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  1. I would like to make a point that I think is overlooked in AFF. For the most part AFF instructors have a lot of experience skydiving, and most of them jump small cross braced canopies, and why wouldn't you they are fun to fly. However I feel like the students would do better if the instructors were jumping canopies that they could slow down and take the student from free fall to canopy pilot. Show the student the pattern, make the student find your canopy in the air and do a find a follow type pattern. I was taught skydiving by static line, and we learned how to fly the canopy first, and then free fall was slowly added. As I remember on the freefall skydives I found my instructors canopy very fast and it helped me relax and learn all the way to the ground.
  2. I like the D rings instead of the flap grommets, other companies have been using them so it's been tested. It's nice that the rig has been designed from a clean sheet of paper, ground up. I feel like there are some very nice features, and the ACE system has saved my ass once and worked very fast, on heading in a nasty spinning mal.
  3. I purchased a Falcon from Dave. Over the years I have had many glides and Microns, and when this rig came out I liked some of the features it had to offer. Regarding the price, well it's economics of scale. If you want to have choices in this industry, manufactures have to start small. Small companies can not offer the same price as a UPT, because they are not buying materials in bulk, and are not turning the numbers ect............ So I like the Falcon, it's new, and at the end of the day it's really not that much more than my Micron's......
  4. I don't know any skydivers who jump without the leg straps, and the rig looks really knew. I don't thing the hesitation would have happened if the rig was on properly.
  5. Demo a VK 96 IMO. If you are a confident flyer with good jump numbers you will be fine. You will see the performance difference but, you will see the wing come alive at 2.5 wl
  6. I would circle back with Scott or the folks at FW. I would say reline the wing with what they know works, and doesn't have a history of knots. After my tension knot, I just had my wing relined. The cost of the reline was far cheaper than losing the wing.
  7. I don't think the lines are 575, maybe just the brake lines. I think the lines are 400, but I could be wrong. Most important part is to make sure the brake lines are not twisted. I have had a tension knot, but it was in brake line. I will include a link. If you get a tension knot make sure you release the opposite toggle, then the knot side. Most times this will release the knot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnZhxspj9Ws
  8. Ok, I will chime in. IMO I would rather see you make a belly band with a RDS pocket. As the wing loading gets higher, XRW ect... the harness gets really sensitive, so reaching back can put your wing in a dive pretty quick. just my thoughts, Rob
  9. There is so much engineering that has gone into the vector 3, to me its hands down the best rig on the market. I think Infinity also has come up with a great Mards system. I have had several different rigs over the years, but never a curv. The vector is made from cordura 500, not cordura 1000, so keep that in mind. The lighter weight material makes the Vector have a more tailored, fitted look and feel. However take care of it, because 1/2 the weight and thickness.
  10. this wing just keeps giving, I love it
  11. This might put it in perspective: I have a VK 96 ps, Airwolf 96 H1, and Wairwolf 96. I have two rigs and the VK is on the bench if that tells you anything.
  12. I have both a VK and a WW. Because the WW is trimmed steeper harness turns develop more energy and power. Once you establish your turn after the first 90* you just sink in the harness and feel the load on the wing. I have not jumped a Leia or a Petra, but the WW is about as much performance as your going to get without going to a hyper wing like a HK2 or Petra.
  13. It's a woman for sure. Typically RDS does not get stuffed in a bra