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  1. mountainman

    Skydive Space Center

    That's right... 15000' on EVERY jump. You can't beat the altitude. Any more and you'd need O2. The people here are great and the view... wow. Jump AND see the Kennedy Space Center all at once. It is a really cool place. The only bad thing was the amount of "outs" that could or could not contain alligators and other swamp wildlife. Either way, it was an excellent place that I would love to revisit.
  2. mountainman

    CSC - Chicagoland Skydiving Center

    After spending several days at Chicagoland Skydiving, I just want to say that it was a great experience. I did my first x-country jump there and it was planned perfectly. The people there (jumpers and staff) were very helpful and very nice. Even though I was a visitor, they took time to show me around and everything. The only bad part is there is NOTHING around... no place to eat or anything that is convenient. Overall... it ROCKS !
  3. mountainman


    I don't know how I did my training jumps without one of these. They are a god send for those jumps you may not look at your alti often enough. It is very accurate and loud enough to bring you back to reality in the middle of an intense freefly jump. If you don't have one of these with you, you should definetely get one. Also, L&B customer service is 2nd to none.
  4. mountainman

    Altimaster III

    What else can I really say about this ? It is a great altimeter that I would recommend to anyone. The only reason I found some Cons was because there was a line for them. They are really minute things. It is a great alti and is very accurate. Buy one !
  5. mountainman

    MINDWARP "Pimp Daddy" Helmet

    After using this for several years, I am still head trama-free and the helmet is holding up very well. I have hit it on all kinds of things and was very glad it wasn't my own cranium. It is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. Too bad it is that ugly carbon fiber color. It is too expensive for custom paint.
  6. mountainman

    FREEfly Suit

    FREEdom Means Choice is a great suit that is comfy and affordable. It flies very well and has stood up to some hard landings. I would tell anyone to get one. They are very worth it and you can't beat the price !
  7. mountainman


    My wife and I got our new Safires several months ago and we love them. They open very nice no matter how you pack them. They open on heading and fly very nice. They will get you back from a long spot and low pull. Once you find that "sweet spot" for your flare, you can have some really awesome landings. It has a weak flare compared to other canopies. This can easily be packed with no jumps on it with psycho packing. Highly recommended!!!
  8. mountainman


    My wife and I got our new Wings several months ago and cannot say enough good things about them. They are extremely comfortable, easy to pack, and are very well priced. If you are in the market for a new container, be SURE to check out the Wings and order one. You will NOT be sorry.
  9. mountainman

    Skydive Cincinnati

    My wife and I started jumping here in June 2001 and find it to be a wonderful place. Their safety record is flawless and their instructors are all wonderful and extremely helpful. I am glad that I chose this DZ to do our training at and to spend our jumping days here. The staff is awesome, the planes are awesome, and the people there are awesome as well. I couldn't think of going anywhere else.
  10. mountainman

    Skydive Greene County

    I jumped a tandem here in October 2000 and loved it! The staff here is very friendly. The instructors are very knowledgable and helpful. I had the video made and it was great. I will hopefully make a couple more jumps within the next year or so and then do my training there in summer 2002! Blue Skies, SGC!!! Brandon Wren