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  1. While I’m waiting for the Jav to be sorted, I swapped my Cypres back over to my old Vector yesterday and today I end up under a spinning mal. Previously went 1170 jumps between reserve rides and this time lasted 8 jumps. Really not my week.
  2. By the sounds of things, Sun Path can send me out some MLW and my guy here can fit them rather than having to ship the whole rig back.
  3. Nah, tight to my back. If I have it on with no leg straps, I have no problem with the handle while on my belly. As soon as the leg straps go on, they pull my MLW down and my rig goes up my back. Pretty sure an extra inch and a half on the MLW will fix it.
  4. Nah, haven’t jumped a BASE rig in 17 years but I jump a vector built for the same size canopies and I’ve jumped the same size Javs with no issue. After speaking with Sun Path about where the hip rings should sit, the MLW is at least an inch and a half short so either I’ve provided bad measurements or someone’s fat fingered then into the system. Probably the former but we’ll see.
  5. Unsure mate. My slider was made by a local rigger rather than coming from NZA.
  6. Hello comrades. I have a removable slider to VFX2 specs (75cm wide by 64cm deep) on my Crossfire 3 129 which was off-the-recordish recommended by NZA but I’d like to use it on my Katana 120. Anyone tried this? The Katana specs are 80cm by 52cm so slightly wider by shallower and about 15% smaller overall. Based on past experience with custom Sabre sliders, I’d imagine the extra depth would slow the openings down but it could also provide for less predictable openings - something the Katana already provides in spades lol. My assumptions may be wrong. I’ll get my test pilot on by doing some hop and pops initially anyway but just interested if anyone has any experience with this?
  7. Bumping a Logan Paul thread 3 years later? Really?
  8. Cheers Rob. Let's hope it's not the yoke. It's C yoke and I'm not a big guy.
  9. I did dude. Called them 11pm on Friday night (9am NC time) but they are closed on Fridays. Called them 11pm yesterday which was the first time they were back in the office. In the meantime, I thought I'd ask for some advice from other people who may have some.
  10. Duplicate post. Couldn't see it and wrote another thinking it had not posted properly.
  11. Had a chat with the guys over at Sun Path and sounds like we could be able to get it sorted. I'll get some pictures over to them towards the end of the week but, chatting through where the hip rings should be sitting, at the very least the rings are definitely a bit high. In past experience they've always had great customer service so I'm sure we'll get it sorted.
  12. For sure. I meant I'll get on the AFF table for photos. Hopefully I don't need to send it back.
  13. Good call Wendy, I'll give it a shot. Sadly not that easy to ship back to North Carolina from Sydney but if it has to happen, it has to happen.
  14. Negative, abnormally short :) I'm 5'4" although I have a relatively long torso for that height. It is a short container but it's almost like I can reach high enough but can't reach in far enough when wearing the rig like something is restricting the movement. I tried on several TJNKs before ordering, all with C-17 harness sizes which felt perfect but the one I've got has C-16 harness and just feels super tight vertically which is why I'm thinking MLW is the issue.