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  1. Here's the other good thing about doing it this way. Removal from office requires a 2/3rds majority but, because disqualification is a discretional judgement, it only requires a majority vote. Agreed on the Harrison thing. Pence would have to live with that knowledge too whereas Harrison didn't :)
  2. Same reason for impeaching Trump - to ensure he doesn't 'serve' again.
  3. Skydive Auckland is what you want. Sport Skydiving Skydive Auckland is New Zealand's largest sport skydiving drop zone. We welcome sport skydivers and fun jumpers of all experience levels, so whether you are still working towards your first licence or you have thousands of skydives, we welcome you to come along and share our blue skies. Skydive Auckland Facilities Skydive Auckland has a 17-place turbine PAC 750 XL aircraft, taking you to 13,000 or 16,000ft in 20 minutes. Our newly built facility has a huge packing area, viewing deck, debrief areas and bbq making this the perfect place to enjoy fun jumping in New Zealand. Skydive Auckland is also home to the New Zealand Skydiving School, the only Government approved Private Training Establishment (PTE). We are open 7 days per week (weather depending) and are only closed on 25-26 December and 1-2 January. Want to stay for a few days? Accommodation can be found on-site at Skydive Auckland. Due to its popularity, availability is limited and you must contact us to make a reservation. Parakai Springs also offers a range of accommodation options and is less than 5 minutes from the DZ.
  4. I'm afraid you're most definitely wrong on that one. It's already happened before with Ulysses S Grant's War Secretary, William Belknap.
  5. Impeachment needs to happen, whether it happens in the next 2 weeks or after he leaves office, in order to ensure he can never hold elected office again. While I'd worry about the next two weeks, I think impeaching him after he leaves office is actually the plan most likely to succeed. They'll need some Republicans to go along with it in order to get to a 2/3rds majority and I think most would be skittish about the optics of removing him from power. Once he's gone I think they'll be only too happy to oblige if it means he can never run again and, given the general lack of interest in being informed, most people won't even know it happened.
  6. Don't have a recommendation as I just recently got back into the sport and, before I stopped jumping, barely anyone wore shoes. The odd pair of Tevas maybe :)
  7. Well, completely the opposite of what I thought. Canopy was no issue whatsoever but man was I rusty as hell in freefall first lift. Second was a bit more relaxed.but still not great. Hey, at least they signed me off :)
  8. My concern is more around the lethality of it. To date, the mutations don’t seem to be more lethal, just more transmissible. No guarantee that future mutations don’t go the other way and full vaccination will take years, if it is ever even completed.
  9. Sounds good, cheers. A 150 puts me at 1.17WL so sounds like we're in a similar ballpark.
  10. You're absolutely right, but it's magnified at the moment. My hope is that once he's out it will start to whittle away to irrelevance. Who knows whether that'll happen.
  11. That’s the theory. Unless the spike protein changes and the immune response it no longer able to target it. Unsure what the chances of that would be with a mutation. I’m guessing possible but unlikely. At the end of the day though, until we have a concerted international effort to eradicate this quickly, and across the third world too, we’re at risk of ongoing mutations that could make the virus resistant.
  12. I’m not even American but, man, can I not wait for 20th Jan when all this idiocy stops. I think some of these people sincerely believe he’s getting a second term so, hopefully, it’s enough to shake the cult out of their collective madness when they see he’s talking crap. Maybe just too far gone at this stage.
  13. Cheers guys, that's good insight. I think we've got some good weather coming up on Wednesday so we'll probably find out how bad I am at that point :)
  14. Cheers man. I know it's definitely somewhere between 1100 and 1200 so was going with the lower number. To be honest, I don't really care if they make me start at 200 (Aussie D licence). It'll just be good to be in the air again :)
  15. Ah, one other question. I can't find my logbook (not that I kept it up to date very well anyway) but I luckily have my D license. Obviously I'll need to get a new logbook but any thoughts on where I should start it back up in terms of jump numbers? i.e. should I start it at around my real jump numbers or from the minimum numbers to qualify for a D license?