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  1. Yeah but this one has happened over and over and they refuse to accept it's a problem.
  2. This can be avoided by not jumping the deathtrap Racer double RSL
  3. I only jump in non-polarised (Oakley Gibston) for just that reason. Also better for seeing the surface of a swoop pond.
  4. No, I’m not, but a mate of mine recently did AFF and got his first 4 jumps done in a day including briefs and debriefs (excluding the actual ground course) so I still maintain some DZs are more efficient than others in getting through loads.
  5. Depends where you jump. I'm often closing my container as the plane's landing and then stuffing my pilot chute in, gearing up and sprinting for the plane before it takes off without me.
  6. Yeah, I think they all vary. I have great openings but I have mates who have slammers and regular chops.
  7. Nice one. Remember the removable slider does open quicker than the stock one so, as long as you find the Katana openings with the stock slider comfortable, you should be good.
  8. No worries on bigger canopies (135 and up) but on anything smaller, unless there’s some wind to land into, I generally just slide in anyway. I’m seemingly too shit to completely shut it down and I’m too old to run things out with 100% consistency. It doesn’t help that I have mutant feet and mostly limited to extra wide New Balance - not the slickest of shoes. If you are able to find skate shoes or similar to fit you should be good to slide on your feet until the speed is out of it. Another thing to consider is I think sometimes people have jumped cross braced canopies for too long to remember how much more lift they have.
  9. Yeah man, as posted above, awesome openings on my Katana 120 with the VFX2 sized RDS I had on my Crossfire before (75cm wide by 64cm deep). I had it made by a local rigger and it's got the PD style connections which are pretty easy to reconnect. Takes maybe 2 minutes more to pack and so much easier to deal with after opening. IMO, the NZ Aerosports method is a bit more difficult to put back on but others prefer it so your mileage may vary. Depending on where you are, happy to share his details with you if you want him to make one to the same specs but, if you're not in Australia, you'll probably be better off finding someone closer to you. You'll get people telling you "You don't need a removable slider on a canopy over 100 square feet" etc. but they're just talking about performance and I don't think that's the reason for removing your slider. Like you, I hate stowing my slider behind my neck so I think you should ignore them. You'll never go back once you start taking your slider off.
  10. Update on this for anyone looking to reference in the future. I’ve had this slider on my KA120 for about 30 jumps and have had nothing but awesome openings, terminal and sub-terminal. The openings are improved massively over the stock slider. The only minor issue is having it usually stop a few inches above my soft links but a little bit of front helps push it down so I grab it without much of a headache
  11. Agreed. I’m merely saying that I would caution against making that decision on the basis of an experienced person doing it as it wouldn’t be a good option for most of us.
  12. And what makes you suppose I don't understand them or have very little knowledge of how to use them? Moderately dickish of you (and actually wrong) to presume such a thing and, in fact, I never said anything of the sort. I was merely commenting on the use of "I know someone who does it and they're more experienced than you" as an argument for them. I even pointed out that I wasn't casting aspersions on this person when saying it. BTW, they work very well on reserves for a number of reasons but a key one is that the pilot chute doesn't stay with the canopy after deployment. That's not the case with a main and, unless you had to do it due to shoulder mobility for example. I'd argue that towing a pilot chute full of metal behind most modern canopies wouldn't be a great idea at all.
  13. I have no dog in this fight but, without casting aspersions on this particular person, I've seen some extremely experienced people doing very stupid things :)
  14. Sounds like the 103 might be the go when I feel ready. Might have to borrow a container as my KA120 is already pretty tight.
  15. I don’t think anyone would be able to tall you without knowing the size of your container but I believe the Raider was an 220 square foot F111 canopy so I’d imagine your container would fit a ZP canopy around 190 or so. Also, I don’t know how big you are but 230-250 (or 220 for that matter) is a pretty big parachute. ZP canopies are much easier to land than the old F111 canopies we used to jump. I relatively recently came back from a 20 year hiatus and after some jumps on bigger gear, I was back on what I used to jump in about 130 jumps or so although I really concentrated on canopy flying and got a bunch of coaching to get back into it. I’d recommend hiring some gear for a while and seeing how you sit with the more modern canopies before just going out and buying something you might find too big in a short time. If, after jumping some hire gear, you decide that a 230 is right for you then go for it.
  16. That’s fair enough. Just think you’d get plenty of time to do all that from 3 grand, particularly if you got yourself nicely in position over the DZ before chopping. Still, not for us to second guess when we weren’t there. The decision you make for yourself is usually absolutely the right one.
  17. He released the toggle but locked it off with the loop. Ensure the excess brake line is stowed away and make sure it's free of the toggle before releasing it. Also ensure it's free of your hand - I've had a similar one where I's released the brakes but ended up with the excess line stuck around my finger. Took a little bit of effort to get it off but all good in the end. You definitely don't want to have to chop with your canopy attached to your hand :)
  18. I've always been told that ZP might provide more consistency in pull force but causes oscillation as air can only spill out the sides which could get hairy on an aggressive canopy. To be fair, an old F111 with uneven wear can also cause similar oscillation and should be changed before it starts causing these issues. I recently started experiencing regular opening issues including a mal and changing my pilot chute eradicated this. Since this, I'll be sticking with F111 but will be changing my pilot chute when I change my lines before inconsistencies start creeping in.
  19. Pull out seems to have pretty much died since the introduction of freefly handles with tuck tabs and full bridle protection. Potential for a horseshoe with a throw out vs. potential for a total mal from a floating pull out pud - choose your fighter.
  20. Even if you're not confident to land it, cutting the brake line to stop the spin in order to chop at a lower altitude than 9.5k would have been a possibility. All in hindsight of course. Having a full on spinning mal myself recently, I can confirm that I probably wouldn't have thought of doing that so it's better to throw away $2.5k than not get off a mal in a timely manner.
  21. As someone who had to punch out my reserve at terminal due to this, be wary OP :)
  22. The whole point of AFF 1 is to get you over the sensory overload. You’re not expected to be perfect. You also wouldn’t have hit the ground if you’d not pulled as you instructor would have pulled and, failing that, you have an AAD. Stop moping around and book in your level 2 jump.
  23. Hey man, I'm at Picton. Yeah, I'll give that a shot once I'm ready. Everyone here I know is on a 96 or smaller. I know one guy in Coffs on a 111 btu haven't seen any 103s about.