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  1. voodew1

    Dropzone Etiquette

    If your not rubbing someone or something raw - you're not a skydiver yet ............3 hrs vs. 45 min umm yeah drive for 3 hrs
  2. voodew1

    Phat Bird: Buzzard Better Video

    Don't post any 'video' of Theo - that was just for our enjoyment and no one needs to see him trying to take your name! 'chunks' But it was some funny shit
  3. voodew1

    Not sucking in Texas...

    Matt the pictures of Mike don't help the cause
  4. voodew1

    Skydive Photographers

    That is very nice of you Jeff, how thoughtful
  5. voodew1

    Wingsuits in Mental Floss Blog

    What a great video - what jackass sat in bubble gum at 9:36 during the video FYI - I had nothing to do with linking that video to that blog - though it is too bad they killed the audio here is a link with audio of the same video http://www.skydivingmovies.com/ver2/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=4371&string=voodew
  6. voodew1

    Wingsuits 202

  7. voodew1

    Gear for 250lb beginner

    we use a converted tandem rig with a Navigator 300 for biguns like yourself You will have a hard time finding a non-tandem rig TSOed for your exit weight Due to liability most places wouldn't want to use a rig that wasn't TSOed for your weight (not that there would be much of a safety issue its just the laibility of what if)
  8. voodew1

    What wingsuit?

  9. voodew1

    Have any Vid/Pics from Elsinore?

    So after watching the vid whats with all the kicking Jeff does after exit -- looks like he is trying to get the leg wing to inflate on the new and improved superest duperest Mach 1 version 7673265871?? Never seen that before but I do like the rodeo exits
  10. voodew1

    Wingsuit rodeo

    Ask PurpleMike --- thats all he wants to do!!!!1 Video/Photo guy will need a wingsuit
  11. voodew1

    Gravity Rats Dropzone

    I could be wrong but Smithville is closed completely Robert and Brian jump at Skydive Dallas now
  12. voodew1

    Otter in Central Texas today...

    There is an Otter flying every weekend in San Marcos and Houston and the cost of jumps are less expensive. The planes fly almost non stop (they don't need people to fill the loads) Spread you wings and try some different DZs and you'll be saving money also.
  13. voodew1

    GTI Wing Extensions - still availlable?

    contact Ed ---- bodypilot1 on here
  14. voodew1

    Skydive Sebastian 2008-2009 wingsuit season

    Impossible --- there is no one more amazing then you Jeff == if only I could be a third as good as you I too would be amazing Maybe someday if I keep to my strict training methods
  15. voodew1

    Skydiving places in Austin, TX?

    Skydive San Marcos is by far the best facility in the Austin area but expect to wait a while as they are short on instructors twin otter -- nice gear -- and they play by the rules -- if the winds are to high no jump (which means they put your safety over your dollar unlike others in the area)