but it should be available in the next week or so.
  3. sangiro

    Chillin' with the Maestro

  4. sangiro


  5. sangiro

    Dirt Diving with Betsy

  6. sangiro

    Chatting to Chuck

  7. sangiro

    Funky Exit

  8. sangiro

    Canopies for Kids

    Love this.
  9. And the winner is Saskia Zegwaard (dragon2) who uploaded the 20,000th photo to our photo galleries. Drift HD on its way.
  10. [inline helmeta.jpg] I have absolutely no idea why that's not working. Tried to edit your post but with no luck. Above id your image, saved to my desktop and then posted here. I'm adding this text as an edit afterwards. Your short code seems to be in order. Why not try posting it again? (though I think most people will just open the attachment.)
  11. sangiro

    No pull after RW disengagement

    Jumper as on a 2-way RW jump from 4000m, perfect disengagement at 1500m but there was no attempt at pulling either canopy before the jumper hit the ground. This jumper did not use an AAD ,there is possibly health issues involved in this incident.
  12. sangiro

    Reserve malfunction

    Jumper in the Static Line program opened and had a main malfunction that he cutaway from and then had a reserve malfunction that he was not able to correct before hitting the ground.
  13. sangiro

    Hard landing while making a low turn

    The jumper opened normally, flew a regular pattern, then at 150 meters started turning and impacted after 3 or 4 rotations.
  14. sangiro

    Malfunctioning main

    Jumper was doing a demo into a local airshow and on opening he had a toggle get loose and the canopy started to spin. He failed to fix the malfunction and rode the spinning canopy to the ground here he crashed into a roof at a nearby house.