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  1. g3ninfinite

    Neptune 3

    I don't listen to music. I use the voice alarms and that's it.
  2. g3ninfinite

    Neptune 3

    Even if you don't listen to music, the N3A is an exceptional altimeter. Headphones will save your hearing in the long run as an added bonus.
  3. g3ninfinite

    Canon 5D MarkIII

    just to piggy back. How does the 5d compare in videoing skydviing to the 7d?
  4. g3ninfinite

    Vector 3 fit

    Yeah, UPT. Call them on Monday. But seriously, have the serial number of the rig and a set of measurements for yourself off of a V3 order form handy when you call, it will help them determine the scope of the work needed. Copy, thanks dave
  5. g3ninfinite

    Vector 3 fit

    Thanks everyone. Will call UPT on Monday. Does anyone know approximate cost of redoing a harness on a completed container?
  6. g3ninfinite

    Vector 3 fit

    Got a line on a rig that a buyer backed out on. Sizing is pretty darn good on me save the hip ring location. It's about 1-1.5 inches lower than ideal. How do you think this will translate in the sky? Free flying in particular.
  7. g3ninfinite

    halo jump ?

    Thanks for the info bill. I'll look into that as well. Perhaps Lou was correct and I'm seriously underestimating cost of ownership.
  8. g3ninfinite

    halo jump ?

    Sorry Lou. I realize they are two different systems. But after looking seems like the phantom is the newer kit. So the oxcon is the really expensive part correct? The helmet mask and bottle I can't imagine being more than a container. Guess calls will have to be made as to which system is in use by the DZ I'll use to make the jump.
  9. g3ninfinite

    halo jump ?

    Just to be clear what I need is the Gentex PM halo helmet, phantom oxygen mask and associated bottle correct?
  10. g3ninfinite

    halo jump ?

    I suppose Id like to do 2-5 per year. It's not so much the frequency. I just like having my own gear for whatever the activity is. Plus things are good and I have the coin right now.
  11. g3ninfinite

    halo jump ?

    http://www.airborne-sys.com/pages/view/phaos gonna see about grabbing one of these.
  12. g3ninfinite

    halo jump ?

    Looks like im headed to OK CITY. On a side note any one know where I can purchase my own gear? SSK?
  13. g3ninfinite

    Sony Nex3 & Nex5 camera mod

    is it possible to have a shutter release through the mini usb?
  14. g3ninfinite

    halo jump ?

    Anywhere to do this near the west coast?
  15. g3ninfinite

    New AAD from Altimaster ??

    Any new info on this?