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  1. That was a really heartfelt post bro, I can feel ur anger. You must be sooo upset. Your post did make me laugh tho, so c+ that's a pretty good grade in my book. Go back to you boob and try to be like ur hero Jeb........ I think u can do it bro. Just make sure ur skirt is all black.
  2. Dude, chill no body took a cleavend steamer on Jeb. Polli and Jeb are great. But Polli is by far the winner here. Jeb=scared of that flight.
  3. In little girl voice..."whaaaa they are comparing jumpers what mean people would crap on Jeb and say hurtfull things whaaa????. Come on man have a sulk somewhere else. Try Wendy's get a whammmburger and French cries. I wasent saying that jeb wasent one of the best. He's top notch. But polli for sure 1 upped Jeb on this flight FACT. Jeb might be scared
  4. Fuckin A