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  1. Yesterday was a perfect day for the memorial, nice comfortable weather , High cloud cover , and Great friends! Even Tony Dell popped over ! :) The Conaster family out did themselves with free food, Beer , and slots on the plane ....Every time I think the Conaster's can't possibly impress me more, they step up and prove me wrong! Ben's Mark and Bobby story had everybody in stitches,,,(I am still laughing just thinking about it) Both me and my wife witnessed their bounce, and yesterday went a long way towards erasing that last moment, and replacing it with the good times! I finished off the day over a couple of drinks with Pat Works , no better way to finish a day at the DZ ! :) Everyone tossed in some dirt to plant the tree , then the Memorial load went up , with the Fuax ash release , Hopefully Scott Smith or Tim Long will bring that video here soon! Followed by one of the wildest flybys I've seen in a long time by the two otters! BSBD Gyspy
  2. An update on the incident , and the arrangements ...A posted on Facebook: Subject: Eike's services Hey all, Michael Burt and Jay Fragoso drove from Calif to AZ to retrieve all of Eike's gear, car and other personal items. Michael and Jay received tremendous help from both the Skydive AZ management (especially Aaron O'Brien) and also from the organizers of the POPS event (Kimbo Godwin and Tom Webber). Eike's wife Joyce was very relieved that she did not have to do this job. The following paragraph is more information that was gathered by Michael regarding the incident. I talked to a German jumper, who also participated on the 88-Ways at Eloy, that had docked on Eike on that first jump on Friday, April 25th. He stated that Eike was in his slot rock-solid and flying very well - nothing out of the ordinary occured during the building of this formation. He also witnessed Eike's canopy, on opening, slowly rotating in one direction as the steering toggles remained stowed. The main canopy had opened A-ok. He also noted that Eike appeared to be unconscious during the entire canopy ride. The canopy landed uneventful but there was an unofficial statement that the landing may have caused a bone or two to break in one arm and one leg as well as a broken nose. The account also stated - as one of the Paramedics, or Coroner, had mentioned - that his canopy landing most likely did not cause his demise. On the ground, the Paramedics made every attempt to revive Eike. Joyce has made arrangements for services for Eike Eike H. Eike Hohenadl Celebration of Life Monday, May 12th, 2014 10:00AM Evans Brown Sun City Chapel 27010 Encanto Drive Sun City, CA 92585 David Luyben - Funeral Arranger (951) 679-1114
  3. So Young, but far from a wasted life...He lived large... BSBD, RIP JT
  4. Acccckkk, We can;t be there...(unlike I said earlier) We are in Monterey, for a World Compitition for my sons free riding....... Our hearts will be there.... Gypsy & Family
  5. I started out at Otay,Here in Dago, (back wehn Mumma owned it, Not Buzz, Buzz was jumping there though, I'd say 5 percent came back for a second, 1 percent saw it threw to Freefall, 1 tenth of one percent did what I did, start working at the DZ to pay their way threw student status...
  6. I never had a SS number back then, and was traveling with the carnival, seems they didn;t know we existed, No tax records, no draft.... Thank You to all that did go though...My best friends survived it, Just to be killed by a drunk 6 months after getting home...
  7. My first question is how did this person clear AFF student status?, they can;t even fly stable on exit yet! and who da hell is still using rip cords for mains? a brian locker like this one will transition to throw out, and be holding the pilot chute all the way to earth!
  8. Straps look far to long to me, leaving her hanging far below, (even in freefall) just one more link in the chain!
  9. In Cal. Perris without a doubt ..... Elsinore is second.. Otay is Beautiful, but plan on waiting most of the day on weekdays for a load to get up!
  10. There are affordable condos, right by the DZ, We usually rent a place right on the beach , don;t stay in the city, stay on the North shore, you can walk to the DZ from there is you want! If your doing a tandem, request Ed White....You couldn;t be in safer hands! This is Jump Run...Now ya know why they are careful about who jumps there!
  11. I can't think of a single reason to want to go to Dubai......good luck...
  12. Check out these guys....
  13. Welcome to the sport, as mentioned, Look up the group "Pieces of Eight" , You can join a very exclusive group of really great people , many of them are also instructors.. Here is a link to their story: