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  1. So who are the winners for 2009 ,, planing to make a bunch of jumps ,, Saludos
  2. Hello I need to know if someone has any experience with this camera , and if it suit the needs for shooting tandem . I have one for a good price and thinking of buying it. thanks.
  3. Hello , finally I bought a second hand atom legend 000 really liked it but since I bought it throught internet It fits me a bit tight so I want to change it again , I am thinking about going for another atom but with the euro so high muste be really expensive
  4. was just an idea , anyway i would leave the reserve slider down .
  5. I think it would work , how much altitude you need to deplay a reserve with skyhook?
  6. Hello ,, this is just an idea I have , since I saw the video of the skyhook system , it deploys the reserve so fast I thought it could be used for base jumping?? would be nice doing base with a second chance just wanted to share my idea or see if someone is using it .
  7. I looked at this cameras , and are a bit big ,, Is there something smaller out there ?? that can make the job ?
  8. Hello ,, Iam looking to start taking digital stills , and I have no idea what would be a godd camera , not so expensive , to start with . I would like it top mounted ... just wanted to ask the right people so I dont waste my money thanks ...
  9. Just didnt like it too much , and the beach near the dz is full of mud (brown). the jumps in isla la tortuga dont exist anymore . we stayed for days waiting to jump but on weekdays is really slow , two jumps if lucky .
  10. Looks like there are more pilots than rock climbers
  11. here you can have your helmet paint job , they really paint good , but they can be expensive .
  12. Here in Chile , we are now a group of 6 going for the boogie the 26 of nov. it would be good , if giantri tells us if they are jumping all days before the boogie , so I can know if we can arrive before the 26 so , we can make more jumps.
  13. Now we are four going from Chile to venezuela . who is going ? if
  14. I will go from 15 of nov till the end of the month with two friends. see ya there
  15. someone knows if the dz is working all days ??