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  1. rjklein4470

    Glide Path Nova

    I had many jumps on a Nova. The design was sound, but the canopy had to be made to the specifications, and at the time that proved to be challenging. So as a result the canopies that were out of spec had problems, and the problems happened close to the ground. Glide path bought by canopy back, then I got a Johnathan. Look that one up.
  2. rjklein4470

    How aggressively did you down size?

    Is Anna replacing the Petra??
  3. rjklein4470

    Container comparison

    I don't think I would use the word Prejudice, I think cultural is a better fit. The guy who uses a work truck for a living, and runs them till the motor fails will get different options than the guy who drives it to and from work. Now for the rigger who is looking over the rig and calling the vortex a cheap knock off, that just sounds like his opinion based on his experience. Prejudice is opinion not based on reason or actual experience.
  4. rjklein4470

    Batwing 153 line trim

    The Batwing, I remember those, jumped one in the late 90's.
  5. rjklein4470

    Jump afther a Spine Surgery?

    I waited 6 months, but could have jumped after 3
  6. rjklein4470

    Jump afther a Spine Surgery?

    had a L5 S1 lift and fusion, back is better than it ever was. Jumping a AW 96 H1 6-7, 245 out the door
  7. rjklein4470

    Full-face helmets

    before you put on your helmet rub some Vagisil on your face, it will fix you right up. lol
  8. rjklein4470

    Full-face helmets

    I am not even sure what to say
  9. rjklein4470

    Fluid Wings Airwolf

    I spent some time on the all AW FT 30 this weekend. I was able to get ten jumps on the AW, and I was having some much fun I didn't want to jump the VK. I noticed that I am on version P4, and I am not sure what changes have been made. The harness sensitivity is very intuitive and does not feel detuned as the version that Daniel jumped. Yesterday there was zero wind so I got a chance to do some 90 harness turns, and the airwolf was very responsive. I have to come back to the openings, because they are so nice. I was using the snaps on the sliders, and I was getting really consistent perfect openings every time. Such a pleasure, and during the opening sequence if it did start to turn all I had to do was load the other side of my harness a little bit and it would open strait every time. The FT 30 material is so impressive. The drive I get out of this wing is so impressive. I got a chance to fly with a HK similar wing loading, both at 2.7, and I was holding half brakes! This is a great wing!
  10. rjklein4470

    Best Gear Bag?

    overboard bags are awesome
  11. rjklein4470

    Fluid Wings Airwolf

    As I get more jumps back to back I will post more, but I can tell you right now the All FT 30 AW is a step above the VK PS for sure. Once I get the AW H1 96, I will do the same. No I did not buy the full moon AW, but I did jump with those folks this fall.
  12. rjklein4470

    Fluid Wings Airwolf

    This weekend I jumped my AW-96 all FT 30, back to back with my VK 96 PS. I will be jumping both back to back for a bit, but I just thought I would put my first impressions down so that it is more raw. Openings: The AW has a longer snivel and the openings are well staged, soft, and on heading. The VK PS has a short snivel and opens fast, but soft and on heading. Toggles: The AW has a very crisp feel on the toggles. The best way to describe the feel is firm. I noticed this right away when I released the brakes, and the control range is shorter. The VK PS has a longer control range and the toggles do not feel as crisp. I only had one jump on each back to back, so I am going to keep this short. The wind was about 10 knots, and the AW with ALL FT 30 drove well over my spot. I set up the same way as I did on my VK PS, and all I can say is the FT 30 material is legit and it drives. Fluidwings is building an amazing product. The build quality is excellent, and the FT 30 material feels like it could last a lifetime. I ordered a Hybrid 1 96 because I am so impressed with the wing, materials, and build quality. The only downfall to the all FT 30 AW is it does pack big. I think in the long run this will be a advantage to those who are downsizing because they might not have to downsize their containers. For those who already have small containers, you might have to stick to the H-1 Hybrid.
  13. rjklein4470

    Best container for a big guy

    I am 6-7 230, and I currently have three PMI Glide's and they are very comfortable. PMI or Infinity would get my vote. Side note: I had to use the PMI ace rsl last year, and it was perfect. I was in a violent spinning Mal, and I cut away the ace beat me by a mile, and to my surprise I had a perfect on heading opening.
  14. rjklein4470

    Required pull force for main d-bag extraction

    Try taking a eight second delay.
  15. rjklein4470

    Pitching in a Track

    I think it depends on the wing that you are flying, when it was made, and the technology in the wing.