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  1. I 100% agree, I am a total douche bag :) I get paid to travel around the world turning my dreams into realities, what a dick. The footage I have seen of your flying is so much more impressive :) You are one hard core wing-suit skydiver with unsurpassed crazy skill ;) Just keep on showing us all how it's done. That's why you get paid the big bucks and do all the documentaries and movies and commercials :) Your gleaming positive personality and awesome skills. When ever I hear anyone talk about the best wing-suit pilots it's always Jokke, Julian, Robert and what was your name again? Was it skymonkeyone :) Keep on shining you crazy diamond you ;) Nothing but love from me to you my friend. I wish nothing but good things for you and your life and I hope all the work you ever wanted you get :) You deserve it, you are just that awesome... Over and out from super turd AKA cheese dick :)
  2. They seem to give pretty much the same data when looking at them on the ground. Same glides and speeds. The difference is while flying you can actually see your glide and speed real time and make adjustments in flight. As you go steeper you can actually use the speedometer to maximize your forward speed and you can see how that affects your glide. Very interesting, I learned more in 10 jumps with the goggles about my flying then I did in 100 jumps without them...
  3. OK, the time has come :) Those interested in getting the Recon Instruments HUD for wing-suit flying can now order them. But we need to get 250 orders within 30 days in order for recon to build them. We need to show them there is a big enough market to make it worth their while. Please order now so we can have this amazing technology develop... P.S. They work for tracking too :)
  4. The off the shelf recon HUD does not work with wing-suit flying. The hardware does not support the high speeds we obtain. Also the software shows 3D speed instead of ground speed and it does not have glide ratio. But the main difference is the ski goggles don't work and the flight goggles do for wing-suits...
  5. The ski goggles do not work for wing-suit flying. It's also hardware not just software. We spend the last year working out all the issues...
  6. They are real and you will get your money back if they don't make it to 250 for sure :)
  7. The goggles use to measure 3D speed and now they measure ground speed. The goggles also give you real time glide ratio. So as you fly you can see your forward speed next to your glide. Great tool to fine tune your performance. It shows the number of your glide like 2.3 or 1.8 and so on and also colors. When you are in the 1 to 1 it's red, 2 to 1 is yellow and anything over 3 to 1 is green. They have been developed but not manufactured. They are different from the ski goggles. Recon just wants to make sure there is a demand before they build them. I have 2 working sets right now.
  8. Nickelmouse For wing-suit pilots forward speed is more important. 3D speed can be fooled by diving to much. It can make your over all speed seem greater then it really is. If you have horizontal speed mixed with glide it shows real performance gains when flying the wing-suit. So as you start raising your angle of attack you can actually see what is making you fly faster forward. With 3D speed the number could be going up because you are just falling at the ground faster with out really moving forward any faster. There are a lot of wing-suit races coming in the very near future and these HUD gauges are going to be crucial in training for them...
  9. Yes you can zero altitude :) And the next generation will have sound too telling you glide as you fly on top of having HUD :) They just need to know there is a market to spend the money in development...
  10. OK, the time has come :) Those interested in getting the Recon Instruments HUD for wing-suit flying can now order them. But we need to get 250 orders within 30 days in order for recon to build them. We need to show them there is a big enough market to make it worth their while. Please order now so we can have this amazing technology develop...
  11. Truly amazing, nothing but total respect. Congratulations. Every time I think something is totally impossible I am proven wrong. Thank you bro for showing us :) Jeb
  12. You Asked for It (1950–1959), Airplane-to-Horseback Tackle Needham's first real TV stunt was also one of his best. The scene, on the show You Asked For It, called for a stuntman to sit precariously on the landing gear of a flying plane and tackle a man riding a horse at full gallop. Needham was tapped to be the jump man squatting below the Cessna 150. "The rate of speed that we closed on that horse was unbelievable. That plane was doing about 58 mph, maybe 16 to 18 feet in the air," he says. As the plane made its approach, the pilot was flying so low he had to "hang it on the prop," controlling the plane with engine speed and pointing the nose high in the air. The pilot couldn't see the horse below and Needham had to give him hand signals to help position the plane. "I had to jump 15 to 20 feet before I even got to him—and I had to catch him . . . and not the horse." Once lined up, Needham jumped from the plane and sailed through the air, tackling the rider. "My main concern was to get at least one hand on that guy, so that it would look like I was pulling him off that horse. But the main thing was, don't hit that horse. Because if I did, there could have been some kind of wreck."
  13. Doing things first is not always the most important thing :) If he succeeds it will only help me in what i am trying to do :) What he is doing and what I will be doing are two very different things :) My goal is not to land a wing-suit which is what a lot of people have miss understood. My goal is to land at terminal velocity :) It has always been to jump from a aircraft and land without using a parachute. The wing-suit has always been a very small part of a much bigger plan :) I want to land at 120mph or as close to it as possible :) So if he slows to 60 or 70 mph lands, it will be very impressive but not what I want to do :) Plus he still has to land without getting hurt :) So we will see :)
  14. It would be a landing 100% :) We talked about this option about 5 years ago, but the stunt team I was working with at the time deemed it unsafe and felt chances for success were far to small. We looked for better options and found them. Just much more costly. If he goes for it and succeeds it will be a great accomplishment :) I wish him luck and I can't wait to see the footage :) Jeb
  15. I have never been sponsored by Go Fast :) I did a few projects with Luigi who was sponsored by Go Fast :) But even if that were not the case you are right, Chinese RedBull doesn't give a shit who i was sponsored by in the past :)