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  1. 1100-1500 USD depending on condition, colors and options (articulation, veclro needing replacement, etc). once you get it you may end up spending more money to put a larger/domed slider on the hornet to tame the openings.
  2. vid666

    Gear broker?

    I keep doing that for many people on my dz - some people seem it more convienent, others just dont care to deal with email phone calls and shipping. I do online sales for a living, so that's no big deal.
  3. vid666

    Jump with a HC3, 5 or 7 camera?

    on that note I can say that HC3 is an awesome camera, but its low light performance SUCKS, and nightvision is even worse. Furhtermore, anybody sidemounting this camera or thinking about it is crazy in my opinion.
  4. The one I remember was the Aerial Egress - former BR's offshoot.
  5. vid666

    MN, WI, IL, IN, OH, MI ....

    Thats nice to know. both IN and OH are big places :) P.S. You should be happy, this is more response then I got to Miami thread.
  6. vid666

    Miami May 17-21

    Does S. Florida have no locals ? Cmon, hook me up (please). thank you.
  7. vid666

    How to mount a dytter to the outside of a Z1??

    after tinkering along the same lines, and coming up with a zip tie solution.... about 20 jumps later a riser strike solidified my opinion that upgrading to an STI was cheaper :) good luck
  8. vid666

    Russian reserve, Tanka, Tarka, or Telka ???

    it's TALKA , otherwise I have no idea where to find a manual
  9. vid666

    Is a 1995 Dolphin worth $300?

    If it's in good shape, and the harness fits you well, and already has a BOC - then (in my opinion) - YES. Assuming it has all the bags, PCs, risers.
  10. I am not sure what kind of complexity you need, but I manage about 30GB of photos using PICASA from Google. I like it alot.
  11. vid666


    Both Apex and Asylum (CR) have BASE specific rounds. I believe 19ft But for 50 bucks you can score yourself a Phantom 24' with pH test done and kevlar reinforcement. your call :) P.S. Apex calls their H2O and Asylum calls theirs Tektite
  12. vid666

    best helmet to mount a Sony TRV 33

    About the only useful thing I can tell you that while people have side mounted the TRV33/22/19, it feels real funky and sticks out alot - I PERSONALLY would recommend top mounting. As far as which helmet - that's up to your comfort and price range.
  13. vid666

    Any feedback on a Parachi jumpsuit?

    My experience is with a single suit that I bought on eBay from the company themselves. It's a cheap piece of junk. The workmanship is poor. The stitching looks like a 5 year old did it. And their suit for average built male seems to take into account a HUGE beer belly. Basically myself at 177cm 82kg would have to get a HUGE beer gut to make the suit fit. Basically I was so dissapointed that I just stored the suit as I cannot justify selling that POS to anybody, not even for $20 hope this helps...
  14. vid666

    Ohio over xmas

    Ohio is a _moderately_ big state :) perhaps letting us know the city you will be in will help. yes there's jumping if you like the cold...