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  1. g3ninfinite

    Audible question

    FF alarms only sound when you are free falling past your set FF alarm altitudes. So if you under canopy before passing them they will not sound.
  2. g3ninfinite

    PD Pulse vs. Aerodyne Pilot

    While Im not expert. I can share my experience with you none the less. I have jumped both in 190. About 10 jumps on each. The pilot has a very comfortable opening but takes about 800 ft to be slider down and in the saddle. Without getting on rears it barely got me back from a long spot into the wind. It was awesome in turns and the flare was the best flare for my tastes out of the canopies I have demo'd(Sabre 2, Pulse, Storm, Spectre) The pulse had very comfortable openings as well. They were much faster though. Which I liked alot. Turns were comparable to the pilot but with a little lighter toggle pressure. This thing flys forever and I really appreciate it being that Im mostly always the last or close to last out. The Flare was nice but I prefer the pilots flare. This thing packs really small. and is super easy to work with. I really like both canopies and cant say anything bad about either.
  3. g3ninfinite

    Need a first canopy..

    add the Spectre as well
  4. g3ninfinite

    thanks alti-2 - N3 in the mail!

    i walked into square 1 @ perris and grabbed the only they had today. Cant wait to jump it. But I think Im going to be putting it inside the helmet
  5. g3ninfinite

    Question on Helmets: Mamba vs Gas

    I have a Gas. Its AWESOME. The lens however does not flip up as per the Mamba. If thats important to you the gas is not YOUR answer. Don't Make ANY mistakes about it skydiving helmets are far less cumbersome than DOT approved head protection(read motorcycle helmet) HOWEVER they don't provide nearly the same level of protection.
  6. g3ninfinite

    The Deaf in AFF

    Hi I'm on AFF 5 and i was wondering if any of you have deaf friends that skydive. Reason being is my older brother is deaf and is going to do a tandem. Now I can think of a few reasons why he might not be able to do AFF, the main reason being interpretation. Does anyone know of any dzs that accomodate the deaf for AFF?