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  1. Wow! Those are all super impressive times. Gives me something to aspire to I guess; was feeling quite pleased with myself for a 2:42 flight over the weekend. Very happy to hear 3:00 is eminently doable. Cheers, Bryan
  2. Got a T-bird for the 2014 season and am curious to hear what kind of performance others have managed to get out of it. What's your longest flight on a T-bird (or R even)?
  3. Howdy, Wifey (she's awesome) just got her tax return = $ and so we're adventure bound in a couple hours. Looking for a DZ within 800 miles of NY so that we can jump Sat and Sun before driving back through Sunday night to be back for Monday. I'm combing through DZs that fit the bill but thought maybe asking would be easier. Anybody got tips? It'd be much appreciated. Yours in excited jumping love, B
  4. Howdy all, Any tips on DZs in Florida with close proximity to spring break shenanigans so that one could theoretically jump during the day and enjoy the spring break ambiance at night?
  5. Hi Skygranny, Totally counts :) I was looking for other UN (and affiliated) people in NYC and figured because there's over 10k of us on the NYC campus there would be others, but definitely hit me up next time you find yourself in NYC.
  6. I'm in NYC, working in the SG's office. You?
  7. Really none? Crazy. I would have guessed otherwise. Fair enough I guess. Class outing? I think so :)
  8. Anybody out there also at the UN and jump?
  9. I learned a lot from this. And parts of it made me laugh like crazy. A little late but cheers nonetheless :)
  10. You're in West Africa and some people you work with wanna go check out elephants and monkeys on safari and you think for a minute and then figure: nah man, monkeys and elephants aren't worth three jumps :)
  11. It's both wingsuit and base (neither of which I do) and they cheat by using music to make it seem cooler (same as in the movies) but this is pretty gnar :) http://vimeo.com/45779572
  12. Thank you three kindly :) It is very appreciated. I'll check out the cheap kindle non-technical and as well look for the pdf of the skydivers survival guide
  13. I apologize in advance because of similar threads that have already been posted but I had a question. Is Parachuting: the Skydiver's Handbook too intro for someone with 200 jumps? Context: I'm in West Africa (Ghana) for another couple weeks (no dzs) and am looking for a good technical knowledge based skydiving book to read. I was really stoked on the Parachute and its Pilot but there's no kindle or PDF available for purchase (unfortunately a requirement because of West Africa). I reread the SIM and even the PIMs. If anyone knew whether or not Parachuting would be too intro? And if so if there was another good kindle or pdf jumping that they could recommend it would be really appreciated :) Blue skies (unless you're a poor farmer in which case blue skies can be deadly)
  14. This is great! Thanks everybody! I'll hit up Tiki Bar and Chicks Rock for sure :) And Burning Sky is sooo on the agenda for 2013 provided I'm in the continent.... And then the rest will depend on work etc. Thanks again!!
  15. Hey all, I'm pretty out of the jumping loop so I thought I'd ask, which are the big boogies in the US worth hitting up? Ideally, we'd hit them all up I'm sure but is there like a Burning Man of boogies? And if not what are some of the big ones that a guy wouldn't want to miss? Thanks :)