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  1. Left lane, slow driver: I understand that they think "I am driving the speed limit! You are all criminals." and they are correct. But what they can do this in the left lane without forcing you to swerve twice in order pass them. This can be a controlling passive-aggressive behavior. What you can do to help: once you are in front of them, take a minute and instead of speeding off take time to educate your fellow traveler in a friendly way. Take your foot off the gas. Don't brake. Don't signal, just slow down. At some point the driver will give up the left lane and move to the right. At this point, just accelerate smoothly to your desired speed. The slow driving club: We all know these people, just like forum trolls they call each other up and coordinate their drive schedule. It makes sense to them to drive 5 miles under the speed limit because slower=safer and better safe than sorry. They fail to realize that matching speed with someone is dangerous because you are limiting your own ability to swerve for an obstacle, you are limiting your own field of view and it prevents you from being able to anticipate the other driver's intentions because you just can't see them that well in that configuration. As the driver coming up from behind, you have very limited options. It is illegal to tailgate in many jurisdictions. A 2 burst honk-honk together with a flash of lights can be a polite way to alert them to your desire to pass, but can sometimes be seen as an aggressive interaction. There is nothing that can be done against them but wait for the configuration to change and then continue on your merry way. Distracted drivers: I saw a teenage girl driving while talking on the phone, applying makeup, drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette while driving quite well at high speed. Driving is just not that much of a brain teaser to some. And I have a friend who is thirtysomething, responsible adult who has been driving for ~20 years and even with the radio off, at slow speeds with no other distractions he is the most scatter brained driver ever. Driving is just too much for some people. Instead of "hang up and drive" maybe we should say "Drive or hang up" if you can't do both then pick one. Turn signals: are for the weak and timid. The long honk: when you honk at someone, make it count. I like to give a long 10-12 second honk to offending drivers. This honk will usually last for much much longer than the offence and is not meant as a punishment but rather a warning to all other drivers around that that driver sucks. I would like to see a website where people can enter in license plates with offences or moments of awesome they witnessed. Maybe if you are an habitual abuser, this will get karma to notice you a bit sooner. The cut-in drivers: this is called "exercise 17C" where you go into the exit lane and pass 5-6 cars in traffic while screwing everyone. On the one hand: the person doing this is douche-bag, on the other hand: they might just be confused or lost and are having a oops moment (it's not like they can reverse to the back of the line) and on the gripping hand: if someone is making an honest mistake, I want to be the good guy and let them in and if someone is that much of a sociopath as to cut in on purpose I don't want to fuck with them unless I am packing. There are only three kinds of drivers: maniacs: people who think you are in their way idiots:people that you think are in your way you There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  2. MOLOM LABE Come and get them There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  3. Against my better judgement, I am going to comment. 200 jumps and buying a WS do not give people good judgement. The one thing that I think might add to Elsinore's WS manual is a section titled "When to not fly your wingsuit" > Too many fliers in the formation for your skill level > No good outs for your skill level > Too many tandems on the load for your skill level > A hot guy/chick wants you on their hybrid/big way... > S&TA is already pissed at visiting WS fliers for constantly landing off all week > You travel to a DZ that only has a King Air > The boogie is not set up for WS fliers > You "forgot" to tell manifest that you plan to fly a WS > The DZO bans WS > You are the only WS flier and don't want to do a solo > Hung over > 10 minute call and the WS is not on the rig > Had a bean burrito the night before > The gear you have is not suitable for WS As you can see, there so many reasons that I would make this shorter: Only fly a WS if you have sufficient skill to perform the planned jump from dirt dive to the packing mat. This includes recognizing that you need to dump high if you think you might land off, avoiding tandems, being mentally prepared and so on. I am calling this the "packing mat to packing mat" principle. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  4. Just read this thing. Drivel lies Bullshit There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  5. nope There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  6. March 31st on the way up to altitude my altimeter was convinced that we were at 0 feet. I tucked it into my jumpsuit and jumped a loaner for the rest of the day. April 1st I called Alti-2 in Deland and Stephanie Guzman took care of me. April 8th I got an email that the altimeter has been received and it is going to be repaired (6 weeks turn around time) April 22nd I got an email update to say they have not forgotten about me and that we are still on schedule. May 7th another email informing me that the repair is complete and that the balance is due. May 8th I got an email informing me that the payment processed and the altimeter is shipped. May 10th Altimeter has been returned. I will jump it this weekend. Total cost of repair: $69.30 $54 repair $12 shipping $3.30 5% cash difference Thank you, Stephanie There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  7. three years. [hungarian accent] "My friend, my gonna finish that sanwish?" "You make freefly, you make video, you make money" [/hungarian accent] There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  8. +1 There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  9. Here are your popcorn and footstool. And I thought this was going to be another boring day of "I am a psychology student. Why do you skydive?" threads There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  10. Ever since I singed up, my spam box has been blowing up! The game is nice How do you launch off a different direction from the tower. It looks like you can only launch off the one direction. How do I do a front flip? It would be nice to have an exit from a plane and go cloud surfing. or have to fly a slot in a formation There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  11. Keep em coming, please. PIA should be grateful for the exposure you give them. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  12. yup There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  13. We have had some really crappy surveys here. This one is so bad that I had to respond here. This is crap [inline Capture.PNG] [inline Capture2.PNG] There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  14. And I thought this day was going to be boring... There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  15. To calculate the line you must use the algorithm. Here is all we know about the algorithm We did not invent the algorithm. The algorithm consistently finds Jesus. The algorithm killed Jeeves. The algorithm is Banned In China. The algorithm is from Jersey. The algorithm constantly finds Jesus. This is not the algorithm. This is close. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  16. Chmelecki opted to fall off the back. The guy told her that she needs to be careful when she falls off. Because if she tumbles a lot she could lose altitude awareness. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  17. watch the last few seconds of this There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  18. Winner! Been using it, love it There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  19. I was thinking the same thing There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  20. On the cheap side: $30 for a tent + 0°F sleeping bag combo 5 years ago at Walmart $10 Coleman inflatable mattress. inflate it half way so that when you are lying down you are about an inch off the ground. The air also acts as insulator for colder nights. -2 Flashlights one in the gear bag one in the tent.(One always breaks) -Big plastic trash bags. These are good for those rainy nights. Put your bags in them and anything else you want to keep dry. I also have a contractor bag for the sleeping bag. You can usually mooch a couple off the DZ if you are stuck. -Tarp. Nice to have but not a must -Tarp, hammer, pliers, knife, nylon cord, needle and nylon thread. Nice to have but not a must -duck-tape. A must. -Earplugs (because the couple next door parties hard and have loud ---) and eye mask(It gets light "early" when you are up till 3am) There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  21. Never jumped a vector but I own a Wings 1) toggles are always popping out of the riser covers 2) The reserve flap is just built wrong. Initially it popped out when any time you de-arch but I got the service on it and it stays in now. 3) Right after the reserve repack, the reserve pilot chute plate fits well (no exposed fabric) but after a few jumps, it settles and I have about 1/8 inch gaps. After a few more freefly jumps, the reserve pilot chute fabric starts creeping out. Even when it was repacked at Wings in Z-hills. 4) The grommets don't really line up. I had a 190 in there and a 170. 5) After getting the wingsuit modification (they just popped a few stitches at the bottom of the main canopy tray) The bottom flap always gets scrunched up when I tighten up the main. I stick a finger in there to smooth it out every time. I also keep my hand on it to keep it flat while I tighten the side flaps. On the positive side: -It fits me well -It does have an articulated harness. -Wings give excellent service the couple of times I needed something from them. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  22. Quick update: This method rocks. Did it with two birdeos today. Even when the exit sucked and we tumbled, I flew out of it. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  23. Agreed. Understood. I will adjust future plans accordingly. Agreed. I tell them to just roll off and pull stable. I have a video somewhere where the guy rolls off to a backfly and you can see the horizontal and vertical separation. Yes, WS should spot the exit. Also, passenger should know where the exit is and be able to spot the DZ if they get dumped out the door. They have plenty of experience but that specific skill is lacking. (Maybe a case of "GPS ruined spotting"?) Agreed. I make sure the rodeo rider also knows this. We are use to exiting after tandems and looking for them. Most jumpers don't ever see a tandem in the air. Double birdeo on each side...that would be cool. I'd like to see that And geek the camera I would add that: Not all rodeos are equal. Out here in Eloy, you have a lot of room to play and a huge landing area, so standard birdeos are easier than a heavily wooded region with houses, fences and power lines. I would also want my rider to do a lot of flights with me before we do the double birdeo flyby. I would also want my rider to be more experienced if we are flocking with trackers or WS fliers. A standard birdeo, in a wide open DZ with plenty of time between loads should be the birdeo pre-school for both rider and pilot. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  24. thanks for the info. It is a balancing act to keep them in the right place. Another question: I tell my riders, that they don't need to try and correct their position if they feel like it is unstable. I tell them that I will feel it and fly under them. It's my job to stay under them not they to stay on top of me. Is this what you do also? Also: I tell them that from the exit, it is their skydive as well. the plan is to give them a signal to ditch at 5000 and they usually roll off and are stable with plenty of separation by 4500. It also means they have plenty of time and space to pull a bit higher if we did not go as far as we originally planned. I spot our exit about half the distance we usually do for WS exits. (Standard = Half mile offset leg and then a turn with planned total of 1.5-2 miles, depending on winds, dive plan, etc.) But I have only done rodeos in DZs where there are plenty of outs along the planned route. What is your plan for not dumping someone too far to make it to a good landing area? Another problem is that even experienced local jumpers who know the dropzone well, are not good at spotting anything farther than a 1/2 mile. We usually look at the aerial on the ground and do some spotting from the plane on the way up. Also: if there are tandems or students on the load, we usually land at about the same time. Usually no problem. but with a less experienced rider, they are not used to sharing the pattern with big, slow canopies. "Don't cut off the students". Do you remind them that students pull higher and take up more airspace? Some of this comes back to the whole discussion of WS rodeo rider and pilot experience needed. I don't have a strong opinion on this yet, I know it took me less than 5 rodeos to suck less. And lighter, better freeflyers work out better. End of verbal spillage There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers