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  1. rjklein4470

    Best container for a big guy

    I am 6-7 230, and I currently have three PMI Glide's and they are very comfortable. PMI or Infinity would get my vote. Side note: I had to use the PMI ace rsl last year, and it was perfect. I was in a violent spinning Mal, and I cut away the ace beat me by a mile, and to my surprise I had a perfect on heading opening.
  2. rjklein4470

    Required pull force for main d-bag extraction

    Try taking a eight second delay.
  3. rjklein4470

    Pitching in a Track

    I think it depends on the wing that you are flying, when it was made, and the technology in the wing.
  4. rjklein4470

    Semi-stow D bag flaps remain tucked-in after jump

    No they stay closed. I have over 100 jumps on this system. It's a great system.
  5. rjklein4470

    Icarus GT-R

    any more info, pics ect....
  6. rjklein4470

    OP160 Reserve pack size for V310 question.

    I would Demo the OP 143, and jump it a couple times and then decide.
  7. rjklein4470

    Built in turns

    check your riser lengths.
  8. rjklein4470

    Stuffing into centre cells... wtf?

    I jumped a Johnathan before the stiletto's came out, and I would roll the cells and place them in the center cell. Later Tony sent me a pocket slider that worked really well. I really liked that canopy.
  9. rjklein4470

    Fluidwings Gangster

    I had the 135, and it did pack up a little larger than say a Katana. The 135 OG I had only had about 30 jumps on it, so the first time I packed in, I tried the PD s fold and then stuffed it in the bag. That did not work so well. The second time I packed it I did one fold at the tail, then placed it in the bag, doing the S fold when the OG was half in the bag. lol This worked way better. It's just trying different packing techniques.
  10. rjklein4470

    Packing Nightmare

    first tip: Just practice getting the canopy in the bag. You think you have to start over and do a complete pack job. Just fold and unfold the canopy in and out of the bag.
  11. rjklein4470

    Fluidwings Gangster

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ so I apologize for the spelling mistakes. I was using voice dictating, and did not re read the post.
  12. rjklein4470

    Fluidwings Gangster

    I just spent the last 10 jumps on the OG 135 at 1.81 WL, and I had a blast with this wing. At this WL, the OG was super fun to fly, so for those of you who want a fun wing, don't feel like you have to load this sucker up to have fun. The openings were very soft on heading. I had a couple 90 turns to the right, but during the final stage of opening she came back around. I am not sure how fluidwings does this, but the first part of the opening is so soft. One moment I pitch, then the transition to standing in the harness is well really relaxing. This wing has so much power in the rear risers and the bottom end. It has a very strong flair, but fluidwings down plays the performance of this wing. I think because the HK, and Airwolf are such HP wings they forget to tell you that this wing will still gobble 99% of the canopy's on the market. At 1.8 WL I felt like I could relax and enjoy the wing, but I also know she has another gear. My landing were all so much fun. Strait in this wing does move, it will be ground hungry. And it is so much fun, because the flair is so strong. The wing does respond very well to harness inputs, but it is not at all twitchy. It is a great combination to make adjustments on final using the harness, and keeping your hands off the toggles. This just makes the flair have even more power. The last two jumps I started using the rear risers during the flair, and the OG loves it when you tap her rears. lol just a small amount of pressure and she levels out and just goes and goes. I had so much fun with this wing, all I can say is the OG is super Legit.
  13. I spent some time out of the sport after having lot's of jumps. My first jump back, I was nervous, but mostly because I was not jumping my gear. lol Once I got in the plane, and situated, I almost fell asleep I was so relaxed. My point is, when I was making lot's of jumps I really tried to relax in the plane. Close your eyes think about the jump, and use that time in the plane. The more you are relaxed and connected the better the jump will go.
  14. rjklein4470

    Katana's dont kill people...

    Think of all this in this capacity. I see people spend lots of time trying to be good at something athletic, golf,basketball, tennis, ect.... Some people get better, some don't get better, and others take off. It just comes down to coordination, and balance. Some people are gifted with this from birth, others have to work on it, and others should not chew gum and walk at the same time. I feel like it is less the wing, and loading, and more the ability to feel. just my .02
  15. rjklein4470

    Choosing a New Rig - What's Most Important?

    Be careful with the marketing. Boutique small companies have to be very careful with the dollars. Would you rather have a pretty web page/social media, or better r&d/product. I really liked Peregrine Manufacturing, but I did my own research. Also I tend not to follow the masses. One of the reasons I found Fluidwings. Both companies are outstanding.