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  1. hi! does anyone know how to contact trident hc or ray ferrell directly? their [email protected] mail adress seems broken, and i tried contacting him on facebook but didnt get a reply. thanks a lot! take care!
  2. hi! thanks a lot everyone! very nice! @luron01: how hard to work/grind/rasp is the 3d printed material? is it possible to rasp/grind the curvature needed for a helmet in the finished print? if so, would it be possible that you can give us a solidworks model of this mount with a flat surface at the bottom. so everyone can just work the curvature in there themselves to make it fit the helmet?
  3. hi! does anyone build themselves an anti-snag mount for a gopro? ive seen some rather interesting constructions, one including a block of styrofoam and a lot of gaffer tape. i want to write something about gopro snag hazards and i would need a few more pictures, so im happy with anything you got, the perfectly made fiberglass box to the ghetto style gaffer construction. thanks a lot! take care
  4. please still contact authorities when spotting those balloons somewhere!!! freeflyfree (and everybody else), please do not post misleading "information" here, if you want to tell us your theory of what happened, make clear that it is a "theory"! btw, the police here is sure that it was not an "inside job".
  5. if you see one of those balloons, contact local authorities with info that they were stolen in austria. thanks for making sticky!!!
  6. 3 Hot air balloons including Basket, bottles, Trailer, and other equipment has been stolen last night in austria near vienna. Branding, identifier, type of the balloons (See attached pictures): CASINO Baden OE-ZAD Schön Neptun 2500 EISPETER OE-ZPT Schön Neptun 4000 ROSA OE-ZAE Cameron A-120 Im pretty shure whoever stole them is already over the border, but if you see one of those balloons, let me know! contact: 84n4n4 (at) gmx (D0T) net or via PM im waiting for the serial numbers of all parts, i will post them here asap. thank you!