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  1. Rob, I, as well think you are being too personal. which part of well, fuck him for being a shitty businessman, and becoming a simple petty thief." did you think was borderline personal attack ? when a 1 man shop takes a product from you under the premise of fixing it within a reasonable amount of time, and then that person dissapears from the face of hte earth and makes no attempt to contact you and ignores all your means of contact - is that not shitty business ? Is that not thievery ? Do you not think that resorting to contacting the authorities, who once involved, can stain your criminal record forever is a pretty drastic move over a $500 piece of equipment ? I stay by what I said. I slandered or personally attacked noone. The facts are on my side. As far as hte divorce court - they call people bad parents all the time - and that would be no different as calling somebody a shitty businessman. I have sold enough to know what being a good businessman is. cya Rob.
  2. Rob, no disrespect for the site or its mods intended. However, I call it like i see it - I was spit in the face, and I state that. I explained my story and stated facts only. I would like to make sure my posts stay up. Please explain to me how it was a personal attach ? I merely explained what I did and why I felt it was necessary do go to the extremes of dealing with the police when a fellow skydiver is involved. cya
  3. I have filed a Police report as well as an online scam report for Skyworks/Mark Lancaster. He has owed me a canopy for a long time, and has not responded to me AT ALL. Last info I have from Dave DeWolf is that Mark is working hard somewhere in California and is incommunicado. well, fuck him for being a shitty businessman, and becoming a simple petty thief. Enough is enough. I encourage all to contact the proper authorities.
  4. thanks to all who gave hints. I combined them into a pretty efficient tool-less method. I used a ratchet strap and 2 fixed anchor points (2 trees would work fine). tied one end of the link to one anchor point ,and tied the strap to the other anchor end. backed the screws out half way. Then I tensioned the strap (the links did not move at all !!!) then tapped the screws a few times - worked like a charm, and obviously no damage was caused. hope this will helps
  5. yes, the lbars. and yes i have removed the screws and tried tapping them out - no luck ....
  6. I got a set on the old container, and for the life of me cannot take 'em off, can anybody give a hint (the tool is 200bucks + at paragear, so no thanks. the links are paragear PN H359 tnx
  7. Today (November 13th, 2007) I got both canopies back from Skyworks that they recieved on Oct 4th 2007. No service work has been done, instead inside there's a typed, unsigned letter saying : "Hi, I apologize for the inconvenience but I am out of town and unable to handle your oder/request at this time. Again I apologize for any incovenience this may have caused you. Sincerely Mark Lancaser" Hello !! - it has been 5 weeks - and there was not answers to my emails, phone calls or voicemails or PMs.... Nice service ... And what good is sending me back a canopy that you needed to re-reline since your original reline turned it into an insta-canopy ? So, how can somebody who (was) so reputable just turn around and dissapear into the unknown ?
  8. For you guys it seems to, but for us, not so much. I don't particularly care if it's the North Sea, an ocean or two or just a few lines on a map separating seller and buyer. In general Americans seem overly paranoid regarding borders to me, and in general, Europeans, Asians etc do not or to a much lesser extent anyway. Why most of us here went to the euro, probably the same reason you all have US dollars, it's easy. But it is also easy to google up an exchange rate hate to say it, but i agree with ya. But I would say "inexperienced and scared". though "unjustifiably paranoid" is a very good description as well. Shipping a package to Canada is no different then to UK/Belgium/China etc.... People just need to open their minds. Regarding the "deal" in the original title - if you are stupid enough to think somebody wants to sell you their premier skydiving gear for 50% of the street value - then perhaps you deserve to get screwed. If it's too good to be true - it almost certainly is. What puzzles me is that sometimes a "seller" like that will keep getting their ads pulled, but the account would still be active - why not suspend/block them since its obvious it's a scammer ??
  9. 1100-1500 USD depending on condition, colors and options (articulation, veclro needing replacement, etc). once you get it you may end up spending more money to put a larger/domed slider on the hornet to tame the openings.
  10. I simply don't get it.... Skyworks seems to have great reputation. Yet I feel like they have been spitting in my face the whole time. here's a note I sent MEL today.... "MEL - it has been well over 6 weeks - I really need an update - I cannot imagine what kind of catastrophe has happened for you to ignore my repeated requests for info. Just to cover myself I will be filing a police report at the 2 month mark. No hard feelings, just "business" cya" ANYBODY ELSE STILL HAVING ISSUES ?
  11. Forgive me for worrying after only THREE WEEKS ! Still no word from MEL....
  12. the writing on the side seems to say Silhouette - and it is a 9 cell...
  13. huh ? from Mirage site : Main Canopies Manufacturer Model Size Canopy Fit Performance Designs Sabre I/II 135 Medium Performance Designs Sabre I/II 150 Snug Performance Designs Spectre 135 Medium Performance Designs Spectre 150 Snug Performance Designs Spectre 170 It's a brick! Performance Designs Stilletto 135 Medium Performance Designs Stilletto 150 Snug Performance Designs Stilletto 170 It's a brick! Performance Designs Vengence 120 Medium Performance Designs Vengence 135 Snug Performance Designs Vengence 150 It's a brick! so it fits 170's like the Stiletto and Spectre... I know I have put a crossfire2-169 in an M3 as well.
  14. ok, round 2. After talking to MEL on Sept 28th, I have not been able to get him to respond to phone calls, PMs, and emails. can anybody help me out ? thanks !
  15. There is ALOT less demand for used Triathlons then most other modern canopies. Most sell for $600 and below.... just an observation.