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  1. I think I have a manual but it packs similar to a PC in a sleeve if you are familiar with that already. No stabilizers, 4 centre lines ; packs up a lot smaller than a Mk 1 PC. Will be a few days before I can access the original - I'll track it down if you still need one. Some pics of a T'bow packing sequence at this link
  2. PART NO. 1083 on By Phone +44 (0)1772 732 106 By Email [email protected] By Post Unit 21 Leeward Road Ashton-on-Ribble Preston PR2 2TE UK
  4. See for examples and for specific measurements for a Strong Starlite Canopy short sleeve/bag/slag I squeeze a Mk1 PC into such a bag though if making one new for a PC, I'd make it about an inch bigger all round for an easier fit. This then fits into a 280-300 sq foot main container (such as used for students), with a long loop. Hope that helps.
  6. I have sleeves and POBs if you want some, PM me
  7. I can provide good scans of these i it would help
  8. I have a near mint one made in 1991. If you think that will compare to yours and want measurements, just let me know. Mine is smaller than my 27ft Russian, by a long way, but not much different to a 24ft Mk1. It must be bigger than the 23ft Russian.
  9. Some more footage of jumping into the Inn at Orange here - The Inn is from 15 minutes in ; but the prior 15 minutes of footage of the 1962 World Meet is worth a look too
  10. I seem to recall that the company mentioned in the other recent posted thread about harness machines - ie Sewing Machine Sales Co. Holland, OH 43529 1-800-449-0835 - do/did such upgrades and conversions of the older 7 Class machines. The more modern Singer 27b2 has a pedal/lever operated reverse(back tacker) ; but I have no use for it when working on harness webbing.
  11. Hi Chuteless Are you saying that all Canadian Delta2's were more malfunction prone than the American ones - or just the dozen you were given? Any particular reason that you know of? As for the one you have, I'm sure someone would be willing to restore it back to the proper configuration - I certainly would do it for you with pleasure.
  12. I've got that article somewhere and can post a copy if anyone else is interested.
  13. Here's some Irvin adverts and pictures of the forerunners to the Delta 2 - the Eagle and Hawk. Like Jim said I don't know whether these were on the market at all, or if they were it was for a very short time.
  14. Great post Jim! Always great to read and see more about this amazing canopy. The OSI in your post is some 20 inches longer than I am used to seeing on those canopies that are in the UK. This is likely to be something that people reduced in length as they came to understand....or mistrust....or dare to experiment with the OSI and is reflected in the variation of the packing instructions too - in the attachments here there are different numbers of turns of the wraps around the lines and different placements of the lines within the OSI. There is some scope for variation, though the same basic order of the lines into the pack job and then into the OSI would remain the same - hence the colour coding of the lines to help aid packing and understanding. One picture I have attached here shows a simplified OSI where the velcro is simply attached to the nose line which was placed on a very short OSI - about 12 inches total - and as always this required the direction of the OSI closure velcro to be considered. Get that wrong and the wrap would remain closed. As well as the Canadian and US versions there was also a UK version made over here by Irvin. It was stamped as a UK one on the cotton logo panel on the outer edges. The two UK ones which I have seen, both dated around 1971, are very similar to the US ones, but have a lighter fabric which helps with packing bulk. Of course all this is relative - any Delta 2 with lighter fabric, and less reinforcement still packs about one and a half times as big as a modern tandem main. There are more Delta2 pictures available here - Thanks again Jim for your post.