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  1. andrewhilton

    Searching for Thunderbow manual

    Found manual and sent to @stratostar by PM
  2. andrewhilton

    Searching for Thunderbow manual

    I think I have a manual but it packs similar to a PC in a sleeve if you are familiar with that already. No stabilizers, 4 centre lines ; packs up a lot smaller than a Mk 1 PC. Will be a few days before I can access the original - I'll track it down if you still need one. Some pics of a T'bow packing sequence at this link
  3. andrewhilton

    ISO RW-6 rings PART NO. 1083 on By Phone +44 (0)1772 732 106 By Email By Post Unit 21 Leeward Road Ashton-on-Ribble Preston PR2 2TE UK
  4. andrewhilton

  5. andrewhilton

    UT-15 specs

    I have a near mint one made in 1991. If you think that will compare to yours and want measurements, just let me know. Mine is smaller than my 27ft Russian, by a long way, but not much different to a 24ft Mk1. It must be bigger than the 23ft Russian.
  6. andrewhilton

    Help identify this LeMoigne class round

    No idea. Does this help?
  7. andrewhilton

    Pics and Footage

    More pics
  8. andrewhilton

    2 Unidentified Rigs

    Pics rig2_1 and rig2_2 houses a 28' flat circular, not a c9 but a red coloured version of such a canopy.
  9. andrewhilton

    Riggers Workshop Omega System

    A couple of extra pictures
  10. andrewhilton

    Drifter...need infos, please

    22 feet long 10 inches wide Made of Crepe Paper We used newspaper at the weighted end - 2 sheets of a 'broadsheet' (ie big) newspaper rolled up seemed to do the trick You're aiming for something that takes two minutes to descend from 2200 feet. Make one, time it and adjust accordingly.
  11. andrewhilton

    Jumbo PC

    This isn't the answer you were looking for, though there was a Jumbo PC on the classifieds on for years for about $500 which never sold. 27ft Russian PCs seems more common than Jumbos though - is that an alternative for this guy looking for a slower descent - ie was the 27ft a slower descender than the 24ft Mk1's and Mk2's? Or perhaps not? - as it was built for accuracy, which meant it was good at going straight down....
  12. andrewhilton

    British GQ dominator parachute?

    Got an old one up the attic. In need of much restore work. I understand this to be a UK made, large PC type parachute, as you say, designed for military jumpers with full equipment loads. For sport use they were not well suited as the lack of load on a sport jumper meant they didn't open very fast - if at all. Indeed, the one that I have was last used on a fatal sport jump in the 1971. I have no intention of jumping mine. Report from that accident is attached though not necessarily relevant to the original question.
  13. andrewhilton

    Don Henderson, SCR 7

    Bad news about Don. I hope there is chance for improvement. I met Don in 1993 and remember the racoons at Tom Sander's house running off with Don's wristwatch . We all thought he had gone mad as was scurrying about in the undergrowth, sure enough though he got his watch back from them. I also recall a scrapbook he showed me then with newspaper articles from back in the day of that first 8 way. One of them in true tabloid fashion talks excitedly about how one day there may even be as many as 200 skydivers linking in freefall. I can imagine the disbeleif in the readers of the day - including skydivers - at such tabloid garbage, just as they do now. Funny how the papers were right about that one though, by a long way. Best wishes to Don.
  14. andrewhilton

    Name that harness/container #2...

    Strong Stylemaster?
  15. andrewhilton

    Thomas sports equipment risers, faulty?

    As a British rigger I can advise that TSE have superb customer service ; and just as with any skydiving gear, the manufacturer is a great first point of contact for any matters of concern. If you haven't already, then please speak to Sally or Chris - contacts on - I'm sure they will help you and would like to hear more.