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  1. Hey guys and girls, I'm a new aff student looking to increase my canopy skill. I know I'm on the bottom end of the skill spectrum but what are some basic exercises I can work on while flying. Besides the basic 2 flares and working on stalling the canopy. What would you guys recommend for getting a good feel of the canopy early on in my training? I have been jumping a sabre 230 and weigh in around the 160-170lbs range (body weight not out the door)... Cheers, Matt
  2. Hey, congrats on the choice to get it skydiving. I'm on my aff myself and did stage 2 on Sunday. I was also excited/nervous to get into the canopy flight. Once the canopy opened it had a single twist which was simple and almost instinct to kick it out. I felt out the canopy up high then around the 2000ish foot mark I just focused on my landing portion of the training. I did a few flat spins to get me to 1000 feet where. I started my landing leg. Landed a little off the mark ~50mtrs unassisted :) not bad for my first canopy flight. Instructors were stoked and couldn't find fault for a first "solo" jump (stage 1 was a tandem assisted). Skills were extended practice pull, 3x practice pulls and a delta maneuver. On return from the delta I came out to quick and corked a little but nothing major and will focus more on body controll. (Slow is smooth and smooth is fast). Good luck with your training and it's all about fun despite how serious it is. If it's not fun you may aswell not get involved...(always keep safety In mind and never get complacent) Cheers, Matt
  3. Gsxr 600. Only left hand fairing damage all good and still ride it :)
  4. Hey, thanks for the replies... Haha yeah also had another skydiving mate who has been out for almost a year after stepping off his dirtbike and blew out his knee, several surgeries later and many months off he is still out but ready to make a comeback on approval... We did also joke around at the dz on stage 1 that if I made it to the drop zone that's (statistically) the most dangerous thing I would face today. Cheers, Matt
  5. Hey guys and girls, I'm Matt. New to these parts, have been lurking around for a few days now just reading posts and getting a feel for the forums. You could say I'm a long time reader first time poster. A little about myself, I'm from Sunshine Coast Australia and will be jumping at the toogoolawah dz as my home base. Currently doing my aff and on stage 2. I completed stage 1 just a little under 3 months ago (10 weeks) and was looking forward to doing 3 more the following weekend. On that Friday post jumps was riding my motorbike on my way home from work when the lady ahead decide she wasn't going to overtake the truck that was ahead anymore and hit the brakes. I collided with her and broke my collarbone. Which brings us to now (10 weeks on) I have clearance by my specialist and got stage 2 booked in for Sunday. Can't wait, the situation has been less then ideal as I would have liked to have it completed by now but can't help bad luck... Anyway I have dribbled on long enough. This will be the first of many posts and I look forward to reading more in the forums... Cheers, Matt