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  1. Oops! We've indeed missed a longer version, Dom flying his Corvid2:
  2. Yes, this flight has been done in Jedei3 a few years ago, then in Antoine's prototype, and now in Aura5. Looking at flight profiles for Pordoi, it could also be comfortably done in Corvids, Glider and of course CR+. Have a go on https://next.skyderby.ru/flight_profiles , filter by place/suit/pilot etc as you see fit.
  3. There hasn't been any measurable advance in sustained glide for quite a few years now. It topped out at 3 point something low, limited by our pathetic body aspect ratio. In the last 5 years there may have been 0.1 improvement, if that. Open Skyderby, filter by suit and see for yourself. Glider is designed for the fastest starts possible, and it glides very well - but that only means at the same sustained L/D as Jedei3 made 5 years ago. If you want even better sustained glide, the only option will be CR+, and the difference between them is tiny, roughly in 0.1 range. The only available route to increase L/D is to increase the aspect ratio, i.e. to increase the wingspan beyond the usual wrist as a wing tip. See Antoine Laporte's prototype suit as a step in that direction - he's currently flying better than anything else on the market in BASE environment, with better starts, and with L/D that exceeds all other production BASE suits and roughly matches CR+ on longer flights.
  4. There is a major thread developing on http://www.skycentre.net/index.php?showtopic=22276&st=100 about PD reserves bought second-hand, that on closer inspection show a fake label and signs of tampering/repair/rebuild. So far 3 cases have come up in Russia, and the canopies may have originated from Poland. Please be aware of this scam if you buy a cheap second-hand reserve canopy, and be especially conscious about any bulk buyers of expired reserves online. bsbd! Yuri.
  5. The easiest way for USA to help stop Syria civil war: do nothing. Simply stop helping the rebels, and Assad will eventually win. The quickest way to save hundreds of thousands lives and stop the war: actually help Assad. Better yet, press Saudi and Qatar to stop supplying hardcore sunni jihadists with weapons and cash, and the war will be over with in a heartbit. One can always argue that the same idea applies in reverse, i.e. if Russia and Iran stopped helping Assad, the rebels would eventually win. This is probably true (even though Assad seems to have the upper hand now). However, the result would be the opposite: if Assad wins the war ends. If rebels win, the infighting between them and the fully sectarian war will go on indefinitely. This is rather obvious if your priority, as often claimed in mass media, were to save innocent lives. Unfortunately, none of the cynical and evil players of this chess game (USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran etc) care about that. My perspective and emotional involvement in this matter comes, among other things, from driving all over Syria a few years before the war. I have particularly enjoyed little bits like visiting dozens of amazing old churches in Aleppo, or buying a bottle of wine in a corner shop and getting a free corkscrew as a present... you know, all the bits that come with Saudi style Sharia. I am also a citizen of both USA and Russia, and thus have a rather unique opportunity to look at things from a distance - or else i'd go schizophrenic.
  6. Anybody familiar with math and basic statistics please feel free to comment. Vertical axis is the number of electoral districts. Horizontal is % of votes for a party. Data is from the government election committee site. In short, a bell curve is expected for all non-fraudulent results, with its peak around the real % for that party. Total for Russia: http://pics.livejournal.com/oude_rus/pic/000tzr59/s640x480 (original at http://oude-rus.livejournal.com/542295.html) Total for Moscow: http://pics.livejournal.com/dr_ulm/pic/0002aww2 (original at http://lex-kravetski.livejournal.com/394082.html) If you can guess which color is United Russia party, you get a prize. If you can figure out real results, you get an A+ Anybody with a proper math background care to comment?
  7. Enjoy Have fun Go hard! Mass wingsuiting's barely turned 10 years old, but much of common sense appears to be irrevocably lost already.
  8. outrager

    Apache X

    Looks like another old fart just made it official, LOL
  9. outrager

    Apache X

    Different cliffs ;-) As far as i can see, the fastest time in official competition yesterday was Frode's 18.53 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150235424685868&set=pu.43724640867&type=1&theater&pid=7690009&id=43724640867
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O83HyQPX8-E&feature=player_embedded
  11. Nice toy! Still, a fundamental GPS flaw of ground speed instead of airspeed, but if you look for change of L/D relative to change of body position etc, instead of absolute numbers - it should be quite useful, eh?
  12. That's where you can stop all this BS Your ticket is a freebie inheritance, and should really carry no weight in a theater that doesn't recognize other inherited titles. Meanwhile those without tickets get to clean the theater of (and for) the scraps of popcorn you drop on the floor, while watching the show from the walkways. Some will earn their seats eventually, to the bitching and moaning of the free-pass crowd, and that's as fair as it gets in "all people are equal unless they are mexicans" land.
  13. Come in a big ship with a lot of cannons, kill a bunch of locals and generlly take over? As opposed to sneaking in tiny boats, using smaller guns and only occasional killings?
  14. http://afghanistan.blogs.cnn.com/2009/12/30/afghan-panel-u-s-attack-killed-civilians/ http://afghanistan.blogs.cnn.com/2009/12/31/around-the-web-cia-suffers-loss-of-7-employees/ Only in numbers, though... not sure how many agents a child is worth.