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  1. I've been packing it in the container flap and have had no problems. Finally feeling comfortable packing this new Sabre2 in the summer heat!
  2. Yea... I kinda figured the container flap was the best option... Thanks for the feedback.
  3. I've asked this question of instructors and packers at the DZ and had mixed feedback.... figured I'd see what the peeps here had to say: Got about a dozen jumps on my G4, which I ordered with a FF handle. The loft packed the FF handle Tab in the BOC. I've had the packing tent pack it in both the BOC and with the tab part tucked into the container itself (obviously directly adjacent to the BOC opening). Both are very secure. The tab is wide enough that it's nice and snug in the BOC with the pilot chute. Stowed in the container, it seems a little more secure. Neither require anything special to pull. But now that I'm finally getting damn good at getting this slippery Sabre2 in the bag (and ready to stop paying for "compression sessions"), I want to be consistent and pick one. Any thoughts on one vs the other? Thanks for feedback!
  4. All great ideas..... As a programmer and a mac fan, I was torn between the if !(main) and the cmd+x / cmd+n I settled on the mac shortcuts since they are simple 2 characters on each handle.
  5. You might even be able to get them to embroider that mac clover symbol thing that Apple uses. Yea... I thought about that too...
  6. I think I'm going to go with: cutaway: CMD+X reserve: CMD+N ... The MacOS cut and new equivalents...
  7. I like those too! Man.. these are all great ideas. Appreciate all the feedback...
  8. or... cutaway: if (! $main) reserve: planb()
  9. I like that.... I was also considering: cutaway: if then reserve: else
  10. another idea using both handles: crater hater
  11. That's a good one... Was also thinking about splitting it up an getting "OH" on the cutaway and "SHIT" on the reserve.
  12. I'm building a rig and was thinking about putting something funny on the cutaway handle. Some ideas: * Plan B * Oh Shit Any pithy ideas?