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  1. outrager

    glide ratio control gadget

    Nice toy! Still, a fundamental GPS flaw of ground speed instead of airspeed, but if you look for change of L/D relative to change of body position etc, instead of absolute numbers - it should be quite useful, eh?
  2. outrager

    ITW in April

    Lots of russians will be there for a boogie. That was already discussed in another thread. bsbd! Yuri.
  3. outrager

    Boogie at ITW ???

    Yo! I'm afraid the guys are still not getting it... so please feel free to comment on details (posted on the russian forum): ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Base Boogie April 2 through 7, 2007 Arco, Italy Goal: to boogie in a good place, in a good company. Planning to set a national big way record, possible a world record if more than 29 experienced people are present. Organizers: Valery Rozov - project director Alex Rubinshtein - instructor Stas Umnov - instructor Igor Anisenko - LZ Victor Ilyin - secretary Boogie plan: jumping from an overhanging 1150m cliff, tracking and wingsuits. April 2..6: training jumps. 7..8: record jumps. Record jumpers registration: 1. Entry fee $100 2. Insurance 3. Radio Applications and money must be submitted by March 10 to Victor Ilyin, viktor_7777777@mail.ru,òåë. 8(495)*728*03*20 Record jumpers requirements: 50 slider-up jumps, 20 jumps last year. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- bsbd! Yuri.
  4. The mushroom season has started in Europe bsbd! Yuri.
  5. outrager

    do you like the multi for wingsuit B.A.S.E.???

    I would never combine multi and WS. It offers absolutely no benefit on WS jumps, and adds an extra chance of entanglement. bsbd! Yuri.
  6. outrager

    Wingsuit Exit Question

    Technically, there is always some difference... now, how big is it? I feel there is a small difference, but it is very hard to quantify. My rough ballpark impression of the difference between Skyflyer 1 (that was slower to start flying) and Classic was about 1 second. I used Classic on really gnarly exits back in those days
  7. Yep, i will take care of it! I only have NTSC version. For PAL, talk to Lika directly - she will set something up in Europe, i'm sure First DVDs will ship early next week. Get them while they last! bsbd! Yuri.
  8. outrager

    base addiction :)

    Yes. I feel the same way. I hardly jump at home, or without a wingsuit. You already know what to do: get a job, rob a bank, make some money and travel! bsbd! Yuri.
  9. outrager

    Poor piloting causes canopy/PC guywire snag

    No. That was Impy 240 (a copy of Mojo 240 by PISA). bsbd! Yuri.
  10. outrager

    the truth about Jimmy Halliday

    Yo! Edited smartass comment out, because this really isn't funny for those directly involved. bsbd! Yuri.
  11. outrager

    Hello new Bird Man suits...!

    I would love to see them come out with a new glide machine! Like i said, i am not attached to any particular brand, and only favor what currently flies better. I've partied a lot with both Jari and Robi, and know Cedric, Loic, Shaun and Julian well. They are all good friends, and there's nothing personal. My opinions are based on today's status quo, and i am simply disappointed by recycled 4-year-old designs. I'd love to know who is involved in the current R&D. So far BM tactic has been creating a lot of hype in advance, then nothing really came out The day it changes and i get to fly a new toy that passes the old suit will be one of the happiest in my life
  12. outrager

    Opening a 150 Water Tower.

    Please don't bother. bsbd! Yuri.
  13. outrager

    Israel / Jordan (Petra)

    PM sent.
  14. outrager

    Old School BASE

    Yo ! A direct video link: http://www.flurl.com/attachments/2005/Nov/23/FLURL-dot-com-8711-658120.wmv bsbd! Yuri.
  15. outrager


    #2 Ñàíãèðî ðåøèë ïðè ñîçäàíèè ýòîãî ôîðóìà ñëåäóþùèì îáðàçîì: ïîñòàâü â ñâîåì User Profile, Language: Russian. bsbd! Yurik.